Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2014 Weigh In and Goals

Here we are, in a new year. I am sooooooooooo glad. I want to leave last year in the past. There were some good times, some beautiful times with my children, so those are the things I will choose to remember about the year 2013. The rest, I leave behind.

I feel GOOD and in a new place mentally than I was a few weeks ago. My eating over the holidays has been less than stellar, but I gave myself a little slack and compassion. I let it be, knowing I am making changes for the better in 2014.

First I will get the painful part out of the way. Last January 1, I weighed 218 pounds. Today I weighed 230. That is a 12 pound gain for the year and a 2 pound gain from my last weigh in a week and a half ago. I cannot remember the last time I weighed this much. My weight averaged about 217 pounds for more than two years now. I was proud of keeping 60+ pounds off for this long, but now I am scared. 230 is a big deal. I don't like this at all.

I have spent a lot of time lately thinking about all the stuff I want to do: all the things I want to change about my eating, and my activity level, and my emotional outlook. Heck, I could make a list of 50 things I'd like to change in those 3 areas alone. But instead, I am going to make small, cumulative changes on a monthly basis. I still have this end goal/vision of what my eating, activity, and mood will be like after all the steps are complete, but jumping into all of it at once has not worked for me lately. So I am going back to what worked in the beginning: small, doable, significant changes on a regular basis that grow and compliment each other.

For example, I have a goal of walking a couple of miles every day. But it would do me no good to set that as my goal for tomorrow. I cannot physically do it. I can't even do a mile. So in my mind, the first step towards that goal is reducing pain in my feet and joints. And the best, most tried-and-true way to reduce that pain is by avoiding sugar. It hasn't cut the foot pain completely, but it makes a big difference. So it makes sense for one of my changes for January to be not to eat sugar. Right? Cut the pain. Small step, but you have to start somewhere. I have found that the natural sugar in a serving or two of fruit does not cause me pain or cravings, so I will have fruit in moderation, dark (88%) chocolate on occasion, but no artificial sweeteners or sugary stuff. Another example is that I want to eat a nearly completely whole foods diet. When I say "whole foods" I am talking about mainly stuff like vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, fish, nuts, and other things that grow and were once alive. I am not talking about cakes. I am not talking about hot dogs. Not Cheetos, either. Real food. But I know it would be a huge leap for me to go from having Christmas cookies and birthday cake last week to salads and chicken breast tomorrow. So to me, a logical first step is to draw a line as to what I will and will not consume. And here is the simplest change, which is my change for January: I will eat whole foods, but no grains and no soy (giving the grains a rest for inflammation and cravings purposes). Aside from whole foods, the only other thing I will consume is food from my Medifast/Bariwise stash. I don't have a whole lot of it left, but I still find it useful for travel or a quick protein-rich snack. When it's gone I won't be buying anymore of that stuff.

Those aren't big, flashy goals, but I think they are positive changes and they're doable. My plan is to adjust, reassess, and make decisions about my eating and exercise at the beginning of each new month. Maybe next month, I will decide to remove legumes or nuts. Maybe I'll decide to try cutting out dairy, or cutting back my overall carbs. I might make a goal of eating a certain number of vegetable servings a day, or of having fish twice a week. As my feet get better I could set a goal to walk or bike a certain amount each week. Gradually, as I stay with it over time, the changes will add up to a healthier lifestyle.

This is our year. Let's get to it!


CatherineMarie said...

Good for you! Baby steps is the only way! Find some good rewards for yourself too. (not food rewards, though). Massage, trip to the zoo, new pair of pants...

Anonymous said...

It IS scary when that scale moves up beyond a certain point. Thoughts of "gaining it all back" leap up and overwhelm. I get like that at 220. That's my full-fledged panic number. (I hit 221 on Monday morning.)

So...2014 seems to be the absolute right time to turn our backs on that panic place and march down the road towards the number we need to be.

God promises to lead us down a smooth path...if we let Him. (Psalm 27)

Let's let Him.


Karen said...

I'm glad you are including being grain free and processed sugar free in your first month of changes.

If you find yourself stuck with emotional/binge eating as you transition each month with your changes, consider adding the group support/ or counseling/ life coach element to the plan. It may be the extra missing piece with the food.


Anonymous said...

Hi, That sounds good, I only suggest that you track your food and exercise in a journal, and maybe also an entry for how you feel that day. Then you can look back and make specific changes.

That said, I have tried it all and go round and round from each diet/workout routine.
I ate exactly 6 cookies over the holidays (since Oct., and 4 of those I ate last night!), tried to watch my eating and worked out regularly, but gained 5 lbs.

According to my body fat analyzer 3 of those are muscle but I don't like it!

I agree with going back to what worked in the past. I'm going to try Old Weight Watchers (1972). That is closest to what worked for me.
Good luck to you and your readers in making this a healthy 2014!

Taryl said...

Huh. Now the comments are behaving. I forgot to say in my last response - I think you are SO wise to only plan goals you are capable of enacting, one at a time. Those good choices add up and are not in vain, even if the scale doesn't reflect it. We must take these things one choice at a time and not get disheartened.

Praying for you.

MargieAnne said...

Good decisions Lyn. I, too, am struggling to find the best way to continue in 2014. Like you, I have chosen to focus on whole, real foods as you describe them. Becoming and staying pain free is always a good motivator for me also.

One thing I believe is that we women have more endocrine/hormonal issues that make wait loss a more complex issue than do men. That means it will quite probably take us much longer to find the place where everything balances out to give us good health and weight loss. We are all so very different and that makes it a very personal journey for each of us. One thing about the internet and blogging is that you can see what works for someone else then try it out or a version of it until you do find the right mix.

There's a lot more to weight loss than calories in and exercise.

Wishing you all the best as you work through a sugar free, grain free January. That's where I began in 2012 and at least I have not regained any of the weight I lost so there could be something there for you.


skinnyhollie said...

I am reading Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr and couldn't help but think of you... Especially with the foot pain. If you haven't read it I would def recommend it.


Primal Gwen said...

Lyn, I am eager to see where this new eating plan takes you. Regardless of the scale (although I would be SHOCKED if it doesn't react well) gotta know it's the healthy thing to do, and that is what is most important. Kudos to you and happy new year!

mloomis said...

So glad I found your blog, I just searched weight loss blogs got a list and yours just stuck out to me. I am making small goals along side you. I will pick three monthly. Jan. will include, no soda, walk a mile 4 times a week, and no bread. Small but huge steps. Thank you for the inspiration.

David Dane said...

Lynn, don't condem yourself because you ate some extra goodies... Golly....