Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Days

Before my last trip, I bought my daughter a new, pink scooter and matching bike helmet. This turned out to be an *awesome* way to help me stay active. She just loves her new scooter and every day she asks me to take a walk with her so she can scooter along! It's great for both of us, and we take it on trips with us so we can take walks and scooter around the neighborhoods surrounding the hotels. I am so happy I made this purchase! We both enjoy it immensely. I hope to eventually get myself back on roller blades so we can go faster and farther.

Also, we've been swimming a couple days a week and yesterday I had some distinct, plantar-fasciitis-like heel pain after our swim. I do wear supportive footwear all the way to the pool, but shoes aren't allowed in the water so I was barefoot on concrete. I did ice my feet when I got home and babied them today while still getting my walking in, and thankfully, the pain has gone away. Scared me for a minute there!

I do wonder what I weigh, but at this point it is not worth it to me to play mind games with the scale. I weigh what I weigh, regardless of whether I know a specific number. I am sure I am not gaining because of the way my clothes fit. Eventually, when I feel the need to know, I will weigh, although I have been thinking about taking some measurements and comparing them to my last set of measurements.

I hope you're enjoying your summer too!


MargieAnne said...

So nice to have fun with your daughter. Many mothers ... and fathers, think they are far too busy to take this time. You are building wonderful memories.

It's wonderful your feet have responded to treatment. Long may it last.


timothy said...

I say measure away celebrate those non-scale victories!

Anonymous said...

I am very happy to see you not freaking out about the scale anymore. Even if you are still losing 1-2 pounds a month, you are happier and healthier AND you will get to your goal in time. :o)

Lori said...

I love summer too.

I'm glad you got the pf under control immediately. I'm sure that was scary.

Heather said...

Does your pool allow water shoes? I have a pair that are like sneakers that I use to take and teach water aerobics after three knee and two foot surgeries, and they make all the difference! They're from Speedo and I got them on Amazon. If you explain the medical need, they shouldn't have a problem with it!

Lyn said...


not sure, but I can ask! They have a sign up for no shoes, and I haven't seen any water shoes there but would be willing to wear them if they'll let me. Thanks for the idea!