Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Thing About Packets

I am sooo tired today. I had to take some Excedrin to fight off a migraine that was starting up. I still managed to walk my girl to school but I was dragging on the way home.

I am back in the groove with my eating. It's been almost 2 weeks since I restarted the Medifast 5&1 Plan. Sometimes it seems like a drudgery to eat the same things day in and day out. I can get creative with what I cook for dinner, but when I am busy I do tend to eat the same things: salad, chicken, eggs, steamed broccoli. And with trying to limit my soy and gluten, I am limited on my choices of Medifast meals as well. I occasionally have a ready-to-drink shake in a carton straight from the fridge, but most of my food aside from dinner is coming from packets: powdered shakes from a packet, soups from a packet, protein drinks and smoothies from a packet, all reconstituted with water and then I heat the soups or blend the drinks with ice. It sounds boring, but for me that's kind of the point. The thing about packets is they are not exciting. They are not gourmet. They taste fine and are nourishing and filling but they do not excite the senses and make you want more, more, more. I cannot remember ever getting done drinking a reconstituted shake or eating a reconstituted soup and thinking, "hey, that was so yummy I HAVE to have another RIGHT NOW!" I mean, that's what I get when I eat an Oreo or a scoop of ice cream or a bowl of chips, but this Medifast food is not addicting like those things are. It doesn't press any triggers for overeating or bingeing. It just goes in and I move on and forget about eating for a few hours. That is the great thing about eating from packets. That and convenience.

Of course I won't be eating from packets forever, but I do have a list of foods that are just as easy, nourishing, and non-triggering as a protein shake... Greek yogurt with blueberries, for example. Hopefully the careful management of my calories, protein, fat, sodium, and carbs by using packets will result in the weight loss I need. Then I can move on to the whole foods plan again.

Tomorrow we are heading out to a dog training event and we'll be back sometime this weekend. I have a little sightseeing to do with my daughter after our event tomorrow. Looking forward to some fun and relaxation!


Anonymous said...

I use some shakes and a big jug of protein powder from Cosco when I don't have time to fix a meal so I see the appeal. You are so lucky you get to go on trips so often. I wish I could but I have to work full time. Have fun!

Lyn said...


thanks! Yes, I agree I am very blessed not to have to work full time anymore. I did while my older 4 children were small and was able to quit my job when I had my last child. Very much enjoying my time being a SAHM and doing some part time work from home. Much more flexible and fun :)

Lori said...

I do much better when as I call it "in the groove" that includes eating most of the same meals over and over without much thought. We gotta do what works, right?

Karen said...

Once you know you have a gluten sensitivity, then what ever you do- stay 100% gluten free.

The inflammation from the gluten has long term health effects. (for me joint pain and migraines = inflammation= chronic disease)

Are you choosing the Gluten Free Medifast products 100% of the time?

Lyn said...


yep, indeed :)


no, not 100%, but am using up the Medifast I already have that contain gluten. I would say 80% or better. I still waver as to whether gluten is an issue for me or not; there have been times I felt awful after eating wheat products after having been gluten free, but there have also been times I feel wonderful and amazing eating grains. Not fully convinced, aside from knowing I feel horrible when I eat a lot of carbs in general... sugar, wheat, or otherwise.