Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I finally feel like I am actually "re-doing" my weight loss journey, rather than just spinning my wheels stuck in the mud at the same 5 pounds. I spent a solid year going around and around 217 pounds... 4 pounds higher, 4 pounds lower, up and down, back and forth. And now, finally, I am heading back down and away from that number. I'm down to the lowest weight I have been since I got plantar fasciitis and went from 199 to 216 in 2 months' time. And then I stayed there. I worked to get out but never succeeded.

Now I finally feel like I am succeeding and am ON my way... rather than just trying to GET on my way. Today I got a compliment. Someone I care about very much said to me, "You've lost weight!" and complimented me on the changes and the work I have done to get there. Now maybe to you, that doesn't sound very exciting. Maybe if you are losing weight, you get those kinds of compliments a lot. I used to. But I honestly cannot remember the last time anyone said something positive about my weight or my body. It has been... years. In November 2010 I hit my low weight of 175 pounds. I was basking in TONS of raging compliments. I felt amazing. People told me I looked great. In July 2011 I weighed 184, and by September I weighed 201. And I tell you, the absolute silence when people saw me was deafening. All compliments ceased. People just looked. I could see it, I knew their thoughts, "wow, she's gaining it back." Well actually I do remember there was ONE occasion sometime between then and now when I was on a ten pound downswing and a friend noticed. But aside from that compliment, there hasn't been anything. Today's very sincere and spontaneous comment really touched me. It fueled me to make good choices all day. I kept thinking, "I am finally getting this weight back off!" I am. And it feels so good.

I will never quit.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

I saw a couple of people I hadn't seen in a while and they had dropped a good bit of weight. I mentioned how great they looked and it hit me like a freight train: I used to get compliments like that on a semi-regular basis.

I've doubled down on my commitment, trying to catch that lightning-in-a-bottle that eludes so many of us. Congrats on your recent success and your fantastic attitude about this journey. You really are an inspiration!

Viennagirl said...

Lynn, now is the time for your self affirmations to kick in. Never mind if the compliments from others come or not. You are a wonderful woman who is loved and who deserves to have the body she wants. Sure, it's nice to have others notice, and give you compliments. But the compliment that counts is the one you give yourself in the mirror in the morning. So, you go girl. Tommorw is the day your are going to kick it up to high and get where you want/DESERVE to be~

Lori said...

I am happy for you. You deserve loads of compliments for staying in the fight even when it was tough and the odds appeared to be stacked against you. You are amazing!!!

16 blessings'mom said...

Here is an official compliment from me to you: You are amazing. I love your perseverance! Congrats on your success in moving in the right direction!!!! My story is very similar to you, but I am getting back to some seriousness now too. Thank you for sharing!!!


timothy said...

positive feedback is such a wonderful thing and i'm so glad you're getting a handle on this. I've started to have feet issues myself. mine are flat as a pancake and I get a corn on the ball of my left foot all the time. I have to use those corn removers and sandpaper on but now they've both started swelling and getting knots kinda scary gonna work the herbal issues and see what can be done. just keep doin what you're doin and you'll never regret it!