Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Making Some Changes for Best Possible Results

Yesterday didn't turn out as planned. When I started making the split pea soup, I got halfway through and didn't have all the ingredients! Bad planning. So I put that away and the kids had ham and Swiss sandwiches and deviled eggs for dinner. I took out 5 ounces of dark meat chicken and made myself a chicken salad with a side of Romaine and cherry tomatoes. I also got super hungry mid-day and had my optional snack of almonds. One of my goals is to use the optional snacks that have very few calories (like celery or sugar free jello), so I will try to do better on that today. Those nuts may be healthy, but they really add up and make a difference.

My stats for yesterday were:

1054 calories
98 g protein
85 g carbs
47 g fat (37%)

Everything is about where it should be except the fat is high. Medifast advises 34 g fat/day max. I will keep a closer eye on that today as well.

Yes, I started tracking again. I haven't tracked calories in about 2 months, but am trying to tighten things up in April and see where I can improve. I am hoping that will get me a slightly better loss this month. Three pounds a month, which is what I've gotten the last 2 months, is okay. But if I can get it up to 4, I will hit a new low this year. I think I can do it, especially if this plantar fasciitis heals. Speaking of which, my feet were improved for several days after the acupuncture session last week, but then yesterday they were pretty bad again. I have another session tomorrow and hope it keeps helping.

I will be leaving soon for a couple of days for a mini vacation! So excited! I am taking my kids who are on spring break right now and we'll be staying in a hotel... one with a breakfast buffet included. This has kind of been an issue for me in the past few years. When I am low carbing or on Medifast, I tend to justify eating any of the high protein items in hotel breakfasts: eggs, cheese, sausage, bacon, sometimes yogurt. On Medifast I make it a "4&2" day, meaning I eat 4 Medifast meals and two regular meals. But there are never enough veggies (if any at all) in a hotel breakfast, and come on... sausage and bacon?? Not good for weight loss! Cheese? Well if it isn't low fat, it's not on plan. And the yogurt always has added sugar.

So I have been thinking about this. I often gain weight or maintain on vacations because if food is FREE, I feel like I have to eat it or I am "wasting" it. I seek out hotels with free breakfasts so it is more convenient (and cheaper) to take the kids there rather than going out. I love the free coffee and tea. But you know, this is a mindset that has got to change. And it is time. Just because the food is free does not mean I have to eat it. Instead of thinking, "oh! A FREE breakfast! Now how can I make this work? I don't want to eat Medifast food when there is FREE yummy stuff right here!", I can choose to view it the same as any other off-plan junk that makes its way into my presence, and stay *truly* on plan by eating my usual Medifast for breakfast. I can still enjoy some hot tea or coffee, and my kids can have their waffles. The only way to really fit a hotel breakfast into Medifast is if it is one of those hotels that makes your breakfast to order and has spinach, mushrooms, peppers, etc for omelets. And even then, it would need to be part of my ONE Lean & Green meal. The only on-plan reason to do a 4&2 is on days I am doing more than 45 minutes of vigorous exercise. Otherwise, adding a second Lean & Green meal is just going to stall my weight.

I am going to get this done. I am going to step outside my comfort zone and quit being complacent. I have been making an effort, and staying *mostly* on plan, but I have not been putting my ALL into weight loss. Mediocre efforts yield mediocre results and I am going to give it all I've got to get the best result I possibly can... no matter what that number turns out to be.


Theresa said...

I'm sorry if I am wrong, but your Medifast is free too right? Maybe thinking of it in terms of free isn't the problem, but the "treat" and "holiday" mentality is to blame. I know it is that way with me. Holidays equal indulgence. Try indulging on an event instead of a meal. Spend money on an event or venue and see if this can reframe your (and my) way of viewing a holiday. Have fun!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Since mediocre is my middle name when it comes to portion control efforts, I sympathize! But I know you have much more stick-to-it-iveness than I do. Good luck with the changes!

Anonymous said...

I know that when I half-ass my weight loss efforts (I try to do low-carb/low-fat as well) and I just maintain, it makes it much, much harder on me. It's better to go full-force, 100% effort, because all you're doing by not giving it your all is breaking yourself down mentally. All this talk of "plans" is just lip service until you actually do it.

Lyn said...


true! It's not just free, it's "special." Only it's really not. It's just cheap, greasy junk. Nothing gourmet. I like your reframing idea, too, and will "indulge" in some time relaxing in the sun with a glass of iced water with fresh lemon slices!




That's true because it still takes a ton of effort to do it 80 or 90%... but get poor results. May as well push that little extra bit to do it completely and get the best possible results!

LHA said...

Travel is a big problem for me! I do have the "holiday" mentality, plus I have a very bad and very ingrained habit of wanting to eat while I am driving. This is one problem I have not made very significant progress on to date. I will be interested to hear about how your eating goes on your trip. We all deserve a vacation now and then and the thought that it conflicts with healthy eating for me is not one I am comfortable with. Good luck, and travel safely!

Kaki said...

I have a real problem with "free" as well. I also have a problem when stuff is just "available." I work in a school, and there are constantly treats laid out in the lunch room. Sometimes, I look in the window, and if I can't handle what's in there, I just don't go inside. Just because it is free doesn't make it good for you. You will feel good about yourself when you choose what's good for your body, not give in to the "I'd better eat it before the buffet is over" mentality. You can do it!

JM said...

Hi Lyn
I am so struck by how low the calories are, but I guess that's how it is with the injury, not so much activity, I am having a metabolic test later this month to determine my resting metabolic rate... I guess you breathe into a tube and they test the carbon? Its supposed to be very accurate then my doc can tell me more about what to eat....I could not live on 1000 per day, but kudos for the effort you put in every day!!

timothy said...

we're all different i'd gain on those calories with that many carbs! lol i have to stay under 50 or i binge/crave no matter the plan i'm on which is a challenge with weight watchers to say the least, but hey i'm up for it and i know you'll get that done! just keep on keepin on!

Anonymous said...

I'm really struck by how low your calories are. Only slightly over a thousand, and that's a day you don't consider "perfect" because of a few almonds?

Lyn said...


actually, the almonds are technically on plan on Medifast, although I want to try and choose nuts less often. The only thing I want to "fix" is the higher fat percent, which came from a combination of higher fat Lean, higher fat condiments, and a higher fat snack.

The reason the calories are low is because Medifast is a protein-sparing low calorie plan; calories generally range from 850-1100/day. But even off Medifast, I had to keep my calories in the 1200/day range for a slow loss. I am not able to do much exercise at this time.

Lyn said...


when I say a higher fat "Lean" I mean the protein portion of dinner. So I could have fixed this by choosing chicken breast rather than dark meat, and using something other than mayo in my chicken salad.