Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I haven't gotten on the scale in forever. Actually, I think the last time I weighed was June 1: 208 pounds. Every morning I think about getting on the scale, and every morning I avoid it. I don't *think* I have gained any weight... my clothes fit the same and I feel good. I am just having an aversion to knowing, right now, I guess. It feels like I am eating a lot more food on this new plan the Medifast dietitians gave me. It is very satisfying and filling. I love being able to eat fruit and more vegetables and not worry about counting condiments, too. I've been walking every day, twice a day, and doing some swimming and biking as well. So part of me in the back of my mind thinks: yay! The pounds *must* be just MELTING off! I am so much more active now, not sitting most of the day and my calorie intake has gone up enough, I believe, to heal any issues with my metabolism yet it is still low enough for weight loss. I think things like, "oh, I will get on the scale! I bet I weigh 199 by now!" But then I remember how frustrated I got last time I was trying to get below 200 because the pounds just slipped by soooo slowly. And I think to myself that if I get on the scale and see 208 again or 206 or worse yet, 210, I will flip. I don't want to set myself up for disappointment. So I have stayed off. I guess I am waiting for my pants to be falling off me or something so I *know* I have lost a significant amount of weight. I guess it doesn't really matter, as long as I am doing the right things. If enough time passes and I am still fitting in the same pants, I'll know something's up, I will have to weigh and reassess at that point. But for now I feel very good, my energy is better and I am happier, so I will go with that.

We're leaving tomorrow on our little trip for 4 days. I am bringing plenty of Medifast shakes, bars, cereal, smoothies, hot cocoa, and oatmeal. I am also bringing my water bottle and a cooler full of produce. Can't wait!


timothy said...

have a great time darling and YEAH! to the increased activity sound like you finally got a handle on it!

Lori said...

You've got to do what works for you. The scales can be such an inaccurate measure of success, that sometimes it is best to avoid them. It sounds like you are doing everything right and soon enough those pants will be falling off of you!

Have a great trip.

Elaine said...

Weren't you avoiding the scales when you gained all this weight back the last time? You said while you were avoiding that you felt great and that you were going to take your cue from your clothes.

I dunno, only you can figure out what to do, but this looks like a plan of action that only hurt you before.

Joanne said...

New to the blog. I don't know if you have heard of it or not but I found you via Mama L's fit club on fb.
I was asking about Medifast and a lady suggested I read your blog.
Anything you could share with me would be helpful.
Do you think it works? Do you think once your done you will regain all the weight? I have about 100lbs to lose :( but I feel like I need a jumpstart and I have read alot of stuff on Medifast but it seems to be really good or really bad.
Anyway...going to check out more of your blog.

Chanelle Felder said...

Hi Lyn,

I hate to sound redundant, but this quote really... made me think: "my calorie intake has gone up enough, I believe, to heal any issues with my metabolism yet it is still low enough for weight loss."

Like I, and some others, have said in some of your older posts, from my studies/what I know about nutrition and exercise, I can tell you that REAL metabolic healing comes with a higher caloric intake than where you are now, and also with a weight-gain period, and also, cannot happen in tandem with weight loss. I think of it almost as trying to heal an anorexic person: If they are eating 500 calories a day, and they enter a rehab program that puts them on 1,500 cals a day, even initially, that is a 300% increase in their calories! Now, I am not saying you need to increase your calories by 300%, but I truly believe that a significant percentage raise in your calories would definitely stimulate your metabolism (barring any medical issues directly affecting your metabolism). So while 1,500 cals is below normal for what the average woman should eat (standard range is somewhere between 1,500-2,500 depending on height, weight, muscle mass, activity level, age, etc.), for an recovering anorexic, that level seems like an impossible amount of food! And for an anorexic person to only slightly increase from 500 cals/day to 800 cals/day and say "my calorie intake has gone up enough, I believe, to heal any issues with my metabolism yet it is still low enough for weight loss", would sound crazy to those of us who don't suffer from the disease! And when it comes to healing your metabolism, you need to feed yourself in a way that your body knows that food is available and not being restricted; so of course there will be a period of weight gain that will suck, but then, as your body gets used to the nutrition and starts balancing itself out, then the weight loss will come and the food can be used as fuel and fat metabolism can resume (not just water weight los, but actual fat loss)--with proper exercise like weight training and some cardio.

