Sunday, July 7, 2013

"What Are You DOING???"

I've gotten a few emails from concerned friends this past week or two, basically asking me why I have changed my blogging focus away from my weight so much in the past month. People wonder what I am actually doing, weight-wise, diet-wise, because I have pretty much stopped talking about it. Well, that's true. I haven't gotten on the scale in weeks. I am not weighing, counting calories, counting carbs, tracking my food, showing pictures of all my meals, listing everything I ate, or making weight-loss plans or goals. I am just stopping by and sharing brief life updates, some health updates, and a post about multi-colored carrots. That *is* a big change.

In nearly SIX years of blogging, I have always posted a weight for the first of each month. I have a "Weight By Month" link in my sidebar to prove it. But this month? Nothing. Why? People are asking me... "What are you DOING??" So before you make assumptions about what's going on here, let me just tell you.

It is time for a change. I think that having severe plantar fasciitis for 15 months turned me into a bit of an introvert (in person) and pulled my focus off my actual life and living and into my head. When I couldn't walk, I could sit and think. When I couldn't finish my household chores, I was stuck in the recliner and spent a LOT of time blogging, reading blogs, thinking about blogging, and over-analyzing my diet. I got so wrapped up in my head and so desperate to get the weight off yet it felt to me like nothing was working. My pain was really bad, and debilitating, and depressing, and sucked me into a different state of mind. Only when I became PAIN FREE last month a few days after the second cortisone shot did I "wake up" and realize how much I had changed.

Now that I am FREE to take walks, do household chores, go shopping, and do pretty much anything I want to within reason without pain, my whole mindset is brightened and I am seeing this whole diet thing in a new light. Well, actually, I sort of took the whole diet mindset, crumpled it up, and threw it in the trash. I am not thinking about diet. I am not thinking about OMG how much weight will I lose this month? I am not *worrying* about it or *plotting* about it or "trying to figure it out" anymore. You know what I am doing?

I am following the plan the Medifast dietitians gave me. I am giving it time to work. I am eating well and giving my body time to adjust to the HUGE increase in activity that has come with the lack of pain.

I had to sort of let go of the blogging a bit. I needed a change and I needed to just DO what I feel I need to do (eat on plan, exercise) without worrying and stewing over the details and the what-ifs. It is very freeing, even if it results in a rather boring blog for the time being. I do want to keep updating because I don't want people to worry. And I assure you that yes, I *will* get on the scale and I *will*, at an appropriate time, sit down and assess whether or not this plan is working for me and giving me the results I want. But that time isn't now. I can no longer be impatient and try to judge a plan based on a couple of weeks' worth of effort. I need to give it time, and while I am giving it time, I am living. Not focusing on "diet."


jirons42 said...

You go girl!!!

LHA said...

I would say you are on the right track! The only times I am at all successful in keeping my weight going down is when I stop OBSESSING over every little crumb, every calorie, every carb and every exercise opportunity. I weigh infrequently, try to stay busy, try to decide on and stick with an eating plan that I can live with for the long term, exercise when possible, and then I feel I have done all I can. I have not lost all the weight I want/need to, but I am getting there. It sure beats the crazy, all consuming hysteria to lose weight and do it as fast as possible that I spent years wasting my time with.

Good luck! I hope this attitude will show you the best success ever!

i should be full said...

Lynn, I love this post!

I am really happy for you that you are getting your life back. From my own experience there are times when excessive focus and attention just makes it harder to reach those weight loss goals. The times when I've just been able to adapt to a food plan and let it do its thing have always been my most successful attempts.

I love hearing you say that you are following the food plan the nutritionists gave you and living your life. That's the real goal here after all, right? Not letting the food control our lives. Good for you! Keep up the great work!

Lori said...

Enjoy life!! Isn't that the real reason we are all trying to lose weight?

Good for you for getting to that place of peace with yourself and what you eat.

dlamb said...

Lyn, I will probably be in a minority regarding my perspective but I believe most major issues that need to be resolved require a process. You are going through yours and you do not owe anyone a report regarding your weight and detailed disclosure regarding your eating patterns and menu. When you have done so in the past, it was for your own reasons and readers' expectations have no place in the way in which you resolve your own eating, weight and health management. I do think it is gracious of you to check in once in a while, though, given how many people care about you and wonder about your well being.

As I mentioned in a previous comment, it is *my* belief that when a person becomes so focused on every detail of one single aspect of life, others fall by the wayside. As long as you are not doing anything to cause yourself or anyone else emotional or physical damage, I say follow your own path.

Karen followed your program successfully and she has transitioned to a way of eating and living that works for her. There is no reason it should not work for you. I mention her because she is one of the most respected bloggers and commenters on your own blog. I see her as an exemplary illustration of somebody who did things her way, found what works for her and now is gently and considerately sharing her life experiences with others.

Regarding weighing yourself, as you know, I was a proponent of skipping the weighing *as long as a program is followed", whatever that "program" may be. The most important thing, in my opinion, is that you gain some sort of control over your eating and reduce or eliminate binging. Simultaneously, with some support from a good therapist who will assist you in resolving some issues that impacted your life negatively, you may move forward and build on what you have started.
I wish you well, as always

Anonymous said...

Oh Lyn, this is wonderful! I have prayed for your healing and am very thankful you are so much better. Your blog has inspired me to begin my own journey the first of this year and I am down 45 pounds so far. It is slow but I persist thanks to your example. I am praying for your continued success! -Tina

Lyn said...

Thank you all for the comments. I feel good. I am happy. I wish the same for all of you :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

So glad you are able to be so much more active without pain!

Sounds like you have a really healthy attitude and I think the shift in focus is great one. More living life, less worrying about explaining and justifying to others.

Am excited for you!

liz said...

Amen, You go girl (literally)
keep moving : )
I've suffered for years with
feet pain...but you just figure out what helps and what doesn't
I personally think you are on the road to success

timothy said...

I pretty much had figured that out from between the lines and I understand completely I go for weeks without my weight coming up as I LIVE me life, and good for you. enjoy your new found freedom and update as/when you feel the need!

Lisa said...

Good for you, Lyn! I enjoy reading your posts - even the short check-ins. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Do what makes you happy. I support you.


Anonymous said...

You really inspired me, i've been suffering from depression for years now due to my weight and it finally hit me harder than ever. I became obsessed seeing the scale go down now and not seeing it budge when I feel that I am doing everything right is discouraging but I just have to keep pushing like you said. Congrats to you and I hope to get the same results as you over time

Taryl said...

Yay! I'm so glad you've been freed from that PF prison you were in, and all that accompanied it. Just keep on track and let our body and the scale take care of itself. Three cheers for living!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I am curious about the weight just because I want to know if you can loose weight while enjoying life as much as you do. Seems to be like its the final victory of a life style change versus a diet. :)

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Lyn is LIVING her life! :) (Julie from Australia)

Happy Fun Pants said...

Hey there!

I just wanted to pop in after a hiatus from blogging and say that I'm thinking of you. I love that you're letting go of some of the weight blogging if that's what feels right to you.

I love that you're listening to yourself.

Thinking of you and sending good juju your way. :)