Sunday, August 25, 2013

Low Carb BLTs

I don't have a lot different to report, so I thought I'd post an old favorite recipe that I never got around to posting before. I have quite a few recipe pictures on my computer that I haven't ever posted, and this one is too good to pass up! It is fresh red ripe tomato season and if you are eating on a low carb template or just trying to stay grain free or gluten free, this is a delicious way to get those veggies in: a bacon, lettuce, tomato "sandwich" without the bread! Check it out:

low carb BLT

So simple, really: just slice big circles off a large, crisp head of Iceberg lettuce, add a little of your favorite mayonnaise to the bottom "bun" (I use Best Foods Light), add some crisp bacon and a thick slice of red ripe tomato. Then top with the other lettuce "bun", like so:

low carb gluten free bacon lettuce tomato sandwich

This makes a great summer lunch! I sometimes like to add thinly sliced turkey breast for a heartier version with more protein and holding power.

Here's another version: instead of mayo, use sliced avocado:

low carb BLAT bacon lettuce avocado tomato sandwich

Good stuff right here, especially for July and August!

You can use low sodium bacon, turkey bacon, or whatever kind of bacon fits into your food template. Bacon does not fit into the Medifast Plan, so I personally won't be enjoying this BLT this season. Instead, I can omit the bacon and use turkey for a simple turkey, tomato, avocado "sandwich" that is grain free, gluten free, and on plan.

Enjoy your summer produce!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, these pictures have me drooling! I am so going to make these this week for lunch. Thanks for the idea!

LHA said...

I have done this for years. Sometimes I roll up the bacon and tomato in a large romaine leaf. Yum! I don't even like mayo on it, so it is even healthier. It actually tastes better without the bread getting in the way. Thanks for posting such a mouthwatering photo.....going to have to have one right now!

timothy said...


MIzGlutenFree said...

thats how we do, too :-)

Lori said...

I love it when you share recipes.

Sheryl C. said...

I don't like tomatoes (I wish I did because they look so good!), so I am going to make a BLA (with avocado). This will be great for Atkins. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

YUM...I love BLT's but I thought they were forbidden foods to eat so I had stayed away from them for while for the sake of my weight loss efforts. I'm having a facepalm moment now. I never thought to just simply remove the bread. Doh! lol Thanks for sharing this recipe. :)

Toni Scott said...

Oh yeah! BLTs! I'd much rather have the bacon with out the bread, than have the bread, lettuce and tomatoes without the bacon! Funny how that works.