Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dr Visit and Food Update

This morning I went to the doctor again to assess the situation with my foot injury. It's been a little over two weeks since it happened and I've used crutches and an air cast during that time. The pain has subsided by about 80%, as long as I stay off it. Well, he said I have to stay in the cast for at least another 3 weeks (and then come back to check it again), and use the crutches "as needed" until I am able to walk on the cast without pain. It's pretty painful right now to take any steps in the cast, so I have a feeling this might take awhile. He also is sending me to physical therapy... sigh. I really get sick of being sent to PT for various things (first it was my knees, then the plantar fasciitis, now this). He put in the referral and now I just have to wait for the insurance company to respond and then I can set up appointments.

On the way home, feeling a bit deflated, I remembered a new bakery I'd heard about that was on the way home from the doctor. I have to drive about 20 minutes to get to the doctor so this bakery is not one I'd ever pass otherwise. I thought, "hey, I will stop and check it out. I want a treat to go with my coffee when I get home." Visions of me picking out a sugar free, gluten free treat danced in my head with the knowledge that them having such a thing on hand was almost nil, and in my current state I might very well pick out several different sugary, cakey things "for the kids" and then end up eating a few myself. Before I knew it, I had auto-piloted right past the bakery, realized it, had a fleeting thought of going back, and decided to just keep going. I also thought about other places on the way home that I could stop to pick up a scone or a pastry to go with my coffee, but in the end I knew it just isn't something I want to put in my body right now. No sense in eating something that will make me more sore, even if it *could* fit into my calories for today. I can have it another day if I want to. So I just came home and if I want something later I will make myself some low carb shortbread. I don't care about it right now, though. An orange sounds better.

So I am home, putting my feet up and getting ready to do my strength training and stretching routine.

What I ate yesterday:
black coffee
quinoa with whole local milk and honey
a square of dark chocolate
leftover pork sirloin roast and steamed carrots with butter and dill
coffee with sugar free white chocolate syrup and half & half
Amy's chunky vegetable soup (from a can)
Gluten free Nut Thins crackers and sliced smoked cheese
2 Satsuma oranges
Justin's maple almond butter
a chocolate protein bar
frozen peaches blended with whole milk, vanilla, and stevia to make a smoothie

Totals: 1647 calories, 76 g protein (18%), 195 g carbs (45%), 72 g fat (37%)

I allowed myself to eat up to 2000 calories if I wanted to, but this menu was very satisfying and I didn't want or need anything more. It does not feel like restriction so far and I am enjoying what I eat, trying to nourish my body with good things. Aside from the foot, I feel good and am happy with this way of eating.


Anonymous said...

I'm ecstatic to see you eating so healthy! I followed your blog from when you began and always loved your healthy eating. I relate to it better than the diet food. Don't worry, you have it in you to lose AND KEEP OFF the rest of the weight. You've proven this already by losing AND KEEPING OFF so much when odds are stacked against you (almost everyone who loses weight regains it within a year and you have kept yours off for SEVERAL years!) Be brave! You are already winning!

dlamb said...

Great decision, Lyn! No sense exposing yourself to things that may be self defeating, when you're feeling vulnerable.
I've been wanting to ask you something for a long time, so I will do it now that you are somewhat incapacitated and an activity such as swimming may be a good option for you. I know you've said that the gym expense is prohibitive at this time but that you would not mind using it, were circumstances different.
Would it be possible for you to barter and offer, perhaps, child care services in lieu of paying for a gym membership? Just a thought...I know most gyms offer child care and if you do an hr. or two on the days when you use the gym, perhaps it may work out for them and for you.

Lyn said...


thanks! I hope I can keep off the next 60 as well as I've kept off the first 60 :)


hmmm, I hadn't thought of that. I will call and see if they'd be open to it. There are 2 or 3 near enough to me to do that. I would love to be swimming over the winter again. I worked in a daycare before I had my own children, so that's something in my favor. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm really, REALLY questioning your math.

Quinoa...how much quinoa? A cup is 240 calories, add 1/4 cup of milk for 30 more, and a tablespoon of honey for 60 calories...that gives us 330 calories.

Canteloupe, rasberries, two oranges...I'm going with 80 calories on the melon, 150 on the berries, and 200 on the oranges: 430 calories of fruit...that's a LOT of fruit already and then you have peaches later...five servings of fruit in a day?

A square of dark chocolate: 60 calories.