Now, before I proceed, let me strongly reiterate that I am not judging your choices in eating plans that YOU feel will result in weight loss, since you know your body best, but I will say, as I have said before, that I just don't think you are emotionally or mentally ready to take in the amount of food yet, which is evidenced by your very own self-awareness that if you were to get to 210lbs, you would be very upset. AND THAT'S OK if this is the plan that you want to be on. But I do hope that you continue to do the emotional work that you do to address whatever is keeping you where you are, because I honestly don't know how you haven't given up on this yet! You are incredibly strong, Lyn.

Of course I am rambling AGAIN, but I say all this to say that IF you don't have a medical issue that directly affects your metabolism, I really hope one day that you will look more into weight training and focus a little less on strenuous cardio because weight lifting, for women, is truly the fountain of youth; stronger bones, more muscle mass which burns fat and streamlines the body, greater allowance of (clean) foods you can eat, more energy... all that good stuff :)

I know right now that you are using Medifast for a specific purpose, and I DO remember your stint at the gym where you were weight training (which I loved for you!) but I really do hope Medifast helps you get where you want to be, but at some point, I hope you can break away from (what I believe to be) a semi-fasted state and give weight training and a much higher caloric intake a try so that you can put on some muscle mass and really boost that metabolism.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you can stand not knowing! I would want to know so I could adjust my plan if I wasn't losing weight. But that's just me. There is a fine line between obsessing over the scale and denial.

For the sake of your knees especially I hope you don't put off losing weight (if you're not) too long. I'm glad you're happy with this new plan, though.

Have fun on your trip!

LHA said...

Weighing when you are very fragile concerning weight loss can be dangerous. I think that is a great decision to delay it for now, keep doing what feels right and good to you, and keep on this great healthy track you are on. Enjoy your trip!

Lyn said...

Thank you all for the comments! I am sooo tired after a long and wonderful day of walking, exploring, and driving. We are having a great time :)

As for the scales, I am totally in agreement that avoiding the scale when one is eating off plan or out of control is a bad, bad idea. I am working the plan Medifast gave me and have faith in that, and want to give it a good run (at least a month or two) to let it work or not.


I agree with you. I really do hope and plan to be at a higher calorie and activity level over time. My thoughts are that I need to increase calories gradually as I increase the activity; right now I am walking 2-3 miles a day and doing some other things like biking and swimming, and as I increase activity I *hope* I will keep losing weight. Strength training is also important... I am just doing my PT exercises right now though.

My thought is that I need to take full advantage of this window of time (however long it is) while the cortisone shots are working to get as much weight as I can off, so that perhaps this will help my feet to heal permanently.

I saw my doctor recently and he did the usual metabolic and thyroid function lab work, and when I get home I should have some results on that. He wants me on Medifast, still, so I am glad for that support.

I'll update more when I get home!

safire said...

I avoided the scale for a few months only to jump on it two weeks ago. It's a slight gain but I am in the midst of reversing it. I think any long scale break always makes me nervous getting on it at first. I think biting the bullet and taking the first step is something that's hard but necessary to face the music.

Good luck with everything.

Kaki said...

I like to weigh every 2 or 3 weeks...I don't like the weekly thing because there's too much variability. Lately, I knew that I had gained because my pants were tighter...Sure enough, 3+ on the scale :(

CatherineMarie said...

I think staying off the scale for another month, as long as your pants and such fit, and you are able to do more activity, is a good thing.

I am glad you were able to modify Medifast, at least, to get in more fruit and veg.

Karen said...

Your body keeps perfect track, scale or no scale.