Friday, December 27, 2013

Uses For That Ham Bone, and Other Thoughts

Tonight I'm making split pea soup with the leftover ham bone and ham from Christmas. It smells so delicious! If you have a ham bone left, you can enjoy split pea soup too... whether you're low carbing or not! I thought it would be a good time to re-share my two recipes:

Best Ever Split Pea Soup


Low Carb Split Pea Soup (with no peas!)

Both have great flavor and are warm and nutritious and EASY to make!

On another topic, I am still mulling over the thoughts and information you all left me on my last post; I am gearing myself up for change. I know I will feel better and have less pain when I knock off the sugar and white flour. I made some gluten free cookies this year and wow, talk about pain in the feet and joints! I dunno why I keep fooling myself into thinking a few cookies won't hurt. They always do! I know it, but they still call to me. That's part of what I miss about low carbing: you get to a certain point in ketosis where the sugar doesn't really appeal to you anymore. The cravings go away. Do you think it's possible to get that effect from a whole foods, but higher carb diet? Will the cravings go away with just clean eating, being sugar free and gluten free, even if the carbs are higher? I wonder. Anyway, I am feeling better emotionally that I have in a couple months so it's as good a time as any to clean it up. Working out the details of my 'plan'... which will be MY plan, probably cobbled together with a vegetarian slant (although I'm not planning to cut the meat entirely, I do intend to substitute fish for meat more often and eat less meat overall) and some Nutrarian practices, but I think I'll log everything and keep an eye on calories and carbs and fat. And try, again, to bump up the exercise a bit.

Here's hoping 2014 is a better, less painful year than this one's been.


LHA said...

Lyn, I just wanted to say how much I admire your resolve. I also very much admire the fact that you have maintained a significant weight loss for a long time. Yes, I know there have been ups and downs and part of the weight lost has been regained, but maintaining most of the loss shows how hard you have worked. It is something to be very proud of. I don't have any particular solution to offer but I just have a good feeling that you are going to take what you have learned in losing/maintaining and work out a plan that works well for you. Life is always a process of learning, and there is nothing to be ashamed of in trying new things even if they don't prove to be successful. Good luck in the new year!

skinnyhollie said...

That's what I am doing, making my own plan. No sugar, no refined white flour. No gluten. Those are all addictions for me so they must go. I have been doing a lot of reading, and also watching a lot of documentaries on Netflix. The more research I do, the more I know that I am making the right decision for my health, not just weight loss. We can do this!

David Dane said...

Here is a thought... I had pain in my feet this year.. I figured out that my bath water was way too hot... I am serious. I take baths, not showers... I am serious try soaking your feet in cold water for a few minutes each day to reduce swelling on the joints and to cool the blood down. I very serious. Try getting powdered hops from a brewer and taking a small amount of that each day. Hops has a natural pain relieve in it. Just some thoughts...

Taryl said...

Love ham bones, I use them in all sorts of soups for my family. I just eat the ham, myself though ;)

No, I do not believe you can get over sugar cravings while still eating things that are metabolized down into sugars (starches from grains, beans, fruits, etc). Whole food doesn't mean a whole lot to a body that breaks it down into its smallest parts. Fiber does slow digestion and therefore blunt a bit of the blood sugar impact, but whole your maintenance carb level may be high enough to have some berries or dark chocolate, as I do, it probably won't ever be high enough that regular steel cut oat breakfasts or apples will not cause you to battle more and worse cravings.

Cross that bridge when you get to it, but I would focus on getting more weight off now and worrying about how to each sugar and starch in foods later, so that your feet are more comfortable if nothing else.

Unprocessed diets are an improvement, but they don't circumvent the need to magae your macros, when you're dealing with a dysfunctional metabolism. That hadn't been my experience, I'm sorry to say :(

Anonymous said...

Have you read the 4-Hour Body? I followed that plan for two months in an attempt to shake things up so to speak, and I lost weight, but most importantly I lost my addiction problems with sugary foods. The rules were easy to follow, I never felt tired, and by the end I wasn't taking any sugar in my coffee, Coke Zero was too sweet, and I wasn't on that crazy rollercoaster of craving carbs, feeling tired, feeling hungry, etc.

It's not something I would recommend long term, but as a way to reset everything, especially because it's in a way like Medifast - you have this basic outline and you don't have to be obsessing over everything all the time.

Good luck!

Vickie said...

Even "low sodium" bullion or broth is VERY HIGH in sodium. Can boil carrots, onions, celery, parsley to make truly low sodium broth. I pitch the veggies, they are mush. Can freeze in 1 or 2 cup sizes for easy future use.

dlamb said...

I do something similar to Vickie's broth but instead of throwing out the mushy veggies, I put them in the blender with the broth. It makes a thicker, heartier soup, which is kind of nice in the winter.
Depending on what else I add to it, the calories are extremely low. Sometimes I add nothing but spices, but due to the texture, a big bowl is a low cal meal. If I want a creamy and tangy combo, I add some low fat yogurt.

OneSwede said...

Lyn, First let me say Im soooo pleased by the "tone" of this post. Although we don't know each other your blog has been a place to go and connect so to speak over this weight loss journey. Its hard. It sucks. Being fat sucks. SO to read that you are thinking of a new plan for the future it fantastic! Ive been praying for you since the loss of your friend.

I think Im going to give no sugar a try too. Its in EVERYTHING so that makes it hard. Here is to a great 2014!

Taryl said...

For some reason I can't make a comment on your latest blog - but I am so excited for your new plan. It sounds like you really carefully considered your goals and I think they're a great start if you don't feel good on very low carb. I'm biased, since it solved so many of my issues, but there is no one, ideal human diet. Keep trying and don't give up, Lyn!