Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Short PT Update

Today was a good day. I went to my first appointment at the physical therapy pool, and it went well. The pool has a treadmill in it, so they had me walking on the treadmill with water up to my shoulders to take the weight off my feet. After 15 minutes of walking, they gave me several exercises and stretches to do in the pool. I also had ultrasound therapy on both feet again. I was there for about an hour and a half, and the pool therapist gave me some new exercises and different stretches to do at home. I'll be going twice a week for pool therapy for at least a few weeks.

My eating is okay. Some days I do better than others. My high this week was just over 1800 calories and 170 grams of carbs, both too high for me in an inactive state. My low this week was 938 calories and 101 grams of carbs, just about right on the carbs and a little low on calories. Call it calorie cycling. Maybe it'll shake things up!

That's all for now. Hoping tomorrow is another good day.


LHA said...

Great news! Water exercise of any type can be such a wonderful thing. I am hopeful that your new therapy will be just what you need.

I also wanted to thank you for continuing to blog and give inspiration. I think battling your injuries and continuing to work on your eating is brave and shows great stamina and strength.

Inqisitive Cuisine said...

Super happy to find your blog! I have learned more about MF poking around here than in the 2 months I have been on the program asking my coach/forum questions and reading the books!! Good luck with your PT, it's not easy but your before pics prove you are not a quitter!!