Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weight for the Week

Last week I started back on the Medifast 5&1 Plan. I stuck to it all week. Weigh in this morning says 209, which is 1 pound gone for the week.

I did some walking and a bit of biking until my exercise bike broke. I talked to someone at the manufacturer and they walked me through taking the console off the mast, taking the cover off the mast, taking the mast out of the bike, and checking all the connections. Nothing worked and now I have a bike half taken apart (the wiring is connected, so I still get the random flashing and beeping when I plug it in) and screws all over the place. I asked to buy a new console and this lady told me they no longer make them and they are not available. The last person told me a new console would be $105... so I don't know who's right. I'm frustrated and not sure what to do. I checked online, parts stores, Craigslist and Ebay for a console to buy with no luck. A new bike would be over $350! This really sucks and annoys me a LOT. I'll call again tomorrow and try to find out if there is any way to buy a console. Of course, a console might not fix it either, so I may be looking for a new bike anyway in the near future. Not happy about that at all, and in the meantime I am switching focus to upper body strength training. I walked too much yesterday and now have a bit of pain in my right foot, so will lay off the walking today.

Aside from the bike issue, I am feeling good about things and will keep on going with Medifast 5&1.

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Anonymous said...

You can probably find a new bike on Craigslist. There's a ton of people who buy brand new bikes with the intention of getting in shape but then never pick up a finger to actually do it then after they use it for a clothes rack for a couple years they finally decide to sell it.

Lyn said...


yeah, I am looking, but I need it to be recumbent or semi-recumbent for my knees, and those are harder to find. Still looking though.

Forty Pound Sack said...

put an ad on FreeCycle. I see lots of exercise equipment offered there. You have to pick it up, and it goes quickly, but it sounds like you have a lot of control over your schedule so it might be a good option. Good luck!

Lori said...

Congratulations on the loss.

Good luck finding a bike.