Monday, August 26, 2013


With school starting this week, I have lots of things on the agenda. There's a bunch of little projects around the house that I never got to over the last few months, dog training to do, clothes sorting as we put together new cute school outfits and put away most of the bright sundresses of summer. I'll be doing fall cleaning (same as spring) and working in the yard to get it in nice shape for cooler weather. All of this stuff requires me to be on my feet, though, and as of right now I still have some pain. Oddly, my Achilles tendons are hurting a lot this time around (they got better with the plantar fasciitis after the prior set of shots) but my heel pain is down by about 70%. Trying to stay off them so they get better, while still getting up and doing things that need to be done.

I am sticking to my Medifast plan and feeling good about that.

I am not getting nearly enough sleep and what I am getting is broken up.


That's all.


Lori said...

I am so sorry. You just can't seem to catch a break.

Hopefully, you'll get into a pattern with school and home life soon and everything won't feel so overwhelming.

I'm still holding a good thought about your feet.

Tansy said...

Lyn, I am spending this evening surfing people's personal weight loss blogs and yours has stopped me in my tracks! Wow, you must be so proud of yourself. I'm proud of you and I don't even know you! I started my own blog this month which WILL cover my journey to lose 100 pounds. I was worried about pics, since I really don't want fat body pics taken with my face on them, so your idea of taking from the neck down will help me a lot. I'd be honored if you would check out my blog at Keep up the great work, you've done so awesome!

Kristine said...

I dont remember if I already told you this but I will again. I developed Occipital Neuralgia on the left side of my your severe foot pain but on my head! Anyway I got the steroid shot which helped it for a few days then it came back. I found that the pain is controlled by taking 6000mg Vit C daily. I take Solgar C Ascorbic Acid. My husband also took it for a muscle tear around his knee. It has done wonders in my life. I have tried to wean off and the pain flares so I know it is the Vit C that is working. It wouldnt hurt for you to try it. Those shots are horrible and really screwed with my hormones.

Lyn said...


thanks. I take about 2000-3000mg but will try increasing it and see if that helps!

Anonymous said...

lyn i am requesting a personal reply back please, i've been successful losing/keeping 80 so pounds off going on my 2nd year, lately i've switched to a 2 meal a day plan, breakfast and lunch and nothing after, successfully losing around a pound today, but if i go to a church dinner or have a bigger breakfast than i'm used to the scale will go up 3 to 5 pounds and it takes around 3 to 5 days to undo the damage of 1 meal, i was just curious if thats just normal water / salt weight or something else, its so hard to do good 6 days a week and then have 1 cheat meal and have to take up the rest of next week burning it off. thanks

Lyn said...


That sounds like water retention related to carbs. If your usual meals are rather low in carbs (not a lot of sugar or breads, etc) and then you eat a meal high in carbs, it can cause water retention. I have the same thing happen if I go off of a low carb plan, so I understand. Sodium probably plays a part, too.

Perhaps instead of a cheat meal or bigger meal, you can add a third meal for dinner that is full of healthy things:salads, lean protein, veggies, a bit of healthy fat. That would keep your body going and give you good nutrition without bumping up the scale. Of course, I'm not a doctor so maybe you can go and ask your doctor for advise on this since he/she knows you better and can recommend a healthy plan for you.

Congratulations on 80 pounds gone! I wish you good health on your journey :)

Honib1 said...

HI LYN , I am loving the MF program... so far since july I have lost 26.6 pounds... i log my food on my fitness pal and i stay op.. so far it works well... I still have nightmares about messing up... but I a getting to the point that that wot happen.. I am back in the blogging world.. and on the Take Shape For life website too... wishing you luck and good health!!!