Thursday, June 20, 2013

Food and Exercise

Time to write a little about my food and exercise. Lately, I have just been throwing things together for dinner. Last night I sauteed cabbage, onions, and garlic with a bit of leftover steak with some Egg Beaters scrambled in. Tonight, I chopped a whole zucchini with some fresh garlic and tossed it with light ricotta, Egg Beaters, light turkey sausage, and a bit of light cheddar. I seasoned it with oregano and black pepper and baked it. It was good! Instead of poring over recipes and wondering what I should make, I've just been opening the fridge and throwing whatever veggies and protein I have in a pan and cooking it. Simpler, and I am more likely to use things up in a timely manner. I eat nonfat Greek yogurt a lot, too, with some flavored fish oil and berries and ground flax mixed in. I feel good.

Tomorrow I am going to the farmer's market again and hope to pick up some more onions, celery, carrots, free range beef, maybe a chicken if the price is right, and berries. My neighbor brought over a huge bag of salad greens that she grew in her garden today, so I will wash and prep those tomorrow as well. I need to hit the grocery store for some things that aren't yet in season or aren't locally grown, like avocados, mushrooms, apples, and tomatoes. I'll be putting together a nice beef stew of sorts for dinner tomorrow using the fresh veggies, onions, garlic and beef I buy at the market. I plan to steam some baby potatoes on the side for the kids to add to theirs.

My feet feel great and I am enjoying more activity (two walks a day, 1 to 1.5 miles each), but I am just now realizing how very out of shape I have become over the past year. Walking a mile is a pleasure... something I have longed for... but is also very tiring for me. I find my back and legs aching from the walks because I have not used those muscles enough in the past year, and I also get out of breath pretty quickly. But it won't be long before I am back to a better fitness level and can feel more energized from the walking. For now, I just do it and smile the whole time just because I am walking without pain! I literally smile and enjoy every breath of fresh air and the feel of the ground under me as I walk. I love it. I will never take it for granted again.

I am also able to keep up with the housework much more easily. It is very hard to mop and vacuum with painful feet! I had some email correspondence with a nice lady who was actually confined to a wheelchair for a couple of months due to plantar fasciitis, and for awhile I thought that's where I might be headed, too. So I am extremely thankful that this cortisone therapy is working. Tomorrow I will mop the floor and be very happy to be able to do it without pain! Life is so much better now, and I am so grateful for the relief. 

Time for bed... good night!


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear your feet are feeling fine! :D Praising God for His intervention on your behalf.


Sunnydaze said...

I am so happy for you that you're not only doing your housework pain-free, but walk a couple miles a day. :D I do the same as you with the food - throw together one-pot concoctions from whatever is in the fridge.

16 blessings'mom said...

Very glad to hear you are having some relatively pain-free time, and not taking it for granted! Makes me happy:)