Thursday, July 11, 2013

This Week

It's been a good week and I am feeling well! My feet are still pain-free, I am walking daily and getting lots more done that I have over the past year. I am actually back in that place where I like to work around the house and in the yard because it doesn't hurt, and I am also able to shop for hours rather than being limited to one store a day. The shopping is fun for sure, and I even enjoy the physical work of chores because it is such a blessing just to be able to do them when I want to! Maybe my year of pain was a gift, in a way, because it woke me up to the simple joys of life. I no longer take walking or standing for granted. But no, I don't want that 'gift' ever again in my life!

Hard to believe we are almost halfway through summer break already. We've had lots of fun and we've got some great plans ahead: a couple of day-long road trips (one this weekend and one later) and at least two more longer mini-vacations as well. I am so thankful to be able to enjoy my life each day.

I am devoted to taking care of my health in the best way possible. I've been doing well on the eating front, still following the Medifast plan and enjoying fresh produce and free range meat and eggs from the farmer's markets. Another one of my "old fat clothes" pairs of capri jeans bit the dust this week (threadbare) so they got tossed and I went to buy new ones. I am not quite small enough in the hips for the 14's I have at home and am running out of 16's, so I just bought one pair of 16's. I hesitated, because they are *almost* loose, but I can't find anything in a 14 that fits yet. So I got them and hopefully soon I will fit some more of my smaller clothing.

I am practicing grace and thankfulness in my everyday life, and am trying to stay in a mindset of celebrating the gifts and opportunities that I have. I am being filled with a new and awesome peace, and a solidity in my sense of purpose and value.

I want to especially thank the people who read here who have prayed for me over the past weeks or months or years. Thank you so much. It has changed me more than you know and I pray the same peace and grace for you.


timothy said...

so glad you're back in your groove and the feet are healin! enjoy your summer you deserve some helthy r and r!

Steelers6 said...

It's good for all of us to hear your reminder of health & getting to do our own chores. Being ill or incapacitated in some way certainly serves as a loud reminder of the blessing of health & being able to do chores. Health is such a wonderful gift. I often think of you when I walk, remembering your long struggle with your poor feet. I don't want to take my feet for granted!

Enjoy your mini trips! And the rest of your summer. Ours has been so full. :) But going by far too quickly.

LHA said...

So glad you are having such a wonderful summer! When you have young children summer is truly an opportunity for a magical time with them. You are doing such a great job of letting your eating plan do the work,and you have the fun. The result would be the same if you were fretting every minute about food, measuring every carb and calorie and obsessing over what you were eating. This way you can eat well, enjoy yourself, and let the scale take care of itself! Carry on!

Lori said...

I am so glad you are better and that your feet are still pain free. You have really had a hard time lately. It is good that you can reframe such a bad situation in to a gift. That does bring peace.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo, Lyn! :D Praising God for His mercies! Deb

16 blessings'mom said...

This post just plain makes me happy. You can't go wrong practicing thankfulness! I am very glad to hear you are experiencing peace in your life, and are feeling good. And having those pants get loose: bonus!!!


MargieAnne said...

Size 14 v size 16 .... I had a similar problem in Hawaii. I'm annoyed with myself for buying 16s by summer here they will be falling off. I could even have been daring enough to buy 12s and hoping to fit them in 6 months. Too bad I can't change them. Must mean another trip is in the offing. I wish!

So happy your feet are pain free and the joy you are experiencing as a result.


Kaki said...

When I am in a crappy mood, reviewing what I'm grateful for always helps me. I have so many great things in my life, and the size of my pants don't diminish those!