Tuesday, September 3, 2013

30 Days... Better!

Thirty days ago I wrote a post called "30 Days to Better." My goal was to make improvements in my life day by day so that in 30 days, I'd have significant improvements in my life and health. Well, it's been 30 days and I wanted to give a little report!

Yes, I am better. I tightened up my eating so that I am staying on plan much more closely: counting small things like condiments, a little half and half in my Americano, a bit of extra protein. I cut back on fats and salt and increased my water consumption. I have stuck with using the pill box I bought to keep better track of the supplements I take for my arthritis and my health. And remember that pedometer I bought? I started out at 4229 steps a day. I gradually got up to about 6800 steps per day. Then when my foot pain returned, I was off my feet and set the pedometer aside for a bit while I got shots and healed. When I started using it again, I was consistently in the high 6000's. Today I reached 6968 steps. I have not gotten over 7000 steps yet, but will keep working at it *to an extent.* I am not going to push it too much further, as my podiatrist asked me to limit the walking and begin to focus on biking instead to keep the weight and pressure off my feet. So that is what I am doing now. I will keep walking my daughter to school and walking the dogs, but the rest of my steps will just be lifestyle activity such as yard work, house work and doing things with the family.

I feel better. I am glad I challenged myself and succeeded. I'll keep those small improvements and keep making more. Goal for this month? Get into a strong, regular exercise routine with the biking and add strength training back in. Stay on plan with my eating. And lose more than 2 or 3 pounds in September.


Anonymous said...

That is great! I don't "know" you but I have read you for years and I am proud of you. I am praying you feet to heal completely. Also I tried your meatloaf recipe and it is amazing! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The weights will immensely help your metabolism. I am sure you will lose several pounds if you stay with it this month.

Lori said...

Improvement is improvement. Celebrate it. It would be pointless to push yourself to get 10,000 steps and hurt your feet. Then you would get 0 steps!

Bluebunny said...

Hi there, way to go and congratulations! You'll get to 7K steps in no time.