Thursday, June 6, 2013

... And a Chiropractor, Too!

Why not? I've tried everything else, right?

I was not planning to do anything else for my plantar fasciitis for a couple weeks until I see the podiatrist again. The foot that got the shot feels *much* better. I expected to get some relief from the shot, but the really important thing is, will it last? I hope so, because today, my pain in that foot is reduced by 90% and the other foot by about half, maybe just from staying off them and using ice. Time will tell and so will a walk with the dogs tomorrow!

Anyway, I'd been having some back spasms because of all the inactivity and last time I saw my regular doctor he suggested massage and wrote me a referral. I hadn't done anything with it, but then when I picked my massage therapist, I saw they also have a chiropractor in house. So I'd called and asked about that, but they were booked up. Then today out of the blue, they called! "We had a cancellation and if you'd like to see the chiropractor today, be here in 45 minutes." So I did!

I went in and explained to him my two issues: the back pain/muscle spasms and the ongoing plantar fasciitis. I told him I am already in treatment for the feet with a podiatrist, just had a shot, and don't want any kind of Graston or Astym or anything aggressive done to my foot tissue. So he did an assessment on my whole system, checking for alignment, flexibility, and movement in my feet, hips, knees, shoulders, and neck. He did a spine adjustment and a neck adjustment (a lot of cracking) and then did an adjustment with traction to my ankles and feet. He used some kind of tool to do an adjustment to my foot bones also. Then he showed me an exercise to do against a wall to strengthen and loosen my shoulders and back. He said I am very tight all over, consistent with my restricted activity for a year.

I am going back next week for another adjustment and a massage. I feel really good! I don't know if it will help my feet, but I do think it'll help my back. I go back to the podiatrist in 2 weeks for another visit to see how my right foot has done with the shot and possibly to do a shot in the left foot.

That's all for now, just wanted to update on my many medical adventures!


Anonymous said...

Lyn, Considering the fact t;hat you just started treatment with a podiatrist who sounds like he knows what he's doing, I STRONGLY recommend that you have NOTHING done with your feet.

Nothing. Not bones aligned, not ankles adjusted. NOTHING. Unless you first speak with that foot doctor.

You run the risk of queering the podiatrists assessment process. You can't undo the chiropractic intervention that has already been done to your feet, but I would not go back unless the MD approves.

Quite frankly, I'd just wait and talk to him at your next appointment.

As I was reading, and read that you told the chirpractor that you didn't want anything done with your PF, that would mean that he wouldn't do anything with your feet at all. Done now, but please reconsider further tx with him.

I worked on the orthopedic floor of a hospital for 7 years, and I can't tell you the number of timies I've listened as MDs fumed about patients seeking treatment with them and then doing something that set the process back. Chiropractors and internet searches came up often. (That's putting the MDs' rant in extraordinarily mild words.)

I know it's been a long time, but hang in there just a bit longer. The MD's tx has already given some good results.


Lori said...

I've never been to a chiropractor, but I've heard plenty of people swear by them. I can't wait to learn more about your experience. I hope it is a good one.

Kaki said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! I saw a chiropractor for several years, and I think it really helped. Even a brief respite from the p-f is a good one. That pain is so frustrating! Hope it continues to improve.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I am so not for chiropractors :/ but that's based on the fact that one treated me back in Dec. The results ended with me going by ambulance to the E.R. the next morning and finding out that I now have 2 bulging discs. He was treating me for migraines and finished the appointment with a back adjustment (that felt off). Please be careful.

Lyn said...


I see your point. I mainly went for the back stuff, but didn't think there was any harm in him adjusting *without* touching the soft tissue at all in my feet. He only worked on the bones from the top, the toes, and by grasping the ankle for the traction thing. But yeah, one thing at a time would probably be more conservative. I will let him focus on my back next time.

Lori & Kaki~

thanks! My back feels better, my feet feel better than they have in awhile. I am *very* hopeful!


that sounds horrible! I am sure a bad chiro can really mess things up. I will be careful. I have heard both horror stories and miracle stories about chiropractic.

Anonymous said...

I hope your foot heels quickly finally.

Anonymous said...

Since you tried the steroid shot and the chiropractor at basically the same time, if there is improvement how will you know which treatment helped?

I know it's tempting to throw everything at a problem at once, but it clouds the picture. Basic principle of medicine: change one thing at a time.

Lyn said...


I don't really care whether I know which thing helped. I just want the pain gone. Not the most rational approach I guess, but after 15 months of doing one thing at a time and nothing working, I just want to stop hurting. But I would lean towards believing the shot has been beneficial at least in cutting down the pain for now, since my right foot feels soooo much better than my left (which did not get a shot). The adjustment will just help if my pain-altered gait and posture was contributing to the issue.

Anonymous said...

I see. That makes sense now. If only one foot improves, you will know it was from the injection. Good thinking!