Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I got that second shot in my other foot today and it hurt like heck. It was worse than the first shot, and my heel did not feel improved right away like the first one did. I have been sitting at home with my feet on ice, hoping and crossing my fingers for a good result. I should know for sure by this weekend.

Before I went to the podiatrist, I went shopping for a swimsuit. We will be doing some swimming this weekend and then once or twice a week over the summer, and my old suit was showing signs of fabric wear. So I popped in to JC Penney to try on a few. I was feeling a bit unsure of myself; what size am I now? My body has shifted fat to places it didn't use to be when I was this weight before; it seems all the regain went to the belly and thighs. It was in the waist, too, but that seems to have come back off. I wasn't sure, but I thought I would have to go back to the "plus size" section upstairs where I used to shop so long ago.

I started out in the regular section, though, unsure how high the sizes would go. When I saw they went all the way up to size 18, I was pretty sure I could find something that fit without going upstairs to the 18W - 28W section. I wear size 16 jeans and they are loose, so I took four size 16 swimsuits and two size 18's into the dressing room. Well. Let me tell you. There was NO WAY I was going to yank those 16's up over these thighs. I got them halfway up and started muttering and took them back off. Maybe I *could* have stuffed my way into them but not without risk of busting a seam, so off they went. Next I tried on the 18's, which fit *perfectly* over the thighs and hips. They were a teeny bit loose in the waist area but that's okay. When I looked in the mirror, I was not horrified like I thought I might be. Yes, my legs are big. They are large in proportion to the rest of my body. But the suits were still flattering enough, with a decent cut and good coverage. I will have lots of fun swimming this summer in the one I chose! At least until it gets too baggy.

Here's hoping to less pain tomorrow.


that TOPS lady said...

ouch...shot in the foot sounds so painful! I've been offline for a long time but have the internet at home again now. I look forward to reading your blog again. :) Yay you for getting a swimsuit...wear it proudly. Best wishes!

LHA said...

I would anticipate the foot pain will calm down and the shot will be effective. My daughter gets shots for PF and the first day, or even two, is usually painful but then the shot seems to take effect and work perfectly. Good luck! Great news on the swimsuit too. That's terrific that you will enjoy swimming with your kids this summer. Wear your new suit with pride, because you worked hard to get to this point.

Jac said...

LYN!!! This is EXACTLY what I needed to read this morning. I know you weren't gunning for the "super-motivational wear-your-swimsuit-anyway" type of message, but that's exactly what it did for me. My thighs are SO disproportionate to the rest of my body and it makes me so self-conscious. But THIS is the summer I'm going to pretend I don't care. It's too hot to not enjoy the water just because I don't like the shape of my thighs! Thanks, Lyn!!
(P.S. Have you considered a tankini so you can get a different size on the top than on the bottom? I like mine because the top overlaps the top of the bottoms by a good 4", so no tummy-revealing when I lift my arms.)

Anonymous said...

Swimsuit sizes are wacked anyway. I wear M sized shirts, 6 or 8 jeans, 32E/F bra. But for a bathing suit (I get the 2 piece tankinis with the skirt), 14+ on top and 10-12 on the bottom.

Sunnydaze said...

Congrats to you for finding a swimsuit that you are satisfied with, that is a hard thing to do. I hope this shot kicks in soon and gives you some relief.

i should be full said...

I find bathing suits to be totally bizarre in how they are sized. I generally wear a medium/size 6 in clothes and yet I need a large/extra-large or size 12 in a bathing suit. It makes very little sense to me. Of course, the only thing that matters is that you found one that you like and feel good in. Happy swimming!

Lori said...

I am quite impressed that you went swimsuit shopping and didn't wind up in a funk. That is a hard thing to do when our bodies are in tip top shape.

I'm hoping for a pain free day for you today too. I am hoping it is the first of a long string of pain free days.

Lyn said...

Thank you everyone! I feel in a very good mood today and am excited to get that suit on and swim!


Your comment made me smile. I am so glad you got that from my post! And yes, DO enjoy the swimming, it is one of life's little pleasures :)Pretending you don't care eventually morphs into truly not being self conscious of what anyone thinks. Besides, they are all too busy worrying about how THEY look, even if they are a size 2!

Re: tankinis... I did look at them. They are super cute! But the last time I had a tankini top and shorts bottom I weighed a lot more, and what I hated was that the top would sort of float up in the water and show my belly.

The bathing suit sizing comments are encouraging! Hopefully I will be in size 14 pants soon.

timothy said...

sendin healin prayers your way hon and congrats on finding a suit you like I know that's not easy! you're gonna have a great summer and swimming is great non-impact exercise!

Anonymous said...

I agree with what has been said already..swimsuit sizes are whacked!
I'm a 6 in pants, and my size 10 suit is a little snug.

CatherineMarie said...

Swimsuits are strange! No questions in that... There was an interesting thing that happened on Twitter...speaking of body image. It was #photoshopthis

If you go on twitter, and search that hashtag, you will see a whole bunch of people of all different sizes, shapes, etc. It was quite moving.

Maybe it is time to put up some new pics of yourself!

I hope you feel better soon.

Kaki said...

Swimming is so much fun... I find that I am the only one that cares what I look like in a swim suit. No one else even notices my bulges and rolls. I try to focus on having fun. I love the water, and I'm determined not to let my insecurities put a damper on my splashing!

Anonymous said...

The only person who looks great in a bathing suit is a phot0shopped model so...put on a comfortable suit and jump in and enjoy!! :) Gotta say "I don't give a damn about what anyone else in the world thinks" That's girlpower!