Four ounces of PLAIN pork loin is 200 calories and I'll go with 130 calories for the buttered carrots.

Coffee with sugar free syrup and half & half: 75 calories.

Canned soup: 300 calories, at least

Crackers and cheese: I'll go with 120 calories for six crackers and 120 calories for one ounce of cheese. And let's not pretend any of us ever actually ate just six crackers and an ounce of cheese, but for fun, let's say 240 calories here.

Maple almond butter 200 calories ?

Chocolate protein bar: 180 calories

Peach smoothie with milk and stevia...250 calories.

I get 2,365 calories here and I'm estimating CONSERVATIVELY...no portion sizes given so I lowballed my estimates. How did you get < 1,650?

Lyn said...


I use Sparkpeople, and I check their values against labels when applicable.

I am eating portions that are quite a bit smaller than you're estimating. Here are a few examples for you that I pulled from my menu yesterday:

1/2 c cooked quinoa - 172 cal
1 tsp honey - 22 cal
7 raspberries + 3/4 c cantaloupe - 49 cal
2 Satsuma oranges - 100 cal
4 oz pork sirloin - 110 cal (from label)
1/2 c carrots + 1 tsp butter - 60 cal
3/4 c Amy's chunky veg canned soup - 45 cal
crackers/cheese... well, I don't pretend or estimate. I just count them out and weigh the cheese - 6 Nut Thins, 1 oz cheddar - 175 cal
smoothie = 2/3 c whole milk + 3/4 c frozen peaches - 150 cal

So, you can see how you are grossly overestimating the calories and amounts, just on these few things. Hope that helps you understand my math! Calorie counting isn't too hard when you use the labels, a food scale, and a good calorie counting program (sparkpeople is free!)

timothy said...

i'm not worried about the calories but you need protein to heal yourself, and sugar even natural sugar can slow down the metabolism and the immune system. I've never done more than 1 serving of fruit on any of my plans 5 does seem a bit much. it's your body and you obviously know what works for you but I do care so I do worry!

Lyn said...


thanks, I know you do care! I appreciate that! And I agree, I think I should probably have less fruit but am taking this very slowly so I don't feel restricted and flip out and eat brownies, you know?? Sounds silly, but I know my triggers. So for now, my goal is just to eat more whole, natural foods and stick with the calorie counting. I will cut the fruit back and increase veggies over time. Speaking of which, I need to eat some veggies for dinner tonight!

Lori said...

Hooray for autopiloting past the bakery! I love it when stuff like that happens.

I sure hope your injury heals quickly. You've been through so much with your feet. It is time for that phase of your life to be over for good. I'm sorry you're still dealing with physical issues beyond your control.

Leslie said...

Hi Lyn - I have to say that it really irks me that 3:20 pm anonymous sounds like such a hater! Does s/he really have so much time on his/her hands that s/he has to not only analyze and quantify your food intake, but then fire it out at you in such a harsh way?! You were so nice in responding.

My thought is that if readers think a blogger is "full of it" or whatever, at least be respectful and question gently rather than coming in clearly trying to provoke.

I'm glad you're doing exactly what you're doing here and will be so interested in how it plays out over the weeks. It must feel so good to be focusing on healthy stuff. And lastly...awesome that you didn't take the bakery bait! For me, when I think I want just one of something, I find that once I have the one, I always want another, and then the inner battle begins. Best not to go there in the first place for me!

Sara said...

I have to say, apart from being excited about the possibilities for your health health, I am selfishly excited that you're eating real food again because I LOVE to read about what you're eating and about your farmer's market runs! Your food always sounds so delicious and full of nutrition. And I am so excited that you may be inspired to post recipes again!

Your oats and oatmeal substitutes always look drool-worthy! Have you blogged about how you prepare your regular oatmeal (or quinoa)? From your pictures, it looks like you prepare the oats and then pour the milk in afterwards? I've never prepared it like that, but my oatmeal always ends up like paste, somehow, even though I like to think I'm generally a good cook. I think I might like your way much better!

Vickie said...

Very glad you are keeping such detailed data (total calories and percentages), because then you will KNOW (where your results are coming from) and be able to adjust as needed.

Lyn said...


I have an aversion to pasty and/or slimy oats!I did post my technique here:


You can leave out the add-ins if you want. But I always bring the water to a boil, then add the oats and cook quickly on high heat, remove from heat and let it sit for a few minutes. Then put in the bowl and add milk. Love it!

