Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1 Weigh In

I had a long, busy day and didn't have time to blog until now... after 9 pm. But I did weigh in this morning, a day earlier than my usual Sunday weigh-in, because it's a new month. This morning I weighed 208 pounds. If that seems like a familiar number, it is; I weighed 208 on May 1 also. However, I weighed 211 last Sunday so that is a 3 pound loss this week! That's huge! I am very happy with that and am glad to be back at my lowest weight of this year.

Today my daughter and I went to the farmer's market. We picked up sweet spring onions, strawberries, sweet red cherries, snow peas, and fresh mint. I have never used fresh mint for anything before, so if you have any ideas for me please leave a comment! I have read that it is nice and refreshing to crush the leaves in a pitcher of ice water, so I will try that, but also would like to find ways to incorporate the mint leaves in my food as well.

I still have some greens, cabbage, broccoli and cucumbers in the fridge to eat, and I need to wash and prep the produce tomorrow morning. Today I ate lots of good stuff: fresh strawberries, nonfat Greek yogurt, steamed cabbage, and leftover pan fried fish over a salad. I also had a couple of Medifast shakes... one with Amazing Grass added.

My plantar fasciitis is almost unbearable lately. Today I forced myself to walk one of the dogs about 1/2 mile, thinking it might be good to loosen up the feet and legs a little after some stretching, but wow, I was limping from that. We also walked a little at the market and at the park in the afternoon, but I am sure my total walk time was under a mile today. I am in a lot of pain from that! I took Aleve but it didn't help at all.

Other than the foot pain, I feel pretty good! The weather is so nice and sunny. The food is fresh and tasty.

That's all for now.


Sue said...

MInt is great in thai salads--combine with lettuce, basil, lean protein; lime juice in the dressing.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats on the big loss this week. I think this new plan is just what you needed to get your metabolism revved back up for losses. Your dedication to your health inspires me. I have taken 3 years to lose 44 pounds and have another 21 to go. BUT IT IS STAYING OFF just like yours is. Thank you for writing.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your weight loss. Hope your foot problems get resolved soon. I had plantar fasciitis so badly that I finally had to have orthotics made for my feet. But if you look around you may be able to find some that support your arches well and fit in your tennis shoes; such as Dr Scholls. Wish I knew that before I spent the money. I only had to wear them for a month or two, then inter-
mittently after that.

Anonymous said...

Slow & steady wins the race!! You're an inspiration to us all!! I'm sorry about your feet. Foot problems are so frustrating and painful. I have bones spurs and tight calves. It's most unbearable in the morning. Hang in there! I hope you and your daughter are able to swim a lot soon!

joyce said...

I put fresh lemon and lime slices in a pitcher of water with a sprig or two of mint in the refrigerator. On a hot day...this is so refreshing. I grow the mint in my yard. I've been reading your blog for years and you are very inspiring. Have a great day

Leslie said...

Nice going Lyn!!! Nothing inspires me to stay the course like a nice loss over a week. Summer is so good for the healthiest and most delicious produce!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! :D That 3 pounds is HUGE. There have been months when you didn't lose that much. It sounds like you've hit on the right plan and have been rewarded for sticking to it! :D


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog last week and it has been a life saver! Almost everytime I make a new Medi-fast meal I consult your site and see what your suggestions and advice are. You are doing so good and I hope you continue the great work!

Ginger Scalone said...

hi Lyn, I'm new to your blog but love it already. I too am suffering from obesity and plantar fasciitis. I don't know if you have seen a specialist yet but if not, it's worth it. they will tape your foot, have you apply ice twice a day, start Nsaids, and stay off your foot as much as possible for at least a month. Dr says if you don't get paid for it, don't do it. he also prescribed special orthotics and said never, never walk barefoot. mine got better but I have to walk for my job so it is not gone yet. I'm sure weight loss will help. hope you feel better soon. thanks for the blog. Ginger

Erin Beth said...

Mint is very good in fruit salad - I made one today for a baby shower with strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, tossed with a little honey mixed with lemon juice and shredded fresh mint. There was none left!

Lyn said...

Thanks for the nice comments :)

Great ideas for the mint guys! That fruit salad sounds amazing. I think I will try it with stevia drops in place of the honey.


thanks :) I was thinking the same thing!