Friday, October 25, 2013


Well I guess at some point last month I said or thought to myself, "I am so busy! I need a break! I wish I had a day off." Be careful what you wish for... I sure got more of a break and more "days off" than I could have imagined! All these days are stringing together and I finally had to take a deep breath and say, "Wow, this is kind of nice. I am getting a super long break and lots of rest. I haven't had this much time for myself in ages!" Yep, I finally decided that since I can't change it, I may as well enjoy it. No sense in wishing I wasn't busy when I am, and then wishing I WAS busy when I'm not! Being on crutches and off my feet isn't my ideal, but there are some positives. It's kind of like a vacation!  I am getting lots of reading done. I am perfecting the art of French press coffee brewing. I am quite relaxed and well rested, and have plenty of time to plan menus, look up recipes, and make grocery lists for other people to take shopping. I have time for strength training and doing my chair aerobics video in my living room. I can watch movies and listen to music. There's time to sit on the deck and soak up the sunshine, enjoy the fall leaves and brush my dogs until their coats glisten. I have time to meditate, and pray, and call friends to chat. It's better for me to find happiness where I am, instead of sitting here bemoaning all the things I *can't* do.

It's been 3 weeks on Sunday since I was injured. Today I went to physical therapy. I have to go twice a week for at least 3 weeks, then see the doctor again and reassess. I feel like things are starting to heal up. And I am *very* happy it's the weekend, and the kids are home. Life is pretty good, even with a hurt foot.

Enjoy YOUR weekend!


MargieAnne said...

Unwinding is sooo good.


Anonymous said...

Good attitude. I don't envy your pain but I do have a little bit of envy towards your mini vacation. Maybe I should go fall off a bridge so I can get a week to relax too LOL! Heal quickly.


Lori said...

A positive attitude can do a lot to make just about any situation better. I'm glad you have found the positive in yours.

I hope you heal quickly and keep your happy attitude too.

dlamb said...

Yep, what Lori said! :)

Steelers6 said...

Wow, it's been a long haul. I am so proud of you (& amazed) at your mindset. Well done with making a decision regarding attitude. That is probably important, although not necessarily easy.
When I am experiencing some kind of downtime caused by illness it always makes me reasses any negative feelings toward chores! Makes me realize how very *blessed* I am to be able to do my own housework. :) Perspective.
I appreciate your perspective; it's a good one, although not a vaca by any stretch.
Hang in there dearie.