Friday, January 10, 2014


I am on a mission to cure my plantar fasciitis. I am really making the effort with all the things that helped *a little bit* in the past, hoping if I combine them and am diligent, it might help enough that I can walk somewhat normally again. I am still taking lots of supplements, including D3, C, B's, E, fish oil, glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric, ginger, magnesium, and MSM. I've started putting all the various creams and lotions on my feet a couple times a day, including arnica, magnesium lotion, and MSM cream. I got my old night splints back out and am now wearing them during the daytime whenever I am sitting (which is a lot). Combine all of that with continued gentle stretching and the healthy dietary changes (gluten free, very low sugar, plenty of fresh produce) and I think this lays a foundation for healing. Next week I will see my doctor again and we'll be talking about a referral to an orthopedist and a new physical therapist. I just can't stand this anymore. I just want to be able to walk my daughter to school, go shopping, and do laundry. I am at the point where I will do the surgery if it is recommended. I want my life back.

My eating is going well. I've had no gluten and no junk. I've been eating Greek yogurt, walnuts, chicken, vegetable soups, Clementines, mangoes, smoothies made from spinach and blueberries, fresh pineapple and cottage cheese, eggs, dark chocolate, and baked potatoes. I find more of a calmness with my eating by being grain free. The only thing I really miss is crackers. I'd recently found gluten free Nut Thins and loved them, but they aren't grain free so I am avoiding them for now. I like crackers with my tuna or with a bowl of soup. Does anyone have a grain free substitute? The only one I know of is where you put little piles of cheese on parchment paper and microwave them until crispy.

Today I biked for 5 minutes before my right foot started hurting badly. I'm tracking my biking time in my planner and working up to longer times again. I think I'll try to do another 5 minutes later this evening.


MBreitel said...

Maybe kale chips instead of crackers?

LHA said...

Lyn, my heart goes out to you! You have endured so much foot pain for so long that I would agree that even if it takes surgery to get relief it would be worth it. I admire you for thinking hard about the things that have helped you in the past and piling all of them together. You are working hard for relief.

I have known a few people who suffered with PF and I will say that the two things that helped them were the cortisone shots (repeated every four months) and the splints. Good luck! I will be rooting for you.

Susan said...

I might have mentioned this before but if you have not tried cold laser therapy you should really check it out. I have had it done for a nerve and tendon I damaged in the fall...the recovery has been remarkable for me...also massage for your feet may beneficial as well...moist heat 10minutes followed by cold 10 minutes once every hour. Hope you find what does help with inflamation so does ginger root tea...daily

Susan said...

Amazon had this free for kindle..Best of Grainfree Meal Plans by Cara A. Faus

Vickie said...

Raw sliced cucumber is a good holder for things one would normally put on a cracker.

Dark lettuce or cabbage (either raw or very lightly steamed) is good holder for things one might put on bread.

Lightly steamed or dry fried (lightly spray pan, add water if needed for sticking) onion, mushrooms, zucchini make great sub for noodles or rice.

Green beans are great sub for noodles in spaghetti.

If you go on my side bar, down to labels, click on
food/substituting for wheat/corn
There are posts there that might interest you.
Be sure to read the comments, often there is info there too.

Anonymous said...


Didn't you just tell me that due to the condition of your tendons/ligaments the MD told you that even fast walking could do damage?

Perhaps you should nix the biking for now. Wait until next week, after your MD appt.

PF is no longer your only foot problem.

There are gluten free crackers other than Nut Thins. I don't know the name since someone gave one to me to taste. It tasted rather like stale...really stale...saltines without salt. ack.

I do the cheese thing, but would love a lower calorie substitute..


Beth said...

Wondering...have you tried walking with crutches to take some of the weight off your feet as you try to heal them? Just a thought..

Lyn said...

Good ideas... thanks.


