Monday, April 22, 2013

Feeling Awful

I am feeling really lousy today. I felt a little off last night and also as I mentioned, I have been concerned because my blood pressure has been creeping back up. I cut out coffee because I thought that might be the culprit; I switched to one cup of matcha green tea in the morning and then only decaf stuff like herbal teas later in the day. Well that didn't really help, so I also stopped salting my food. Then I cut the tea out completely and even the decaf coffee. With my headaches back and some serious fatigue along with these feet not healing, I am concerned enough that I set an appointment for next week with a specialist that I've seen before. But this morning I felt SO awful that I decided to stop in and have my blood pressure checked at my primary care doctor after I took my daughter to school.

Well, it was still elevated, about the same as home... in the 140's over high 80's. I told her I am already taking garlic capsules, fish oil, and have taken dietary measures but am concerned especially with the headaches and the occasional higher blood pressure spike. So they gave me an appointment with my primary doctor tomorrow and I hope he can help me out. I admit I am very concerned about possibly being put on blood pressure medication, but I am even more concerned about stroke and heart disease so I will do whatever he recommends. And then when I see the specialist next week, I will get his input as well. I have a great deal of respect for and trust in the specialist, so if he tells me I need to change my diet I will do it, although I hope he thinks Medifast is a good thing to stick to. My primary care doctor has always been supportive and encouraged me to stick with it. So, we'll see. I honestly feel so awful I will do whatever the doctors think I should, within reason (no diet pills etc). My energy is so low that I have gotten almost nothing done today... just paperwork, phone calls and a load of wash is started. I feel like I could just go to bed. Looking forward to the medical feedback this week... I need it.


MargieAnne said...

Hi Lyn. I went straight from your post to one about high blood pressure. This is a concern of mine and more so since I think the meds make me feel unwell and always have.

Here is the link which is interesting and good knowledge to have when you see your doctor.

I have found it quite hard to find good, information that I can relate to on the subject. You must be able to trust the people whose advice you take.


Vickie said...

You had me at - "so I also stopped salting my food"

Kaki said...

So sorry you're feeling lousy. I hope you get some good advice and feel better soon.

timothy said...

feel better hon and hopefully the dr has some good insight as top the cause, sending healing your way! xoxoxzo

Deniz said...

Hope you can get some support and help soon Lyn, and that you'll soon feel back to normal.
Hugs, Deniz

Anonymous said...

I've been on blood pressure meds for ages. It's worth it to feel good. Hope it all goes well for you. - Julie from Australia

Candyscandy said...

Hi Lyn,
Sorry you are not feeling well. Do you think it may be possible your headaches and fatigue could be from your removing caffeine from your everyday routine? Or allergies? Feel better.

Diana said...

Lyn, don't worry so much about being put on blood pressure medicine. Did you know almost everyone in their 60's have high blood pressure and are on meds? I know you're much younger, but eventually you'll probably wind up on high blood pressure medicine.

I've been on BP medicine for three years, triamterene. It's a very mild dieuritic and I'm on the lowest doees possible, 10 mg/day. It works like a charm. My blood pressure is alway perfect now. 120/60. I check it all the time and it's always in the same healthy range.

Plus, remember my sister and her stroke. It was caused by her high blood pressure. It wasn't even [that high. High 140s over high 80s.

Plus, there's a benefit about the triamterene. I lost 8 pounds of water weight the first week I was on it. :)

Diana said...

Also, no side effects that I've noticed from the triamterene.

Lyn said...


that could be. Not sure how long caffeine withdrawal lasts, but it definitely is a possibility.

Thanks Diana :)

Amy said...

If you want natural things that help lower blood pressure, check into Red Yeast Rice (actually works on cholesterol) and Niacin. I work in a health clinic and the vascular technicians all rant about niacin.