Monday, June 3, 2013

I Promise

This morning I woke up refreshed, got my daughter off to school, and came home ready to get lots done! The weather is perfect for a nice walk with the dogs and some good old fashioned house cleaning, so after a Medifast shake I got started on the chores. I was in one of those moods where everything feels right and you just want to keep moving. It was awesome! I worked in the yard for ten minutes, played with the dogs a bit, came inside and folded laundry and washed dishes. Then I started on some other tasks, humming along and feeling super productive. But ten minutes later, I was sidelined by this darned foot pain. The aching and burning was bad enough that I had to sit, even though I wanted to keep working. I was done with walking for the day and it wasn't even 10 am yet.

As I sat in my recliner trying to find some tasks online and paperwork to do while sitting so I could feel productive, I got so frustrated. Here it is, a gorgeous day. Here I am with a big energy boost... enough that I felt like walking the dogs a couple of miles, vacuuming and mopping the whole house, and tackling some garage decluttering... but instead, I had to sit. It feels like such a waste.

I see the "last hope" podiatrist (a new one I have not seen before) on Wednesday and I promise right here and now that if he can help me and if I EVER get this ridiculous plantar fasciitis under control, I will NEVER take walking for granted again. I will walk in the morning, I will walk in the evening after dinner. I will clean and garden and be productive and not waste the gift of healthy feet. I cringe to think of the years I wasted sitting on the couch all day BECAUSE I was morbidly obese and didn't "feel like" doing anything... when my feet were perfectly fine and I could have done more. Yes I had knee arthritis... still do. But the pain of arthritis is *nothing* compared to this aching, burning, stabbing, debilitating pain I have now. It has just gotten worse over time. I just want it to stop. I pray this doctor can help me and get me literally back on my feet again.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't you have spent some of your excess energy doing weight work while seated? That way you would know you were being productive and proactive in terms of your health even if you couldn't be on your feet.

Also, I imagine the outdoor pool you have access to must be open by now. Perhaps you can swim until your feet heal?

Anonymous said...

I feel for you. I had PF for 13 months. No typical treatments gave relief. My doctor finally casted both feet at 90 degrees for 6 weeks. I was in a wheelchair but it was worth it when the casts came off and the pain was gone. Good luck with the new doctor.

timothy said...

did the acupuncture quit helpin hon? I was hopin you were getting it under control..........sendin prayers your way! xoxoxoxo

Lyn said...


Yes, I will be swimming once or twice a week over the summer. The pool is about 30 minutes from my home so it's not a daily thing, but I am looking forward to it. I do have hand weights in the living room and have been doing triceps, biceps and shoulder work for about 5 minutes a day, but my frustration is that this pain is keeping me from being truly active in the way I used to be... doing things I love and enjoy and that need to be done around the house. Daily life... efficient use of time. And lack of pain.

Anonymous 2~

yikes! I hope it doesn't come to that, but I would do about anything right now. I am so glad you got relief. That gives me hope.


yeah, it stopped helping and the acupuncturist and I both felt it would not benefit me to continue. So sad... I thought that was going to work.

coopsmom said...

Have you tried the Orthaheel shoes for PF? I had it pretty bad in one foot for over a year, and I live in them now. From the flip-flops, slippers, walking shoes and, sandals. I don't wear anything else, and my foot has healed up completely. I know if I go a few days without them, the pain starts creeping back. Just a thought. Good luck, I know how horrible it can be! Zappos is the best because of their free returns and free shipping (I promise I don't have stock in the company :) and I order one size smaller and they fit perfect!

Karen said...


The amazing grass product has a lot of ingredients. Some that are known to cross react with those who are gluten sensitive. Did your foot pain get worse when you started the amazing grass? I know barley is gluten free , but I still get a gluten exposure response if I have even just a little bit. For that reason, I avoid all grains.

Barbara said...

Have you ever had your Vitamin D levels checked. I had bone pain as well and my doctor just ran this test and I came in at 11 ng/ml where as 50 ng/ml is the target. Bone pain is a symptom of this deficiency..

Sunnydaze said...

I hope you are able to get some relief soon. I feel for you. I had PF in the past but when I lost weight and bought new shoes, thankfully, it went away. Hope yours does too.

