Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Still Going


I switched from decaf coffee to Matcha green tea 1st thing in the morning. Yummy.
First 3 meals were Medifast shakes
Afternoon snack: iced Medifast hot cocoa made with decaf coffee
Dinner: Cauliflower Mac & Cheese (I subbed 2% milk for most of the half and half to save on fat)
Evening snack: Medifast vanilla pudding

1018 calories
98 g protein
87 g carbs
38 g fat (32%)


Matcha green tea
8am: Medifast muffin from pancakes
10am: same, with decaf coffee and half & half
lunch: Medifast Chili Mac (mixed the chili and the macaroni & cheese, split it into two meals, added canned diced tomatoes)
Planned 3pm: Medifast shake
Dinner will be a Mexican Beef Egg Burrito, recipe here, with steamed cauliflower added to the filling and a side of cucumber salad
Evening snack will be a Medifast Caramel crunch bar

914 calories
114 g protein
88 g carbs
24 g fat (22%)

Going for my third acupuncture appointment tomorrow morning. Still just plugging along!


Cindy said...

I am just converting myself from a coffee drinker to a green tea drinker now. I have had some big headaches because of the coffee withdrawal. The reason I am doing this is that I have anxiety problems so it makes sense to cut the coffee. What is so different about Macha Green tea over other kinds?

Lyn said...


green tea is a potent anti-cancer beverage, and contains less caffeine but gives more sustained energy than coffee. Here's a nice little summary of benefits:

Matcha is powdered leaves that you whisk into hot water an drink, rather than tea leaves in a bag that you infuse and then throw away. So you get many more nutrients, and the processing is different. You can see how green and fresh it is in this article:

It creates a bright green drink that I love. Very nice flavor!

Anonymous said...

Are you hungry all day?

Lyn said...


No, not hungry unless I am PMSing, generally. I eat a high protein mini meal every 2-3 hours... no time to be hungry :)