Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekly Summary

Another week has gone by, which means we are another week closer to spring. Another week closer to getting my mobility back, whether it be by the new routine/med the doctor prescribed or by surgery. I will get there one way or another, will be able to walk and be functional without pain, and that will be a very happy day.

This week I ate pretty much the same types of foods I've been eating for awhile: eggs, chicken, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, fruits, vegetables, dark chocolate, and protein bars and shakes. I made soup a few times, had chili one day, made portobello mushroom cap pizzas last night, and warmed up some chicken curry soup from the freezer today. My calories ranged from about 1,000 to 1500 per day, depending on how hungry I was. Here's what my week looked like overall (with a comparison to last week).

Last week:
Averaged 1544 calories and 149 grams of carbs/day, biked 24 minutes, walked 8 blocks, walked 15 minutes in the PT pool. Lost 2 pounds.

This week:
Averaged 1211 calories and 114 g carbs/day, biked 60 minutes, walked 30 minutes in the PT pool. Lost 2 pounds.

*note that the walking and biking times are the total minutes completed for the whole week.

Scale says 227.

I also dropped one of my blood pressure meds this week and my numbers are currently the same as they were before dropping it, still elevated at high 130's/80's most of the time. Much better than the 160's/100's and higher I was getting without any medication.

I am currently spending a lot of time with my leg splints on. The doctor this week wanted me to try again with the night splints, but also said that I should keep my feet flexed 90 degrees as much as possible when I am sitting. So I have them on right now and whenever I sit for more than 5 minutes. I'm also still doing calf stretches and biking on days I don't have physical therapy. When I go to PT I walk on a treadmill in the pool for 15 minutes. They're slowly increasing the speed.

I feel good about the progress I am making. I have lost weight 3 weeks in a row, which I have not done in a very long time. If I can keep losing 1-2 pounds a week, I will be very satisfied with that.


MargieAnne said...

Hi. I've been away from the Blog scene for a while but caught up now. You are doing well again an it's so good to read you are able to walk daily again.


Lori said...

Three weeks with weight loss is a major accomplishment. Celebrate!!

Karen said...

Excellent progress, Lyn!

LHA said...

Good for you! I know you are struggling on several fronts, including moving your recovery from PF and other foot issues forward. You are doing a fabulous job of meeting the challenges head on.

My only suggestion is that even if your weight loss slows down to a crawl, don't allow yourself to get discouraged. If you only lost two pounds a month, as you once were, that would still be 24 pounds in a year and that is worth pursuing. I often struggle with the same acceptance problems, so I am just giving you the benefit of what I have learned. Hang in there!

Vickie said...

Are you doing arm and ab work? I can't remember if you have any limitations in those areas. If you don't then figure out a routine, start with smaller weights, good positioning, lots of reps and work up. I do major routines every other day. Info is on my What I did this week post (Sundays). Remember, working my way back from surgery recovery.

Lyn said...


I was looking at your routine when you posted. Impressive! Mine is pretty basic. I just do crunches, biceps curls, and triceps kickbacks with hand weights. I was doing doing some back/shoulder work too... ought to add that back in. I was mainly focusing on the lower body PT exercises and stretches, but now my main goal is to bike or pool-walk for at least 15 minutes every day.

Vickie said...

I get that you are working lower body back to functioning, but you can really work abs and upper body. Makes a big difference on skin/tone as you lose. There are a lot of videos on line if you want to add variety. Tracy Anderson has some good arm ones for example.

Karen said...

So proud of you, Lyn. You keep going so I keep going. Thanks to your encouragement I have now lost 47 pounds!!!