Lyn said...


yes, I have one pair of Orthaheels (the Relax Slippers). Those were one of the first things I bought when I got PF. I do like them, and wore them in the house all the time and Brooks shoes I had fitted for my feet for outside. I might need custom orthotics, I dunno. Zappos IS good though aren't they??


oh, that is interesting! I had read up on it because it is barley based and like you said, it says "gluten free" so I just assumed it was fine. I don't drink it every day but I had it yesterday and the pain was about the worst it has been. I was almost crawling! Maybe it is making it worse. I will cut it out for a few days and see. Thanks!


I had it done 3 years ago and it was 22. I will ask the new Dr if I should have it re-checked. I often wonder if they are missing something and I have some other thing going on besides the PF.


thank you. I'm glad it went away for you! I hope the weight loss will help me too :)

Karen said...

Try 1 month. 2 weeks for gut to heal, 2 weeks to let your system reset. Goes for the gluten in medifast ,too

Gluten sensitivity requires strict measures. If you still choose gluten during binges, it's a double whammy. This stuff is life long - both gluten and binging. Pays to work into remission in both areas with the right help.

Human In Progress said...

Hi Lyn,

5 minutes of upper body work each day is better than 0 minutes, but I don't understand why you sound disinterested in doing more than that, especially when your arms are a problem area you've spoken about frequently in the past and when PF has you off your feet much of the time. There are lots of exercises you can do for your upper body, core, and even your legs (old fashioned leg lifts burn if you do them long enough or slowly enough!) without putting any weight on your feet and without leaving home. I've done some Pilates DVDs that keep me off my feet and ankles (ankles being my personal problem) while providing a seriously challenging, if slow-paced, workout.

Wouldn't doing everything you can in this area make you feel like you are more in control of your life and your weight loss progress than the PF?

Lori said...

I pray that you get the help you need this time. It seemed so much like the accupuncture helped. I am sorry that it didn't.

Lyn said...

Human In Progress~

Yes, you're right, I could be doing more strength training... and I am hoping to work up to more of the arm stuff, mainly because like you said, they have been a problem area. But honestly I am sort of disillusioned with strength training... maybe frustrated, because I put *so much* focus on that this past winter when I joined those gyms and went religiously. I put everything into it, did not skip a day even if I felt like staying home, and the 45 minute sessions were *hard* but I stuck with it. And I feel like I got no results from that. I am sure there was improvement somewhere... there had to be, right? But I did not really feel much stronger, and it didn't boost my weight loss at all. I felt like it was too little benefit for a lot of effort (a lot for *me*... I know some people work out for hours, but I am never going to be that person. For me, 45 min strength training and 30-60 min swimming was a big investment of my time, energy and effort, and I expected more from that investment).

And really, I think this foot thing is starting to get depressing. Yes, I could have strength trained and stretched when I sat down there, but then it is 11 am and I am done with that but still stuck in a chair for the next 12 hours until bedtime (except for, you know, just getting up to do little things for maybe 5 minutes, going to get my daughter from school or feed the dogs or whatever). This is just not the life I imagined for myself, especially being 70 pounds lighter.

I hate feeling like such a whiner but I am struggling to feel hopeful right now.

Thank you for the comments and suggestion.

Human In Progress said...

I see...I didn't know that you were disappointed in the results of last winter's strength training. It can be very frustrating when we do something and hope it'll help us lose weight, and then the scale doesn't budge. But as I'm sure you already know, strength training is important to do especially as a person ages, since as you age you lose muscle mass and that in turn affects metabolism. Plus it helps with glucose control and depression, among other things. I am not saying you are clinically depressed, but if the PF has got you down, some exercise-induced endorphins couldn't hurt. ;)

Maybe you didn't feel super strong or lose weight during those months of training, but what you did last winter was great for your health and if continued, for your quality of life. I'm not one to spend hours exercising either, and really don't prefer gyms. What if you made it less of a hassle by doing a simpler (not 45 minutes long) routine at home? You might stick with it longer if it's not such an intrusion into your day, and it's probably better to do something moderate over the long haul than something impressive for a few months and then stop altogether.

Actually, it sounds like that's where you're headed with the five minute routine...something you can do at home over the long haul, and build upon. Best wishes.

