Monday, August 5, 2013

A Better Day

Today was better than yesterday! Day 1 of 30 Days to Better is a success.

Today was better because I got in all my veggies (mixed green salad, sauteed green peppers, celery and onions) and protein (lean ground beef and hard boiled egg whites) and Medifast meals (one left to go, but I am just waiting until it is time!) I drank plenty of water and ate no extras.

Today was also better because I was very productive. I sorted toys and got one box ready for Goodwill and one box ready to store in the garage. I groomed and bathed both dogs, cleaned the house, and did some laundry. I have that 'good kind of tired' feeling going on right now.

I also did two things to continue to make things better: 1) I bought a weekly pill box, the plastic kind with seven compartments to put all of my vitamins an supplements in. This way I won't forget anything. In the past, I tend to forget because I take some of the supplements at different times. Now if there is anything left in the box at bedtime, I can take it then. 2) I ordered myself an Omron Tri-Axis Pedometer which will be here in a couple of days. I am going to keep it in my pocket and try to do more steps each day until I reach the recommended minimum of 10,000 steps per day. Since I don't know how many steps a day I am starting at, I don't know how long it will take me or if I will end up going even higher, but I think it will be fun to work on increasing my steps.

That's it for today! And tomorrow will be even better.


lisa~sunshine said...

I love working towards steps using my fitbit.. It really was a eye opening experience for me to see how sedentary I was.. and can be if I don't work at it..

Lori said...

Great job!