Friday, August 9, 2013

First Day Pedometer Reading

Today after getting breakfast, throwing in some laundry and taking a shower, I programmed my new Tri-Axis Pedometer and stuck it in my pocket. Then I went about a fairly normal day, without "trying" to make my step counter higher than normal. I wanted a baseline for a normal (non-sick) day. I did the usual stuff: dog walking in the morning, grocery shopping, household chores. The only thing unusual was that I went roller skating with my daughter in the afternoon, but the instruction booklet said the pedometer might not count steps if you are "shuffling" or have an unusual gait. So I looked at it before and after and sure enough it did not register very many steps while I was skating. That's okay, since I knew about it ahead of time. Skating is just a little extra activity I got in! The only change from usual is that the weather was not too nice in the evening, so I didn't get out for my normal after-dinner walk which is usually a mile or so.

So my baseline steps, not counting pre-shower or after 9:30 pm, was 4229 steps for today. I have plenty of room for improvement to get to the recommended 10,000 steps per day. I got that figure by searching online and finding several articles suggesting that number as a goal. I will try to go farther each day to get to that goal, checking my pedometer every so often to help motivate and remind me to get moving.

I got some lovely fresh tomatoes from the farmer's market today and they are just divine! I cubed them up, sprinkled with black pepper and freshly ground sea salt and topped with a little drizzle of olive oil. Tomorrow I will have more of the same, with fresh basil leaves and light mozzarella cubes added! It's one of my favorite summertime pleasures.

I hope you are enjoying your summer with friends and family! Life is a blessing.


Sabine said...

I got a Fitbit One yesterday. Fitbits are quite popular on MyFitnessPal. It's really motivating me to try harder to get more exercise and thus be able to eat more, since it calculates the calories you expend. I wonder if the company would send you one in exchange for reviewing it on your blog.

timothy said...

my baseline is about 6400 on workdays and around 4000 on my off days so i'd say you're fairly active like I am. glad you're havin some fun and enjoying life!