Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Today's Update

Feeling a little better today, the PMS is over and I am able to see my blessings and the good in my life rather than just being mired in the weight issue and the pain issue. I guess we all have bad days, right? I am back to a good day, and am thankful for that.

I went to physical therapy today and once again walked on the pool treadmill for 25 minutes. Got my ultrasound treatment and massage therapy and was told I have two visits left. They are submitting paperwork for approval for more visits, but they say my insurance company (a different one from last year) rarely approves more than 12 visits per 'incident.' I had a teeny bit of panic about that; what we are doing is working and I do hope the therapists will help me devise a plan in case we can't continue. I can't replicate the ultrasound or massage, and the doctor said walking in a cold pool would not be advisable. The therapy pool is 95 degrees to promote blood flow and healing and prevent injury while working damaged tissue. I really hope the insurance company will approve more visits. We'll see. My PT takes up about 2 hours of my day twice a week but it is so worth it for the pain reduction. My pain is cut nearly in half after 10 sessions. I am a lot more productive lately and feeling better about myself. I'm able to participate more in classes with my dogs and volunteer work as well, which I'd had to cut back on over the winter. Now I'm back to about 5 hours a week doing those things and hope to increase after spring break, feet permitting.

My eating is okay. I was getting tired of cooking and have been grabbing too many nuts (again) and slices of cheese. Haven't been keeping up on the veggie prep. I bought some Jimmy Dean reduced fat breakfast bowls and have had those as a meal here and there. Made a big batch of mushroom soup and have been eating that too, along with Rotisserie chicken. I will admit to eating the toppings off a slice or two of pizza this week as well. I should get back to counting calories since it seemed to be working pretty well for a few weeks. A company is mailing me some pre-cooked meals on dry ice this week to review, so that ought to be interesting, too.

Now if spring would just get here already I would feel even better! No more snow and ice, please!


Stacey Lynn said...

Cheese is my downfall. When I'm in a hurry, I'll just grab some cheese.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that they approve more therapy. It sucks when getting well has to be balanced so precariously with profit margins.

Jessi said...

I know it sounds like a ridiculous suggestion, but since the hydrotherapy is focused on your feet (for the plantar fasciitis, right?) couldn't you run a warm bath and kind of replicate the movement? I know it wouldn't be whole-body, but I have cerebral palsy (which causes plantar fasciitis-type pain if I walk too far) and one of those foot spa things has worked wonders for me. :)

Lyn said...


I don't think it's ridiculous :) Foot soaks are therapeutic and I use Epsom salts, but the movement they are doing is to retrain the muscles and brain to walk a correct gait. They focus on making sure I have proper posture and position while I am walking, and the water is up to my shoulders which takes all the weight off the joints and tendons. I think it would be hard to replicate. However I will ask them about this and see what they think. Thanks!

Lori said...

Glad the PMS seems to be moving on. I'll keep a good thought for you about the insurance.