Lyn said...

Human in Progress~

yes, you're right, it would benefit me even if it isn't a weight loss boost. I am just in a cranky mood this morning over the pain. Maybe if this new Dr can help me, or even give me a bit of relief, things will look better to me in a few days. I hope!

Lyn said...

...(well, maybe not so much cranky as pessimistic).

Karin said...

Barley is NOT gluten free. I hope you feel better soon. Chronic pain is so depressing.

Lyn said...


true, but Amazing Grass does not have grain barley in it. It has barley grass (the sprout) and this is what the company says: ”Yes, Amazing Grass products are gluten free. Our cereal grasses are harvested prior to jointing, before the grain forms and any gluten is present. We test for gluten and our products are enjoyed by people worldwide with gluten free diets including celiac disease.”

So that's what I was going on. I suspect Karen meant to say barley grass is gf because you're right, barley in grain form is not.

Kaki said...

So sorry your feet are still bothering you. I suffered with it, too, and none of the traditional stuff worked. The only thing that ever made it feel better was when the podiatrist would tape it up in a certain position...He tried to show me how to do it myself, but I could never get it quite right. I hope you have better luck! Hang in there!

Arge said...

have you looked botox for foot pain?

Lyn said...


no! Never heard of that but I just Googled it, very interesting, thanks! I will see if the doctor knows about it tomorrow.

Kristine said...

There is one more thing that comes to mind and that is fish oil. Fish oil has been known to help with chronic inflammation. A lot of people dont really know that it helps inflammation, they just know that its good for you.
I am currently on Barleans liquid Fish oil and take 2 tsp a day. I was diagnosed with Trigeminal/Occipital Neuralgia, but a mild form. I take 6 grams of Solgar Vitamin C a day to help this, and while it does help relieve the pain, it never takes it away. I set out in search of something else. My neurological chiropractor recommended Omega 3 fish oil once but I kinda just said uhuh. Remembering this, I went to Amazon and started reading reviews of Fish Oil products and I was blown away. You should do the same. People with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis whose pain went from a 12 to a 0. It does take 10 to 30 days to feel a difference but it may be worth a shot for you.

Anonymous said...

I struggled with chronic pain for years and years too. After losing two yrs to horrible meds that put me in a coma , I finally gave in and started a program of good old fashioned narco and soma. Yes it took a while to give up my morning rush of energy to the effects of these pills, but in tears I realized one morning that the choice was sitting in a chair crippled, using canes to get to the bathroom, or the pain meds, with their subtle effects and horrible stigma from family and friends. I now have much more ability to get around , do basic activities and not need a caregiver to help me daily. Yes , I've been branded a drug addict, a bum , but it's an easy trade for mobility and relief. The ability to simply do laundry is a huge thing once it's been taken from you. My point is, don't write off the simpler , more maligned pain meds so many demonize these days. Every month I clean out 4 - 7 days so I never have to move on to stronger relief. Keep this in mind as you go about your care plan, from a happy pain management patient.

Lyn said...


how many mg of fish oil did he recommend? I am currently taking 1000, but have been thinking about upping the dose.


I don't know anything about those meds, but I am very glad you found something that is working for you. I totally understand the desperation and willingness to take on side effects etc just to be able to function. I just want to be able to do basic things. I am not ruling anything out... whatever they tell me to do, I am ready to do it.

Chanelle Felder said...

