Thursday, April 11, 2013

Smoke and Needles

What a really nice day I have had so far! My mood is good, my body feels good, the pain in my feet is far less. After getting the kids off to school this morning, I headed out for my third weekly acupuncture appointment. My foot pain had gotten better for a few days after the last one, then disappeared completely when I started steroids for an allergic reaction but came back yesterday at about 70% of what it was before treatment. At today's appointment, I had all of the same treatments I had last week plus the moxibustion I had during the first appoitment. When I left, I was feeling very relaxed and calm. I love how de-stressing acupuncture is! Of course, there is about a five minute period where I feel kind of sick and stressed when he whacks those needles directly into my heels, but after that it's not so bad. I do think it is helping.

This afternoon I finally went and had a pedicure after going several months over the winter without one. My old pedi shop had closed and I decided to try a new one. It was really nice and I love the leg massage. Came home, made a Medifast lunch and a cup of decaf coffee, and am just enjoying the peace and quiet for a bit before I have to get some work done. My kind of day!

Oh, I also asked the acupuncturist about my super-slow weight loss. We discussed my blood work numbers (from my primary care doctor) which are excellent, and my lifestyle in general, and the acupuncturist told me that the most likely cause of my slow losses, aside from being so sedentary, is stress. I am doing what I can to address that already. For now, the weight just ticks slowly off... a few pounds a month... and I just hope that eventually when this plantar fasciitis improves and I am more active, it'll speed up a bit. Either way, I'll get there. The time will pass anyway... may as well be thinner at the end of it!


Anonymous said...

Stress raises cortisol. That can stall weight loss. Pray and meditate!

Kaki said...

It's so hard to be patient when the scale moves at a snail's pace...I really know what you mean. Meditation and/or yoga might help your stress. I see a counselor, too, and that helps me as well. All the best!