Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Back

I'm back! My daughter and I had a nice, relaxing time. We got out and enjoyed nature (too much rain, but still fun to get out), visited with friends, and did some shopping. I think the adjusted physical therapy and new prescription are both helping, because I was able to walk a bit more than I expected. I was still sore at the end of the day, but the hotel had a Jacuzzi hot tub which I enjoyed immensely. I did my PT exercises in the hot tub while my daughter swam in the adjacent pool.

As for food, we packed some snacks: fruit, nuts, protein bars and yogurt. We had a nice hot breakfast at the hotel each morning; I ate scrambled eggs, sausage, and bananas with decaf coffee. One of the places we stopped for dinner had Rotisserie turkey and it was fantastic! The white meat was moist and tender and they served it with a huge amount of grilled vegetables (zucchini, green beans, and red peppers). I had a few bites of the mashed potatoes too. Another place had freshly made tomato Gorgonzola soup (soo good) and grilled vegetable paninis (Portabellos, eggplant, caramelized onions, squash) which of course was not grain free, so I left about half the bread on my plate. I didn't track my calories on the trip but am back to counting today. I plan to weigh in a couple of days. I am so glad we went; I feel totally refreshed.

Feeling really good, even though my pain is about 6 out of 10 right now that is so much better than it has been. I am sitting with my splints on today, catching up on the housework and enjoying some family time. Happy!


MBreitel said...

Sounds like this little trip was just what you needed! So glad to hear that you're feeling better!

Steelers6 said...

Oh I'm so glad! Sounds nice. And the food sounded yummy!

Happy week, dearie.

Lori said...

Welcome back. I hope the trip gave you the refreshing you so badly needed.

Gwen said...

Please check with your doctor about using hot tubs with your high blood pressure. It's usually not recommended. But glad you had a good time!

Phoenix said...

Awesome Lynn! Happy for you :)