Friday, February 14, 2014

Taking a Break

Since I was injured in early October, I have been fairly home bound. I haven't traveled or taken the kids many fun places like I used to do. I was waiting to feel better and be able to walk; after all, we usually enjoy zoos, museums, parks, and gardens when we travel. I can't do any of that now without a wheelchair or a scooter. But you know, it's been over 4 months and I need a break. I want to get out and have some fun! So my daughter and I are leaving today and won't be back til Sunday night or Monday. We're just going to take a road trip and do some fun things that don't involve a lot of walking. I'll still update on how I am doing this weekend (will bring the laptop to use when my daughter's asleep at night).

Happy Valentine's Day!


Phoenix said...

Sounds great! Have fun :)

MargieAnne said...

Having fun is soooo important. Enjoy your weekend roadtrip. :)


Karen said...

Have a wonderful time, Lyn! It's good to recharge the batteries and see some different scenery.

See ya when you get back. :)

Lori said...

Have a great time.

Mary Gilbert said...

Have fun!

LuckyMama said...

I hope you and your daughter have a fantabulous time!