Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Unplanned Low Day

Good morning! I just finished up my breakfast of scrambled eggs, sweet potato, a pear, and coffee. I'm feeling pretty good and my foot seems to be improving, pain-wise.

Yesterday was unexpectedly spent at the hospital from 9 to 2:30 (no details this time, sorry) so my eating was thrown way off. My calories were WAY low yesterday, not on purpose but I guess a low day once in a great while won't hurt anything. I am back to eating towards 1800-2000 today. Stuff I ate yesterday:

black coffee
a Medifast ready to drink shake, grabbed on the way out the door
walnuts and almonds I had stashed in my purse
decaf coffee with half & half and sugar free caramel
when I got home: pumpkin pudding, a hard boiled egg, maple almond butter
dinner: mug of homemade cabbage soup
half a banana and one square of dark chocolate

Totals: 825 calories, 39 g protein, 65 g carbs, 43 g fat (19/33/48%)

Not so great on the macros, but today I will have plenty more time to eat better. At least I didn't cave and grab a muffin from the hospital food stash! I wasn't hungry yesterday and felt fine and am ok today although tired. I think I will skip the workout video this morning.


Anonymous said...

Praying all is well.

karen said...

I wanted to share my experience with my first PT appointment for my foot issues. My PT was a "foot specialist".

Been suffering for 3 years off and on with PF and lately have had more pain on the sides and back of my heels.

What I found out is that the tendon that runs down the leg between the shin and the calf is inflamed. There is a swollen spot on the inside of my arches that I though was just fat. Additionally, my big toe joints were frozen. This causes a poor gait which can contribute to PF.

First treatment included ultrasound on the inflamed bulges on my arch and un-freezing the toes with two types of stretches. The PT also showed me how to stretch that tendon - currently my range of motion is not where it should be.

I am excited to keep on with the stretching/targeted exercises. And it makes sense that when I felt better I was doing water aerobics which helped me stretch.

Hope you can get something useful out of my experience.

Lyn said...

Thanks for the prayers, Deb.


that is interesting. They are doing ultrasound and waiting on the stretches because the tear needs to heal first. Three years is a LONG time to suffer from PF. I hope your new exercises are helping you. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Steelers6 said...

Oh dear. Sorry to hear about your day yesterday. :(
I hope things with that situation have improved, & continue to improve daily. Well done on muffin avoidance. xo

Betty Taylor said...

It must be difficult with an injury to maintain your weight. I hope you are able to get your injury healed and get back on track soon.

Lori said...

I hope all is well.

I'm sure the low calorie day won't hurt you. Especially if you don't use it as an excuse to indulge today. I would do something like that.