Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Long Day

What a great, productive, but LONG day! I just finally got my daughter to bed and am sitting down to relax a bit and have my last Medifast meal of the night. I have been busy from the time I jumped in the shower at 6 am, and I got so much done today. Walked my girl to school, worked on dog training, helped some friends with errands, went to obedience class. I took Medifast ready-to-drink shakes with me today in my new little "purse" cooler that I just got. It worked really well and kept them ice cold for hours! On my way back home I picked up a sugar free caramel iced Americano. Then dropped off the dog and went back out to run more errands. I finally got done right at 3 and went straight to the school to get my daughter. After a bit of play time it was time for dance class. We got home at 7:30 and when I pulled my pedometer out of my pocket I was shocked: 9072 steps! Wow... I *just* blogged that I had never reached 7000! Guess today was busier than usual. I have ice on my feet and will not walk quite as much tomorrow, but will bike instead. I was not home long enough to bike today.

All in all, a good day and I am sure I will sleep VERY soundly tonight!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

How many beers will that purse holder hold? What? No... it's not for me... I'M ASKING FOR A FRIEND!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's alot of walking, don't re injure your feet. I am glad you feel so good though.

Lori said...

Aren't days like that wonderful? I love it when I feel productive and have successful eating days on the same day!