Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekly Update and Weigh In

I wanted to give a little update about my week, since I hadn't posted since Monday.

I went to the new ortho physical therapy clinic this week, hopeful that more experienced PT's might give me some new exercises or insights while I am waiting for my appointment with the ortho doctor in late March. Unfortunately, I think the PT I got was not very experienced with foot pain. She was super nice, listened to what I have done and said the exercises I am already doing are what she would recommend. Nothing new. She mentioned night splints which I have done without good results. She said there is probably more going on at this point than simple plantar fasciitis, because of the level of pain and the location of the pain when she palpated my foot. She did ultrasound therapy on both feet and then asked if I'd like them taped, and I said yes. My last PT used to occasionally tape my feet and it helped a little bit. This new PT said as she was taping, "I've never done this before" and taped my feet in an "S" shape... hard to describe, but started the tape behind the heel, wrapped it under the arch to the top of the foot, just one layer. Honestly it bothered me so much that I removed it the next morning. Anyway, the good thing is that she recommended pool therapy which is JUST what I have been trying to get all this time! There is a different therapist in the same practice who gives exercises to strengthen the lower body with weight off the foot. I signed up for that and start next week. I am really happy about this because this pool, unlike the gym, has no stairs and is designed for people with physical limitations, with very short walking distances and ease of entry and exit. I am SO GLAD that my insurance policy that I had last year was cancelled over the whole Affordable Care Act thing so I was forced to choose a new policy that has different in-network doctors and PTs. The new insurance has opened up a lot of possibilities for me, this pool therapy being one of them.

This week I ate well most days. I have been aiming to stay under 1500 calories and 130 grams of carbs per day, eating lean protein, vegetables, and 1-2 servings of fruit a day and supplementing with Medifast meals. I biked on my recumbent bike for a total of 15 minutes this week and will try to increase that each week. This morning the scale said 231 pounds, one pound less than last week.


Vickie said...

Very good about pool therapy.

I repeat, for long term success, given your physical/lower body circumstances, I think up you need to figure out how to join a year round, pool. If you have to cut something else, so be it.

I think that is the exercise you will be able to do long term.

I do not think you should try to get back to walking, because impact is not going to be your friend, it will probably re trigger problems for you. Bike might not even be your friend.

I work around lower back, knees, two broken metatarsals which re trigger easily. If I spent my time trying to get back to walking or anything with impact, I would spend my life recycling thru injuries. Endlessly.

Have to deal with reality of our injuries/body parts.

I read a lot of bloggers who are always trying to get back to the exercise they used to do (like running on bad knees for example) and see the injury cycle thing all the time.

Pool is the answer for a lot of people. Not playing with kids or PT at the pool, but swimming laps. I am finally seeing a fair number of weight loss bloggers realizing this (swimming laps) and applying it.

I think it is great you are now able to go for PT (at pool). But am talking about long term, no injury, exercise.

Vickie said...

I lost my weight very slowly. I was a half a pound, very happy if it was a whole pound, a week girl. As long as you figure out how to be consistent in your habits, you will get there. I am not sure if your were pleased with your one pound or frustrated. Be very pleased.

Evangelista Nick said...

Pool therapies are indeed very helpful!

Lyn said...


I am fairly ambivalent about the pound. Not frustrated at all but also cautious in that I am looking at long term loss/gain now rather than weekly. I do weekly weigh ins to stay accountable but what will make me feel successful or not will be monthly losses and an overall downward trend this year.

I agree about the pool, and if/when my feet are better I would probably join a gym for regular swimming. I have thought about it this winter, but the amount of walking for me to get from parking lot to gym front desk to locker room to pool and back is prohibitive right now. So maybe the PT pool work can be a stepping stone towards eventually joining the gym again.

Vickie said...

Not glamorous I know, but can you use a wheel chair to get in to the pool area?

It is a catch 22, for most of us, physical problems slow weight loss, extra weight aggravates physical problems.

One thing that I would like to stress - if you figure out how to get to the pool and swim laps, tread water in deep end with arms out of water, say 5 days a week while your daughter is at school, your mental/pride/moving forward positive emotional feelings will be HUGE. Food will be easier. You will feel much more centered.

If you are at a gym - There might be chair hand weight class available. I have been in geriatric classes, using slightly heavier weights, in the past and you can make that work. You might work up to being able to use a rower (which is total body and really good, if it doesn't bother your feet).

Five days a week will help you hugely. I hear you about getting into facility. Figure out a way to make it work.

Vickie said...

Did you get a handicapped parking permit for your vehicle? If you have not yet, DO it. Will make things much easier. I had one from May - Oct of 2012 and it really helped my recovery.

Lori said...

Be happy with the loss. At least you are headed in the right direction with the scales. I hope the same is true for your feet.

Kathleen said...

I mentioned this book in an earlier post and I am sure you have read tons. This one is curing my eating disorder. Please read it! Check out Run for Cookies review too. Brain over binge. I have been reading your blog for around 5 years and am sad to see you continue to struggle. Please please read it!

Lyn said...

Thanks Kathleen, I bought and read this book over a year ago. Interesting read.

Susan said...

Lyn, I just dont see that you have an eating disorder..I see the inability to exercise because of an injury. I see the possibility of a slow metabolism from years of low calorie diets. Maybe a hormonal imbalance.
I see 99% of the time you choose wholesome organic foods aside from medifast..but just dont see the disorder. I dont see that you are beholden to sweets and an occasional sweet is fine. You are not where you used to be. So dont linger there in your mind. Stay with real food in right proportions and let your body take care of the rest.
Hope they are able to find the source of your problem with your feet. Feet are so complex. An injury can occur and you not even know it until it presents itself in pain

Lyn said...


I absolutely agree with what you've said here. Thanks.