And yes, I am going to do some recipe and food posts soon... including quinoa and roasted sweet potato soup :)

Lyn said...

To the friend who left a comment ending in "you need not post this comment"... thanks! I posted it before I saw that part, but took it off when I read it. I appreciate the kind words :)

Ty said...

Well, I am glad you are switching to real food. There are lots of great-tasting yet healthy foods out there to enjoy that will leave you satisfied and still easily fit into your maintenance level calorie budget. I've lost all my weight on real food. ( 275 to 166 in 8 months and 3 weeks .) No shakes, pre-packaged meals or gimmicks. Just normal healthy stuff like hamburgers, chicken, eggs, ham slices, plenty of condiments and veggies to make everything tasty.

I use 5 oz of 96% lean beef, the lo-cal bread is only 35 cals per slice,and then I add lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, mustard, sauteed onions and mushrooms,soy sauce, dale's meat flavoring, and a heap of shake-on spices and herbs. I wash it down with as much caffine free diet mountain dew as I care to drink because it's zero calories.

That is a perfect example of a delicious and stomach-filling meal with a low glycemic index that keeps me satisfied for hours and it's under 350 calories.

You are sophisticated and knowledgable enough about lables and weighing to come up with good reasonable healthy, normal foods that taste great. Going with real food is an excellent choice.

You will have still have to eat within the constraints of your target calories depending on wether you are trying to maintain or lose, but you sound like you are pretty close on that. Sounds like maintenance for you is around 1600 at the moment.

I think you can forget about weight loss for now. You need long cardio to make that work, and you aren't physically able to do it right now. Focus on maintaining and a good, healthy menu with enjoyable foods.

When you are healthy and can do the cardio, then start thinking about weight loss again. It is very hard to lose a lot of weight without that cardio adding to your maintenance level calories.

Regarding fruits...I have gotten good results with most of my calories heavily oriented towards proteins and fats. You should check out a movie called "Fathead ". Its quite informative about the lipid hypothesis that underlies a lot of the conventional wisdom about what we are supposed to be eating to be healthy and lean. It really is the carbs and sugars that get you, not the fats.

Finally, I think what you are going through is a validation of my "shortest path to victory" approach to weight-loss. You have drug this thing out for years and years. No wonder you are sick of it. I would be too. Take some time and think about the reasons why you want to do this, and when you are ready to attack this thing again with some heart and some commitment, then suffer through 4 or 5 months of hardcore dieting in conjunction with the cardio and the weights. Why not just achieve your goal quickly with maximum effort, and just be done, done, DONE with it once and forever.

I have been 1400-1500 calories under my maintenance level every day for almost 9 months now. I believe I have the heart to do this another 2 months. But for 5 years? Nope.

Walking 2 or 3 hours a day 7 days a week has raised my maintenance level so much that I can eat some pretty good sized meals. I couldn't be that far under without the cardio. Only 2 more months of this and I will never diet again, but I will do long cardio every day until I die. Looking forward to all the calories I get to have at maintenance level when weight-loss is done!

My point is that moderation and non-extreme thinking is great for maintenance. But I think it's no way to be for losing. Losing requires suffering and deprivation. You have to pay a price in hunger. Why drag it out? That just makes no sense to me. Take this time to re-visit your reasons for wanting to do this in the first place. Find the Eye of the Tiger again. And when you are ready to eat broken glass or walk through fire for this like you were in the beginning,then summon your courage and attack with all you have. Do it hard, fast, and then walk away victorious...

Get to your target and maintain for life with healthy real food. You have been dieting for far too long.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'll never understand why some people think fruit is evil... it's a healthful whole food, and unless you're overeating generally (i.e., your total calories exceed your maintenance), you will not gain weight, fruit or no fruit. Many of the healthiest cultures in the world eat fruit in abundance.

I just came back from Belgium where I'll be moving to permanently in April and was struck how thin everyone was. Compared to most of the women there, I'm chunky (I'm 5' 7" and 145 pounds). And yet nobody there was restricting fruit, or bread, or potatoes, or even occasional treats. They just eat reasonable amounts of it and stay slim and healthy.

Also, I saw no protein bars or sugar free/gluten free snacks while I was there. Just regular food, in reasonable amounts, and lots of skinny people. And as an aside, many of my future Belgian colleagues mentioned to me that they find the dietary habits of the Americans there to be truly strange... strong emphasis on counting calories and protein, and "healthy" eating taken to (from their point of view) extremes. They just don't understand it, and they find the things we do to be extremely bizarre and abnormal.

