Saturday, August 24, 2013


I made it through, I did not drown my sorrows in food, but I did bring diet sodas back into my life. I am feeling really deprived and sullen lately with the foot pain and not being able to have a bag of chips to make me feel better, so I had a diet root beer instead. It's a crutch, it will help get me through, and I will cut them back out again eventually. They are allowed on Medifast but I just felt like they are not the healthiest choice. Better than a bag of chips or candy right now, though, so I will have a diet soda once in awhile.

This morning after being in a recliner almost all day Friday, my foot pain was down by about 80%. I took my daughter to the library and went grocery shopping (got some chicken breasts and thighs, chicken sausage, spaghetti squash, peppers, mushrooms, bananas, and plums) and by the time I got home my feet were KILLING me! Still not as bad as pre-shots, but only about 30% reduced pain. I am sitting in the recliner again with ice on my feet and will take it easy the rest of the day. Doctor said to walk less, bike more, and try a new orthotic insert by New Balance, so that's the plan.

I am going to make baked chicken nuggets for the kids tonight for dinner and a baked chicken breast for me, with salad and vegetables. Maybe brown rice or pasta for the kids too.

Looking forward to a fresh start September 1.


Anonymous said...

Despite your too soon indulgence in hard grocery store floors, it's clear that the shots are going to work again. Good news! :D

Take it easy, Lyn. Don't push it.

Let yourself be ready for a fantastic fall.


Anonymous said...

I think we are all looking forward to Septemeber 1!! You're not alone friend. Just keep reminding yourself of that. My only pairs of jeans that fit just formed a hole. Apparently I chub rubbed a hole in the thigh area. Nice. I can't bring myself to buy new jeans. I have several pair in my closet that fit 20lbs ago. Depressing!!
Hang in there friend! Great job staying real! It would be so easy for you to go offline but you don't. You're still here. You're still checkin in with updates. You're still chugging along. It's gonna get better! Hugs. -Natalie

CatherineMarie said...

Lyn, have you tried the flavored seltzer? I like it better than the diet stuff, just because it doesn't trigger sugar cravings for me.

I also wanted to toss in this other blog I read. Just for some inspiration....

katie said...

I love diet cream soda with a splash of skim milk in it. Really satisfies me.
Please don't crucify yourself over diet soda Lyn. Look at the larger picture.
I'm so sorry that you are suffering with the foot pain.