Saturday, May 25, 2013

Just Rambling

I am sad about this unrelenting plantar fasciitis. Sometimes, I get kind of angry about it. Lately I've had good energy. I feel motivated to get lots of things done. But after just a half hour of being on my feet many days, I am limping and in extreme pain and have to go sit down for the rest of the day. I am so sick of it. I don't think most people understand what it is like to have chronic, disabling pain on a daily basis for more than a year. It is demoralizing, it starts to become all-encompassing. I spend a lot of time sitting because I *have* to. There are times I literally cannot walk. Yeah, I talk about this on my blog a lot... because it is taking over my *life.* I think about how to cure this pain in my feet more often than I used to think about how to sneak off to McDonald's for a Big Mac meal. And that's saying something...

I am not sure what to do with this thinking/feeling.

If I ever get rid of this pain and am able to walk pain-free, I will never take that for granted again.

In the meantime, I very much appreciate the parts of me that don't hurt! That is one good thing that has come of this. Boy, do I appreciate *not* having a headache! Or having hands that function well... or my vision... my hearing... all the wonderful things that *do* work well. I do not take those little things for granted anymore.

Well, it's Saturday night and I am thinking about weighing in tomorrow morning. I guess I should... I just don't like it anymore. It used to be kind of exciting to weigh every week and see a loss... 1 or 2 pounds a week. Now, I just kind of dread it. But how else will I know if what I am doing is working? Then again, a lot of folks have told me that I ought to just focus on eating well and nourishing my body even if that means weight gain. I am not okay with that, though. I mean, I am okay with the eating well and nourishing part, but not the gaining weight part. We'll see. I guess I will get on the scale.

Thanks for listening.


timothy said...

whoever said gaining weight is healthy is NUTS! it aggravates arthritis and a slew of other physical ills. have you stopped doin the acupuncture? it seemed to be helping so much. just keep at it and you'll get there darlin! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I definitely think you should weigh in Sunday only because of the new plan you are doing. I think it is important to see if your current calorie level is going to cause a loss, a gain, or no change.

I hope your feet improve. I have an incurable autoimmune disease that causes chronic pain so I know too well what you mean. At least there is hope your feet will get better, especially as you lose weight.


Lyn said...


yes, I did five sessions of acupuncture and three of them gave me some relief for a few days afterwards, but the pain always came back. The acupuncturist did not think more treatments would help. I did like the relaxing benefits, but the foot pain is the main focus. Thanks... I hope the new podiatrist will have some insight.


I'm sorry about your chronic pain. I do hope you can find some kind of relief, even if there is no cure. I got great results from meloxicam but can't keep taking it because it was hurting my stomach and can cause internal bleeding taken long term. I wish there was an answer, for all of us with pain.

Anonymous said...

I jut met a woman that had surgery for her PF. She sounded a lot like u and finally went in to get it done because it took over her life. It sounded like a long recovery (3 months) but she said it was going to be three months of getting better or 3 months staying the same. She is very happy she did it. Have you ever thought about that?


Lyn said...


yes, I have talked to my doctors about that, and they did not recommend it. I am told it is only considered after a year of traditional treatment (which I have now done) and while it *can* turn out to fix the problem, it can also turn out disastrous, making things worse. They snip the fascia on the bottom of the foot, cast it for months and hope it heals back longer. In my case they would have to do one foot and then six months later the other.

We'll see what the new doctor has to say.

Katie said...

I just wanted to say how much you have inspired me. I am finally losing weight again after many years of "giving up" on myself. Although I have not lost much yet, I now have the desire again, thanks to you. I have had so many health issues get in my way recently, I almost gave up again. One thing I continue to write and believe is to never give up. Hang in there, this planter thing will get better. Don't let it waylay you. YOU have done something most of us just wish for.
Katie in Iowa, rooting you on to victory!

Anonymous said...

As someone who has suffered from chronic pain for many years, I really sympathize with you.

JM said...

I hope that the new plan will work, the only thing that worked for my PF was acupuncture and losing weight,
then is pretty much was gone, but took about 9 months and 20 pounds.
Weight loss will only make it easier, so slow going, but hang in there! also avoiding the allergens, and inflammatory foods.

Julia said...

