Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weighing In and Changes

This morning after a week of eating an average of 2011 calories a day, I weigh 217 pounds. That's a one pound gain from last week. Not surprising, and kind of a relief. I wasn't sure if I'd balloon up from doubling my calories like that plus being so sedentary from my injury. I am thankful for whatever is going on in my body because finally it is doing something that makes sense. I hope what I have been eating is healing to me. It has definitely been beneficial to my mind and emotional health.

My activity was very low this week as I've said; no walking (just on crutches), light weight lifting (upper body) 3x/week, and floor stretches with PT exercises daily. My back is *really* hurting from all this sitting. I think I need to see a massage therapist or something this week.

So I've been thinking about what to do next week with my calories. I expect my activity level to go up just a little bit, with slightly heavier weights and a chair workout if my video ever comes in the mail. When I see my doctor this week I am going to ask if there is some way for me to gently start biking again with the air cast on. I feel like my blood is just stagnating in my veins and I NEED to do at least some kind of moving. Leg lifts aren't cutting it, and I haven't had any luck getting in to a PT with a pool. So I don't think my activity level will influence my weight loss much, if at all, yet.

I am trying to decide between staying at 2000 calories a day for another week (actually, trying to stay *under* 2000) or cutting back to 1800. I think I will just keep tracking and see what feels right... maybe try for 1800 but if I need more, go up to 2000. I do not want to cut back drastically because I am trying to feed my body enough.

Things I ate this week:

pots of kale with onions and ham
Greek yogurt with berries, walnuts, honey
free range eggs, pork sirloin roast, lean ground beef tacos
curried lentil and butternut squash soup made with coconut milk
organic chunky tomato soup with gluten free crackers and cheese
steamed peas, carrots, a small scoop of mashed potatoes
pink grapefruit, local apples with almond butter, bananas, pears
pumpkin seeds, almonds, dark chocolate
kale and black bean soup

I also ate oatmeal for breakfast several days. There is nothing more satisfying to me than a bowl of warm oats in the morning:

chocolate chip oatmeal

Yes, even dark chocolate chips! I generally aim for 300-400 calories for breakfast, and a nice warm bowl of oats with add-ins (pumpkin, fruits, nuts, flax, etc) is within that range. This particular bowl with bananas, cinnamon, walnuts, chocolate chips and whole milk measures in at 343 calories. It's a lot more carbs than I have had in recent years, but I am not aiming for low carb at this point. I *am* aiming for low sugar, wheat free, and high nutrition.

Tonight I am going to roast some sweet potatoes and make some soup out of them. If it turns out, I'll share the recipe later. Enjoy your Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Ohh I am happy for you doing this. I believe you will se a platau and then a steady week by week loss now that you have enough calories. You body was just crying for mercy lol.

Vickie said...

I add protein powder to my oatmeal to keep percentages in line. I eat the oatmeal plain.

I think you might do well to hold at 2000 for another week and see what happens.

I think you have to keep track of your percentages (in addition to total calories) in order to compare each week.

Anonymous said...

Upon looking at the astounding number of suggestions that have been sent to you, I couldn't help being reminded of the letter sent by Mark Twain to the people offering him medical advice:

"Dear Sir (or Madam):--I try every remedy sent to me. I am now on No. 67. Yours is 2,653. I am looking forward to its beneficial results."

Lyn said...


thanks, maybe so :)


I am still weaning off my sweet oatmeal, just like I weaned off my sweet coffee. It took me a looong time to get the sugar/cream out and like it black! I used to add a couple tablespoons of brown sugar to my oatmeal AND add chocolate chips, but am finding a teaspoon or two of maple syrup, or some bananas and stevia drops, is tasting good to me. It would be nice to get to a point of liking it plain! I will pay attention to my fat/carbs/protein this week, just to observe. Thanks :)


ha, yes, but it is nice to know so many people care!

birchgirl said...

I'll add another suggestion (#2655) -- stick with what you are doing for awhile. Have some mercy on your poor body.

Anonymous said...

I love oatmeal... and unfortunately it loves me back (i.e. stays around and makes me fat! LOL). To this day I still love a bowl of real oats with raisins or dried cranberries. Makes me feel all yummy just thinking about it.

Speaking of yummy, Lyn have you ever tried yoga?

Lyn said...


will do :)


no, I have seriously thought about it but never have done yoga. It's on my want-to-try list though.

Anonymous said...

The last thing you want to be doing is even mildly restricting while trying to heal from an injury. 2000 calories, especially for your weight, is a weightloss diet.

MargieAnne said...

Yu-umm! Your food sounds delicious and healthy.


Kerry said...

Hi Lyn, Just read your latest blog. Im impressed that you are focusing on nutrition rather than just calories - after seeing what you had been eating for the week, you are definitely heading in the right direction. If I ate even half as well as you, Im sure I would be further along in my weight loss. As for restricting calories or not - I think you have the right mindset. 2000 is a good starting point. I dont calorie count myself but I do know that if a person restricts their intake too much it throws the body into starvation mode/ survival mode which means the body will hang onto every little thing you eat and yes you will stop losing weight and possibly gain weight when you start eating nomally. When the body feels that it has enough, it can perform and function the way its meant to. At the risk of adding to your plethora of advice, if you are interested in the health benefits of different foods there is a FB site called Juicing Vegetables that I get a lot of health info from. Also, a small change that seems to make a big difference in how a person feels is drinking hot lemon water upon waking. Theres lots of info on the benefits of lemons so might be something you are interested in if you are not already doing this. All in all though, I think you are on the right track. Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

i think this is the best thing you've done for yourself in years. there's nothing like whole foods to heal the body. it's what we're meant to consume, after all, for survival and medicine. i know this is going to make you feel so much better-- good luck to you!!!

David Dane said...

Hello Lyn, it's David...
Don't lose heart girl friend..
You should see what has been going on with my weight...
The other day I stepped on the scale at 223-pounds. Dinah Sore says sometimes we go one step forward, and 2 steps backwards...
Take heart....

Matthew Denos said...

Hello Lyn,

you are doing fantastic, keep it up! I eat oatmeal every morning, too. My breakfast looks very similar to yours in that photo.

Anonymous said...

I lOVE that you're doing this, it's a brave step to take when people are threatening you with massive weight gain and other ridiculous things. Bravo!