Wednesday, January 8, 2014

An Update on My Eating

The way I am eating is starting to feel more natural... better. I'm staying grain free and I don't miss the grains at all. I haven't counted calories every day, but I have on a few days. For example, on Monday I ate 1351 calories, 74 grams of protein, 156 grams of carbs, and 56 grams of fat. My sodium was under 800 mg and my potassium was over 1800. The carbs, at first glance, would be concerning to any low carb veteran, myself included. But I am not aiming for low carb right now. My goals are: grain free, refined sugar free aside from extra dark chocolate, and 90% whole foods. My goal is nutrition, getting used to eating in this manner, and trying to lower my blood pressure. The carbs came from yogurt, nuts, vegetables, and fruits. I even had a small baked potato (with skin), mainly for the blood pressure lowering potassium. This is a very different mindset from my years of 'starches are bad', but yes, I am eating peas and carrots, sweet potatoes, acorn squash and even the occasional small baked potato now. I am carefully monitoring how these foods make me feel and how they affect my health and weight. So far, not craving, not crashing.

In case you hadn't noticed, my health has gone all to hell over the past year and a half to two years. I've been in pain almost daily and unable to even do some very basic things a woman my age should be able to do. The doctors haven't been able to find a root cause to the symptoms of ongoing joint and tendon issues, headaches, high blood pressure, fatigue, difficulty losing weight even on quite low calories, insomnia, and other issues I have not shared. I do have a follow-up appointment with my doctor soon, mainly to discuss my blood pressure, and another consultation regarding my MTHFR and hormonal stuff. I honestly feel that I need to heal myself with nutrition at this point, if that is even possible. All I can do is try.


Kim2PointO said...

Hello. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I have never commented before but I read something today and I thought of you. Have yoy ever tried the DASH diet? I ask because my dad saw an article online today and had me read it. It was voted the best diet of the year with primal or paleo being dead last and I was not surprised there. I have been reading your past entries and seen where you have done Medifast, atkins, calorie counting, and primal. One thing I noticed is that you are such a strong woman. To keep trying day after day to be the best Lyn that you can be takes a lot of strength, and you have it in abundance. I myself have dropped from 285 to 240 and its taken me 2 years or so with moving to a different state, being cheated on by my fiance, moving back to the original state anf many more obsticles. I do not have as many struggles as you but I know how it feels trying to lose weight again and again and yet again. I just wanted to comment today because I read the DASH article and thought of you. I wish you all the luck on your journey. In the near future you will be at your goal weight. I know this because you are so strong and stuggle after stuggle gains and losses you have never given up and Lyn, hun you never will. Goodnight and God bless.

Jeanette said...

I'm grain free, as well- but don't aim for low carb, and believe that low carb isn't necessarily the best thing. I think your statement about looking at the nutrition is great... Food is fuel, food is medicine.

Lyn said...


I've been seeing more in the news about the DASH diet as well. I'd found it online when I was looking for a plan that would lower blood pressure and it has a lot of good point. It does all for 6-8 grain servings a day, but aside from that, it looks very similar to what I am doing. I am reading more about it and might write a post on that soon. Thanks for the kind comment and thoughts! Hang in there and keep working at it. We learn along the way :)


I figured this was an approach I haven't tried yet (grain free but not low carb) so why not? Food really can be medicine!

stephseef said...

Have you watched 'hungry for change' yet? It was incredibly helpful and motivating for me, looking at healing the body through nutrition, especially when we don't real realize how sick we actually are.... I loved it.

Unknown said...

Have you ever been tested for Lyme? I'm not an expert, but a lot of your symptoms sound like chronic Lyme.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

I'm sorry you're having such a tough time of it, Lyn, and I hope things improve soon (also, I'm really sorry I thought of something dirty when I read "MTHFR" - it's not my fault! I'm warped!)

Anonymous said...

Lyn, What's up with the PF doctor? Last i remember, it was thought that you had Achilles problems more than Pf and that the injections seemed to give you a significant reduction of pain.

RE: the DASH diet. At one time, I had forms printed out with all of the daily elements listed out for each day so that I could check them off as i went. It was murder on the diabetes and I also discovered that I was gluten intolerant--so nix to DASH.

It does sound good, tho.


Lyn said...


After I got off crutches, I had Achilles tendinitis really bad. I went to PT for that and it helped but gradually as that went away the PF came back. They said the altered gait with crutches and the air cast caused the tendinitis. They also said the ruptured tendon was probably caused by the cortisone shots, so the doctor will not give me anymore shots now. It sucks because I am in pain all the time, and the dr said if I even WALK too fast I could have another rupture and be on crutches again. The tissue is very degraded, not just inflamed.

I have an appointment with my primary care doctor soon and am going to see about going to a different PT. Can't give up hope.

Anonymous said...

Lyn, Thanks for getting back to me.

That is just TERRIBLE news. What helped with the pain ended up doing damage...which causes pain. :o

I'm so sorry. I'll be praying. God knows who to fix your feet!


Vickie said...

I think grain free (and actually dairy free) is always a free, simple, good try for anyone with secondary condition issues. The problem can be the grains themselves and/or all the additives that come with the preparation of the grains (all the things added to wheat to make them into a finished product for example).

On the low carb thing. I don't consider myself low carb. I consider myself proportional carbs or not high carbs. There is a difference. I absolutely think you are on the right track with whole foods. I also think you are wise to eat a good variety. But I do think you are going to have too keep things a little more balanced. Not low, yes slightly more balanced.

Vickie said...

Have you been tested for Lyme?

Lyn said...

I haven't been tested for Lyme disease. I don't think it is likely, as I have not been around ticks, nor have had a rash or joint swelling.