Thursday, January 30, 2014

Met a Goal

Today I had another appointment for physical therapy and it went well. I have some more new exercises to do as well as the new stretches they gave me, and the best news is that someone cancelled their appointment with the orthopedic surgeon so my appointment with him was moved up to next month rather than the end of March. I am really happy about that. Physical therapy at this point is about bringing me back to a normal function (being able to go grocery shopping, do yard work and chores, walk my daughter to school and get back to fun activities with the kids and dogs). When they have me bike, swim, or walk, it is not to burn calories or for the purpose of exercise; it is for the purpose of restoring strength, flexibility, and function without pain (or without as much pain). I love the approach of this new practice, and being in the pool is wonderful. I know it is very soon to say this, but I am starting to feel better already. My pain level through mid-day is lower... maybe a 5 or 6 out of 10... although by afternoon it still ends up around an 8 or 9. I am able to bike between 9 and 15 minutes in one session now, and today I met a goal I have longed for for months: I walked my dog! I cannot express how wonderful this was, to just be outside walking (albeit very slowly, I was not limping or shuffling at that time), and my dog was really happy about it too. I walked about 2 blocks out and 2 blocks back and that is by far, the farthest I have been able to walk since I was injured. I think part of the reason for improvement is that they are using a much more intense ultrasound therapy than the last practice used, and their stretches and exercises seem more effective, too. I am still in too much pain to do much by evening, and of course as with all plantar fasciitis, when I have been in bed or sitting for awhile, those first few moments of walking are horrid, but I am having more time lower on the pain scale and this gives me hope.

My eating has been good. I made a batch of the most amazing chicken curry soup and I wish I had taken a photo of it! I have been eating it every day and I also froze some, so maybe when I thaw it out I will take a picture and share the recipe. It's delicious. I've also been eating lots of Clementines, berries, eggs, spinach, mushrooms, leeks, onions, peppers, and Greek yogurt along with some Medifast meals, Wonderslim foods, light cheese, low fat sausage, and dark chocolate.

The month is almost over. One of my main goals for the new year was to lose weight every month in 2014. I didn't specify an amount; I just wanted to be moving in the right direction all along. I hadn't reached that goal for January as of last week, but I am hoping that my increased activity and the disappearing water retention from changing blood pressure medications will give me a good result when I weigh in on the first. I'll find out soon enough.


timothy said...

sending good thoughts your way, glad the therapy is working and whatever the scale says celebrate these non-scale victories and keep moving forward!

Karen said...

I'm looking forward to the recipe. It sounds delicious.
I hope you saw some progress on the scale for January, even if it's a pound.
I like your idea of just saying you'd like to lose without attaching a number to it. That'd be fine with me too.
Here's to a successful February! (where the hell did January go?)

LHA said...

Last January I set a goal to lose weight every month in 2013. I lost weight 6 out of 12 months, which is still a loss since I did not gain the weight back. This year I set the same goal and I sure hope to be able to post a loss every month of the year, just like you. If I had set that goal 10 years ago and achieved it, I would long since have left obesity behind. Good luck, and am glad to hear your therapy is getting some results.

Lori said...

I am so glad to read the good news about your feet. I hope this is the first of many victories for you with your health.