Oh my gosh, I know what you mean about the plantar fasciitis! I had it a few years ago when I took up regular walking for exercise. It was so painful and lasted for 6 months with no relief, then it went away just as suddenly as it started. New reader here with similar struggles, I'm enjoying your insights.

Anonymous said...

Again, if someone really wants to know what PF feels like......tape a marble to the bottom of your heel for a week.
It's that bad.
I say you should weigh in weekly again. But if I'm being honest part of the reason is my own curiosity to see how the plan is working for you! ;)

Linda Claxson said...

I'm dreading weigh in tomorrow too so I know how you feel, but we have to do it and maybe we should remember that we're not alone when we step on those scales - all around the world there are people doing the same thing with the same feeling of dread.
At least by weighing in we take some control over it.
I do hope you get that foot problem sorted soon, try not to let it bring you down. I have Narcolepsy and Fibromyalgia so I know how chronic pain can drag you down.
You'll get there

Anonymous said...

Did you weigh today? I'm excited to see how your new plan is working scale wise (even though I think it sounds great regardless of the result on the scale.)

I think it will be an easier transition off Medifast from this plan too because it is closer to a normal diet (whatever that is.) :) There will be less change when you are ready to stop the Medifast foods. It sounds like you would just add a different breakfast and perhaps slightly different snacks, right?

Take care,

MargieAnne said...

I do hope you weighed in as usual.

The chronic pain is hard to bear and it will be causing your body to stress and make it a little harder to let go of excess weight,... the adrenal/cortisol affect.

But please don't lose heart. Weigh regularly. Let it be just one of the things you do regularly. I know it's hard not to let the non-change, slow change, become disheartening but its worth maintaining and you are losing some weight even if slowly. I'm talking to myself here too.

I know you've tried so many things for the PF you must feel as though you are out of options. In my opinion there are two things you can do. One is attend to diet, which you are doing and the other is visit with a shoe specialist. I know you've done this in the past but maybe you need to address this again.

The only other thing is to find ways to de-stress. I think you know how to do that too or you would not have survived thus far.

Don't despair over exercise. Many people lose weight without spending hours at the gym or running. May I suggest that some intense upper body weight lifting might be the answer.

There's quite a lot about this on the internet and I for one need to look into it further. For me this is the next step now that I'm becoming settles into LCHF.

Hope I'm helping and not just adding to your frustration. I know how that can feel. *smiles*


Lyn said...


yes, this is closer to how I will eat for life. I just have to sub out the Medifast meals for something with similar nutrition eventually.

I did weigh and will write up a post shortly... I was gone most of the day and just got home :)


I *always* enjoy hearing from you, and your comments have been so helpful. I will check out the link, thank you!

Susan said...

Lyn, I mentioned this to you before and I am going to follow up with it. I hope you give it a try. I and several of my friends have had great results with this. First of all, try to stay clear of phytoestrogen foods. Do your own search on those. Second, really consider the oil pulling for your PF. I highly suggest a good sunflower oil. You can find the original study that was done in India. I know it sounds to good to be true but we have been seeing great results. It couldn't hurt and it will only do good for you.

Lyn said...


oh yes, I remember you telling me that! In fact, I did some reading and started oil pulling with coconut oil. I admit I only did it a few times... there is a 'gross out' factor in there, having the frothy oil sloshing around in my mouth for a long time. Maybe sunflower oil would be better?

Susan said...

As wonderful as coconut oil is not great for oil pulling..gaggy, lol, I agree. Sun flower is a lot easier, for sure.

Cari Wagner said...

Hi Lyn, Did you ever try those addias shoes I told you about. They have been a lifesaver for me!

How about going swimming in the meantime or water jogging?

Lyn said...


no, I was fitted for shoes at a specialty store and they seemed to think Brooks were more what I needed... but that hasn't worked out so well.

When the city pool opens for summer (soon!) I will be able to swim once or twice a week. Really looking forward to that!

kara said...

Oh, how I feel your pain, literally! I broke my heel ten years ago, and then broke another bone in the same foot three years after that. I struggle with chronic pain and swelling in that foot and ankle. I'm on my own weight loss journey, and the foot pain makes it even harder. Sometimes you just have to baby it one day, so you can function the next. Good luck!

Cari Wagner said...

Hi Lyn,

The shoes I recommend in wear mainly in the house. It provides extra cushion but I use it like a house slipper.