Monday, April 29, 2013

My Trip and Weigh In

Yesterday we got home from our little getaway, which was great fun, and then I immediately took my daughter to a party we'd been invited to. We finally got home late in the evening, so my weigh in for the week was done this morning rather than on my usual Sunday morning.

The scale said 208 pounds, which is one pound lost this week. I am *very* pleased with that, for more reasons than one! Let me tell you about my week.

On Tuesday, I got orders from my doctor to try and reduce my blood pressure by limiting my sodium intake to 1500 mg or less and cutting my fat intake to less than 30%. When I looked over several weeks of past food logs, I saw that my sodium intake has generally been slightly under 2300 mg per day, which is what Medifast recommends. But I also spiked higher on days I ate things like low fat cheese, turkey sausage, or used baking soda as a condiment... all allowed on Medifast but higher in sodium. This week I worked to keep it lower and my sodium average per day went way down. I also worked to reduce my fat intake from about 35% calories from fat to under 30%. Here are my average stats for the week, from the time I started the changes on Tuesday through Saturday:

960 calories
110 g protein
89 g carbs
1513 mg sodium
25% fat

I am really happy with those changes! I need to get the sodium down just a little more and would like my carbs to be at about 85. Everything else is great.

So, here's why I am so glad I dropped a pound this week. I thought after my crazy weekend I might have gained! Friday we went to a party *full* of junk. I ate a meal before I went and I took a big water bottle filled with Medifast cranberry mango drink and ice, and I sipped that for 3 hours and had a great time *without* food. I had some Medifast cereal when I got home. I was on my feet walking around for almost the whole 3 hours which was difficult and I had to take a meloxicam to deal with the pain.

We left early Saturday morning, went for a long drive, got to our destination and I was once again on my feet for hours. I bet we walked 2 or 3 miles which I have not been able to do with my plantar fasciitis in about a year. I did have some pain but it seems to be getting better as my eating improves and my weight goes down. I'm sure the acupuncture helps, too. I brought Medifast meals and had those all day, but when it was dinnertime I was so hungry! We went out to dinner and I had a plain, 5-ounce medium rare steak, a side salad with greens, cucumbers, and red cabbage, and a dish of steamed broccoli. It was delicious!

Sunday morning once again we were doing a lot of walking. I woke up so, so hungry! I think all the exercise did it. I drank my Medifast shakes and ate my bars but after walking another 2 miles or so, it just was NOT cutting it. I was getting more and more ravenous by the hour! In the afternoon as we were getting ready to head home, I knew I needed to eat my Lean & Green meal soon rather than wait for dinner. So we went to a little place that I knew served fresh, local, organic foods.

Well that meal turned out to be off plan... my first off plan meal this month. I ordered a chicken Cobb salad with dressing on the side. To be fair, it *did* state on the menu that it would have local cheese and pastured bacon on it, and I did not ask for it to be left off. And when it came, I ate every last bite. I did have the sense to toss the garlic toast, so my meal stayed low carb. And oh, it was so good... the grilled free range chicken, the bits of local cheese, the pastured bacon, the fresh, crisp mixed greens and cucumbers and tomatoes all blended together to make a fantastic salad. It was the best tasting thing I have eaten in awhile! Of course, that's partly because of all the fat and sodium...

Anyway, I came home, had my last Medifast meal and was completely satisfied. I did not eat anything at the party we went to, even though all the other adults and children were eating. And when I got home I did an estimated calorie count on my day including the salad and came out to about 1600 calories and 78 g carbs.

So that's why I was really glad to see a loss this morning. I know I am a little bloated from the travel and the salt, so perhaps once that is gone I will get another pound gone. I am drinking lots of water and being careful to keep my salt and fat intake lower today.

I am also very pleased to finally be back to 70 pounds gone. I hung out around 60 pounds gone for ages! I'm going to take some measurements soon and think I have lost quite a few inches!

Have a great day :)


Lori said...

Fabulous, Lyn!! Maybe your body has finally figured out what to do. You deserve to be very proud. You've worked longer and harder than most to get where you want to be. I am so proud of you for not giving up!!!! I am sure this is just the beginning of a new downward trend, on the scales that is.

Vb said...

How do you use baking soda as a condiment?

Lyn said...

Thanks Lori! I really do hope the scale starts reflecting my efforts.


anything added to my basic intake on Medifast is counted as a condiment. We get 5 Medifast meals, a lean protein portion, and 3 servings of low carb veggies plus fats if the protein is very lean, like fish. So, anything... herbs, seasonings, sauces, almond milk, sesame seeds, etc... is a condiment. We are allowed 3 per day. So if I use baking soda in a Medifast pancake or oatmeal to turn it into a muffin, that counts as a condiment.

If you're interested, here is the Medifast condiment sheet: /shared/docs/condiment_recommendations.pdf

Biz said...

Good for you! Not eating at a party is next to impossible for me.

And yep, there are some days my sodium is 3000-3500 when I eat pickles, deli cheese, etc. It does add up, doesn't it?!

Shelley Ubeika said...

Congrats! How much water do you drink daily? That could help flush out some of the salt. The plan I'm doing recommends 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day as the right amount. Too much or too little is no good for you, just enough like goldilocks is the way to go they say. :)

Lyn said...


oh it can go up fast! And I love pickles too. I haven't been eating them at all since I am watching sodium.


I drink a 16 oz glass of water when I wake up, and another with each Medifast meal and my dinner. So about 112 oz minimum. It does help flush it out... I was not drinking as much water over the weekend on my trip though (or I would have to stop at a bathroom too often!) so I am catching up on hydration now :)