I haven't found anyone who does that, but I found someone who does the shockwave therapy and am looking into that. I was getting massage twice a week for many months in PT, and do massage my feet when I put the lotion on. No luck so far. I will check out the Kindle book, thanks!


yes, but the Dr and PT's had me on a recumbent bike in the office, under supervision, and told me that I *should* be able to gradually increase the time without resistance because I need to keep the range of motion in my ankle. I can't flex it correctly when there's weight on it (walking). I started with about a minute on the bike and they want me to work my way up but stop when there is any pain.


yes, I was on crutches for over a month this fall. The problem with crutches is that you need one good foot, because all your weight is transferred to the 'good' foot when you crutch. I ended up with Achilles tendinitis due to the altered gait, and then the pf also came back.

TNTriathlete said...

Have you considered that losing a significant chunk of weight could significantly improve your PF? A lot of women get PF due to weight gain during pregnancy but when they lose the weight after delivery the PF goes away.

I was just thinking that if your current weight is a major contributing factor then all the other things you try, even surgery, will probably not work.

Just something to consider. I know losing weight is very difficult but it would be wonderful if it could cure your PF!

betrayed said...

Hi Lyn,

Just wanted to check in to say that my aunt had horrible PF and she is very thin, definitely not overweight at all. She tried everything under the sun and eventually did get the surgery. She's a new woman and has her life back.

I'm not sure all PF is weight-related. Mine was and so I was lucky that as I lost weight mine resolved itself, but not so for my aunt--who has never been overweight a day in her life.


Grace said...

Wow, I sympathize...I had plantar fasciitis for a year, although not as bad as yours. It was just in my right foot, but it was so painful that I pretty much stopped walking for exercise for that year. I think you have already done this, but just in case..what really helped me, finally, is I went to a podiatrist who gave me series of 3 cortisone shots and then fitted me for custom orthotics. I swear, the orthotics are the best thing I've ever done for myself. I still have twinges occasionally when I wear regular shoes, but never when I wear my orthotics. I had to pay for them myself, but they were totally worth it.

TNTriathlete said...

Just to clarify, I definitely wasn't saying ALL cases of PF are weight related. Even very thin endurance athletes get PF, too. But often it IS weight related, so that should be taken into account when looking for solutions. That is all I was trying to say as it seemed to be the one thing not being mentioned as a potential solution.

I just want to see Lyn get better as I know all her readers do.

Alicia said...

I had PF for a year. I decided I would wear Crocs all day every day because they gave me support. I know the doctors say they aren't good for your feet but they worked for me. It did take a full year to be able to walk without pain, and I still wear shoes all the time unless I am on a very padded surface. I was told not to do exercise walking outdoors because the ground is too hard on PF and I have ignored that and am exercising again but when it hurts I stop. I didn't do all the supplements you are doing but I don't think it can hurt you.

Beth said...

I actually meant to support your weight on your arms and use both feet to walk, just off-loading some of your weight onto your arms might help your feet

Susan said...

Lyn check with your chiropractor. A lot of them are using it.

Noxie said...

I would look on Pinterest for paleo crackers. You should find plenty of recipes using almond flour to make your own crackers. If not try making your cauliflower pizza crusts into tiny little cracker bites!

Sara said...

Plantat Fascitis is the worst! I had luck once I quit wearing any shoes w/o proper arch support, stretched my hamstrings, and rolled my feet on a regular basis with frozen water bottles.Superfeet green insoles were also a godsend and way cheaper than orthotics. I dislike nit being able to wear the cute and cheaper shoes, but being painfree is better. Good luck to you.

Rampaige said...

You asked for a grain free cracker recipe. Here you go - these are great. Sorry it's metric.

Seed Crackers

200 g sunflower seeds
60 g flax seed
100 g sesame seed
2 tblsp psyllium husks
500 ml water
Blend all the above ingredients in a bowl, and let stand for 10 minutes (the seeds and psyllium husks will absorb all the water giving it a thick texture).

Pre heat your oven to 170ÂșC

On 2 baking trays with baking sheets, spread the mixture as thinly as you can, use a spatula or back of a spoon to help even it out. You don’t want there to be any holes.

Place your baking trays in the oven for 60 – 70 minutes, or however long it needs for the mixture to get hard and crispy. Keep an eye out for burning.

Break the bread up into desired size.

There you go – lovely crispy crackers you can have with just about anything :)