Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Doctor Visit and the Scale

This morning I had an appointment with my doctor to talk about my health in general and the foot pain. He switched me to a different blood pressure medication since the one I am on is not effective enough. He said my diet looks excellent, but didn't hold out a lot of hope for me to get completely off blood pressure medication. He said it's possible, but you don't see it that often... talked about genetics and predisposition and age... but also encouraged me to keep eating well and see where it gets me. He's willing to take my feedback over time to see if the meds eventually will need to be cut back, or stopped.

He also did an exam and saw how extremely tender my feet are and said that "there is something else going on here, not just plantar fasciitis" and talked about possible other issues, small hairline fractures, degraded tissue and scar tissue, that kind of thing. He gave me a referral to an orthopedic foot specialist and a new ortho PT. He also said he thinks getting more shots would be a GOOD thing, but he's not the one who gives them. The podiatrist who gave them won't give me any more because he thinks that was the cause of my ruptured tendon. So if the ortho offers shots and thinks that is the way to go I will take them. Surgery is another option. I won't be able to get in to the specialist until spring, probably, but can go to PT sooner.

A funny thing happened when I got on the scale at the doctor's office. It was the same old-school scale he always uses, with the weights that slide across a bar at the top. I knew I weighed 228 first thing this morning, before eating or drinking anything and not dressed. So I was surprised when the doctor's scale said 222. Really? I was wearing jeans, a shirt and sweatshirt, and sneakers and had my breakfast plus a quart of water in my stomach. Not sure whose scale is off but I have two other scales in the house, so I'll get them out and see how they compare.

Feeling hopeful.
Stats this week:
1495 cal, 79 g protein, 126 g carbs
1860 cal, 69 g protein, 206 g carbs

Higher carbs than usual, was very hungry yesterday. Carbs came from Greek yogurt, almonds, beans, butternut squash, and fruit. No grains. Trying for lower calories and carbs today.


Primal Gwen said...

Honest to God, do these doctors get commission on the prescriptions they write/get filled? My doctor said the same thing...likely to never get off bp meds. That was when I was taking two types, and still it was uncontrolled. I dropped 68 pounds, and now I have low bp on 1/2 of ONE pill. They are full of crap sometimes, I swear! Anything is possible if we eat healthy, exercise regularly (even half an hour a day), and lose the excess weight. I truly believe that.

I hope you get help on those feet. No one should have to suffer like that! :(

Primal Gwen said...

p.s. put a 5 lb. bag of sugar or flour on your scale(s), to test their accuracy. But congrats! :)

LuckyMama said...

The doctor's office should keep their scales balanced. Plus, it'd be difficult (I think) for that type of balance to be off that much. I'd go with it!!! Good job.

You mentioned papaya in another post - it's really good for your kidneys and can help increase creatinine levels - good for us one-kidneyed folks sometimes.

I hope you're able to get some foot relief soon.

You continue to be an inspiration with your honest writing.

Koshkaboo said...

Sometimes people do get off medication. My husband was taking a couple of blood pressure meds and has a bad family history as well. He has lost 65 pounds and is totally off meds. So, it can happen. Although, we would have been happy with him just being able to reduce meds.

Anonymous said...

As others have noted, you can, indeed, get off BP meds.

When I lost 50 pounds in 2010, I reduced my BP from 200/103 to 120/75..

Those high numbers occurred consistently and WHILE ON MEDS. (I was checked every week for a year since I worked in a hospital. They threatened to cut me back to part-time, but never did. I guess they figured if I blew, being in a hospital was the best place for it to happen.)

The low numbers were also consistent and my meds had been educed from 40mg of Lisinipril to 10mg over the months of weight loss.

I'm convinced that if I had lost that last 30 pounds and had continued walking, I'd be off meds now.

I am convinced that if I had lost that last 20 or 30 pounds (I stopped at 170 and then regained.) I would have gotten off meds completely.

Instead, I'm back up to 215 pounds and on 40mg of Lisinipril again. Although, unlike the past, my BP is normalish. (140/80) I think the difference is that while I have the weight back,I don't have the high stress job.

At any rate, you can see by all of these comments that your MD vastly underestimated the power of wight loss, diet and exercise.

I'm still praying about your feet.


pat said...

Given your typical caloric intake, it is likely that your scale is inaccurate. When I get weighed at the doctor, I am typically 6-7 pounds HEAVIER than my at-home morning weight. This blog has been inspiring.

Leslie said...

I agree about the meds. I believe it's more than possible with weight loss and movement, because it's happened for me. Right now I'm back on...BOOOO.

But the main thing I want to note here, Lyn, is that it is so nice to read you saying "feeling hopeful". Hope is such a great thing, and it can really lift us up and move us forward. Big hugs to you. Glad you got a much needed lift today!

Patience said...

Likely never to get off BP meds? I don't believe that for a second. It can absolutely be done -- folks following the McDougall plan are routinely able to ditch their meds: http://www.drmcdougall.com/ Not to say it's easy by any means -- but, it's certainly possible.....

Lori said...

Take the joy where you can. I'm hoping that the doctor's scale is right for your sake.

Taryl said...

I don't believe it on the blood pressure meds, either. Especially with weight loss and less pain, you should see at least slightly lower numbers.

I SO hope you get some answers on your feet. Wouldn't that be great, if it was something more treatable? I'm praying for you.

Vickie said...

Did you check the scales?

Lyn said...

Re: the scale~

I haven't checked it yet. I wouldn't dare have a 5 pound bag of sugar in my house Gwen :) There is some flour but not in a weighed bag. I think I will use my hand weights since I have some that are 5 lbs each. I will get one of my boys to carry them up and put them on the scale to see. I did get on one of the other scales and it didn't match either of the other scales, so annoying.