Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Walking on a treadmill in the pool yesterday, I started to feel a bit like myself again... my real self. The therapist had cranked up the speed quite a bit but I was able to keep up fairly easily. She said "I think I underestimated what you can do!" We talked about how I used to bike 6 days a week, about 35 minutes a day and how much I missed being that active. The great thing about the pool treadmill is that I can walk, jog, or even run... something I cannot do out of the pool. Being in the water takes all the pressure off my feet and joints and is so freeing. I just love it! On days I am not in PT, I am biking very gently at home, with 0-1 resistance. I go as far as I can without pain. I made it 20 minutes the other day! Usually I can only do 10 or 15. Progress! 

Yesterday I made some beef bone stock in the crock pot from leftover roasted prime rib bones. I think I'll make soup from it tomorrow. I am still counting calories and carbs; yesterday I ate 1507 calories, 133 g carbs, and 103 g protein. 

I am working with my doctor to change my blood pressure meds again. Too many side effects. I still hope that sometime this year I'll be able to get off blood pressure meds entirely.


lisa~sunshine said...

This post sounds awesome.. You sound so much happier.. I'm very happy for you..

Lori said...

That is wonderful progress. I'm glad for you.

Vickie said...

REALLY good plan to get off meds. What are the concrete steps you need to take to do that? I assume pounds, but what else? Salt?

I am very glad you are making your own broth. Even low sodium is really high sodium.

Putting this in for anyone else who doesn't know -

Boil carrots, onions, celery, parsley for veggie broth. Do not put spice in broth because then can put proper spice in whatever soup you are making.

Can do same veggies and add chicken to make chicken stock.

I (honestly) pitch the veggies when done, because they are mush. But might be possible to purée and add.

Can make mass quantities and then freeze in cup (1, 2, 3, 4) increments for easy use.

Lyn said...


yep, I love the homemade broth! It is so much better for you too. I boiled mine and then left it in the crock pot for 12 hours simmering. For bone broth be sure and add a splash of apple cider vinegar to get all the goodness out of the bones.

I've pretty much done everything I can diet-wise for my blood pressure: reduced sodium, increased natural potassium, lots of produce, no grains, no sugar aside from the 88% dark chocolate square. I also take apple cider vinegar and vitamins/supplements supposed to help. At this point they think it is pain triggering the high blood pressure, so I have to get my pain under control. Working on it.

Vickie said...

I looked up a couple lists and eliminating caffeine was on lists too. It is possible to live without coffee. Just like dropping soda/pop and everything else we have all stopped.

Lyn said...


agreed; I only drink decaf.

Diana said...

Lyn, just wondering if you've tried Triamterene for your blood pressure. It's a mild diuretic and I've been on the lowest possible dose for about five years. I was off it for a year when I lost weight but had to go back on it when I gained weight (!). I take a generic of it and it's super cheap. It works miracles with me and no side effects and it makes my blood pressure a very acceptable 115/70. Oh, and I refuse to give up coffee. No way, not ever. :)

LHA said...

Water is curative! I love the feeling of the water around me and exercising is so much more pleasurable when it is done in the water. I can feel the cares of the day melting away when I enter the pool. So glad you are finding it helpful!

Lyn said...


no, I haven't. Not sure why but my doctor did not try any diuretics with me. I will bring it up when I see him next week, thanks.