Hey Lyn,

I was reading your comments and since nutrition and exercise are my life (like.. I spend my leisure time reading and learning about it haha), I had to chime in on the comment about your past with weight training.
I don't remember exactly how much you were eating back then (I recall you upped your calories slightly), but I have to let you know that, due to all the research I have done in the dietetics major and the results I have seen with people in real life, the reason (or at least part of the reason) why you didn't see results from your weight training is because you were absolutely not eating enough. Of course other factors like the style of weight training and how heavy you were lifting is another thing, but the biggest factor at play were your calories. I believe that at that point, and still at this point in your journey, you rely heavily on the scale for your feedback, so that plays into why you weren't/aren't ready to break away from medifast and eat the amount required for considerable muscle gain.
I say all this because, when I finally get my GH deficiency straightened out, I am going to begin training for a Bikini Competition and I hope one day to get ISSA cert for personal training, so I know that you had great intentions and was doing a great service to your body by lifting, but it is not possible to be eating so little and be expecting to put on enough muscle to really raise your metabolism. And it's totally ok that you have chosen this route for yourself with Medifast because it's your body and your decision, but I have read too many studies, articles, publications, journals, etc. that state that when you lift for the goal of gaining muscle, you WILL and MUST gain weight, size, and some fat initially. This is why body builders go through a "bulking" and "cutting" phase. Anyway, I am rambling as I always do, but I just had to make it known that when you are truly ready to do away with the scale, transition off medifast and do what is required for muscle gain, it will be very weird knowing that you are eating so much and exercising in a way that many women are told isn't "right" for them or women in general, but you should (barring any medical contraindications) see changes in your body that you won't need a scale to see, and won't even care what the scale says, because at that point, you won't just be relying on low calories to get you to a certain number, but a significant amount of food to feed muscle growth, and exercise to grow muscles and create a metabolism that supports fat loss and not just emptying of the glycogen stores in various parts of the body.

Lyn said...


wow, very thought provoking comment, thank you. You always give me good insights and information to think about. I appreciate it and respect what you think and always consider what you have to say because you have been so helpful and supportive! You are probably right about the calories and I hadn't thought about that. If I recall correctly, for about half the time I was strength training I was on Medifast (900-1000 cal/day) and then for the other half I switched to low carb calorie counting and was ranging from 1200-1350 cal/day. Not that much for all the activity.

Your goals are amazing!! I have no doubt you'll get there and I hope you hang around and share your successes and experiences with me. You can email me anytime. I'd love to stay in touch :)

Chanelle Felder said...

Thanks Lyn! And you are welcome! I really DO try to put a lot of thought into what I say, and I also try to observe trends and make informed judgements. I fell into the bodybuilding mindset years ago and I went from a non-exerciser (I was a dancer and cheerleader and only did the bare minimum of exercise for that) to lifting heavy and I am just now trying to work around my on health issues to make some dreams a reality, and that will involve eating TONS of clean foods and sculpting a more muscular body. But basically, we have two completely different mindsets about what it means to "lose weight" and "get in shape" and from an autonomous standpoint, our choices of approach is what makes the world go round! But I would be lying if I said I hope you stay on Medifast... BUT as someone with a chronic illness, I am keenly aware that you are basically working from a life/death perspective and I know that in cases like this, my opinion about what you should be eating doesn't matter because it is a means to an end and you feel that it will keep you from being the mother you need to be and the woman you need to be (and to heal those feet). So I get that so so well :) So I really hope that, in your own time, you will get back to lifting and your health allows you to experience a completely new world of eating and exercise, but again, I know that that lifestyle can be hard on a body that is not healed 100% (hence why I can't even start my training yet!). I get it Lyn. Keep up with your new plan, and I appreciate that you appreciate what I have to say!


Chanelle Felder said...

And! I intend to read and comment for as long as you write! You are one f the few blogs I follow religiously and I only wish I could contribute more! It's been rough with my health because I am 23 and still am not done with my degree, but once I have full credentials, I would feel a lot better about making certain recommendations about diet and exercise. As of now I can only offer anecdotal advice (without getting sued haha!).. but anyway, I really love sharing with openminded people and with all you have been through you certainly are willing to go the distance for your health, and I can sympathize with and respect that!


Lyn said...


thanks, you really do seem to understand. It's hard sometimes to muddle through all the medical advice I get because it is conflicting. I sort through it and try to figure it out, but right now bottom line is like you said... means to an end. Health and weight are so linked for me right now. Once I get to a certain point, they meld into one goal. But at this weight it is affecting me soooo much that it has become my priority and I make different choices based on that fact. I do hope I can get some more weight back off and then focus more on *health* without weight being my #1.

You are going to help a lot of people in your career! So excited for you :)

Kristine said...

For chronic inflammation you need to take 1000mg 3x a day. Liquid is best for this since you would need to take tons of pills to get that much.
You also need to be sure you are taking a high quality fish oil. You should feel a difference when you take it, if you dont then get a good quality one.