Ty said...

Don't get me wrong about fruits... It's better than Oreos and Pizza, and as long as your overall calorie count is where it should be, yes, you will be fine. I don't know what the average calorie-per-capita is in Belgium, but I would be willing to bet its a heck of a lot lower than in America. It's the total calories and the processed carbs that have made us the fattest nation in history, not fruit. There is no doubt that my approach to weight loss is extreme and is not for everybody. But if you are trying to maximize weight loss in a given amount of time, I was just recommending to not go overboard on the fruit, because it is an objective fact that sugars from fruit - especially in juice form- are more prone to being stored as fat in the body than the same amount of calories from Proteins and fats. Certainly fruits can be part of a healthy diet, especially in maintenance mode. My approach to actually LOSING weight though is to use every little advantage I can to maximize results and shorten the time I have to diet, so that's why I avoid fruits.

Xavier said...

Thanks for pointing out benefits of use of a food scale, portion sizing and a good calorie counting app. This is a lifestyle change that takes years of commitment, not a fad that takes days or weeks. Congratulations and keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Ty, you can't store fat on a deficit, even if you're eating pure sugar. The body uses what it needs and stores the excess calories as fat no matter what they're made of. You're right in that the physiological process of storing sugar as fat is more direct, but the end result is still the same for all excess calories, sugar or otherwise. A lot of people don't understand that because the low-carb diet books don't bother to mention it. (It would, after all, contradict their message and cut into profits.)

Ty said...

Hmmmm... I see your point about no storage taking place in a deficit. However, lyn is not in a deficit right now. She is maintaining or slowly gaining and calories from sugars including fruits ARE more prone to storage as fat in her case, would you not agree? If it really made no difference to the body what the type of calories are then we could all just live on cake and pie and glycemic index and insulin reponse would have no effect on storage amounts.

Now in my case, where I am losing about 13 lbs a month, I would not be storing in any case, so I see your point. Even if I ate nothing but fruit I would lose when I am 1400 calories or more under maintenance, but I CAN make the case that the breakdown of calories between carbs, protiens, and fats is NOT irrelevant to HOW MUCH fat/weight I would lose all other things being the same... which is how I should have worded my statement. The reason being, because of the principle of S.A.I.D. , I am actually gaining muscle mass even at this extreme caloric deficit. I know that some of my protien calories are being diverted to build muscle as opposed to being used for energy, which would not be the case if those calories were carbs. That emergency diversion of calories to meet the imposed demand I am creating with low volume, high intensity progressive resisitance training ( ala' Mike Mentzer ) means the body has to draw more from fat reserves for its energy needs. I don't think I could be building muscle in this deficit without the bias towards protein, and the body would not be forced to make up that difference from fat stores had I oriented more towards carbs. Of course this is anecdotal. I have heard that it does in fact matter what the ratio is and that it isn't just a matter of total calories. But my mind is open and I am persuadeable by a good argument. Of course in my case, I have been sucessful with this, so the debate is academic. It doesn't matter wether the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice, right?

Ty said...

Not to belabor the point, because I am not anti-fruit ( as I said, it's all relative and fruit beats oreos and pizza ), but I would like to point out another advantage of low carb high fat and protein diets during serious weight loss ( in addition to the point I made previously about how having a higher bias towards protein means more of your calories can potentially be used to build and/or maintain lean mass if you exercise correctly )... I can tell you from experience that the effect of LCHF on appetite is amazing. I have tried and failed a couple of times at weight loss before finally putting it all together, and I can tell you that despite being 1300+ Calories under maintenance since March 3rd, it has been extremely rare that I have been hungry to the point of discomfort. LCHF is definitly an appetite suppressant and that cant help but be a good thing for folks trying to lose a lot of weight. I think a lot of that has to do with the minimal effect that fat and protein foods have on insulin due to low or non-existant Glycemic index. Carbs and sugars tend to cause wild swings in insulin and blood sugar resulting in hunger. I have been truly amazed at how getting my calories to a great degree from foods like eggs and meats has resulted in a nice, steady feeling of satisfaction and increased steady energy between meals. Also, LCHF is helpful for reducing insulin resistance or so I am told.

Here is an interesting article with a good comments section on LCHF diets as pertains to appetite


Again, I am not anti-fruit! I have just found that I get better results without it.