Thursday, September 5, 2013

Another Day

Doing well, staying accountable...

I'm sticking to the Medifast 5&1 plan, getting all my meals in and enjoying my food. Dinner tonight was low fat Italian turkey sausage cooked in the crock pot with sweet onions and 4 colors of peppers. I had a side of broccoli slaw and everything tasted good! The kids had their sausages on buns.

I was a little hungrier than usual today but I think my body is just getting used to the reduced calories.

I took it easy today and had a few hours all to myself, just to read and relax. It was soooo nice. I needed some down time and if felt wonderful! I still managed to get in 5927 steps (so far) today. However, when I got on my bike, the panel started up and then just beeped and flashed off and on, over and over. I could pedal but there is no resistance and no way to turn it up. None of the buttons work. I called the company who told me it might be the power cord, so I went and picked up a new one but no luck... still flashing. They said a new screen/console is over $100. Ugh...

I feel good, happy, positive. Staying on plan hasn't been hard. Hopefully as time goes by it will just become habit again and the weight will start coming back off.


Lori said...

Bummer about the bike!! Good for you for keeping a positive attitude.

Dinnerland said...

Yes! Stick to it!!

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