Saturday, March 16, 2013

Plan for the Day, and Lots of Coffee

I am extremely tired this morning and woke up with a headache. I use the term "woke up" loosely; I barely slept at all. The lovely neighbors must have gone away and left their dogs in the yard again, which always leads to their dogs taking turns barking ALL NIGHT LONG. From the time I laid down until the time I woke up, the barking continued. Insane. I turned my radio up to try and block it, but still had a very fitful night.

Today will be busy with kids' sports and activities. I have a nice beef roast in the crock pot already, cooking in a hot mixture of herbs and spices so that at dinnertime, all I have to do is saute some peppers and mushrooms, shred the beef, and let the kids have hot Italian beef sandwiches while I have mine with the sauteed veggies and a salad. Easy!

I've been living on coffee drinks in addition to my usual hot black coffee lately, because I like them. Most of it is decaf and I make it "legal" by combining my coffee with Medifast meals:

hot coffee + Medifast hot cocoa = mocha; also good iced
instant coffee + Medifast pudding + water + ice (blended) = mocha "frap" (chocolate pudding) or vanilla "frap" (vanilla pudding)
instant coffee + Medifast dark chocolate shake = mocha shake
instant coffee + Medifast chocolate chip soft bake cookie + vanilla almond milk + ice (blended)= java chip "frap" (my favorite!)

Not sure if drinking so much decaf coffee has any drawbacks, but it sure tastes good! I think I could do better by starting to cold brew real decaf coffee again and keeping that in the fridge; I'd guess real brewed coffee has more antioxidants than the instant stuff.

Here's to a great weekend! Make the best of what you have.


Jami Stakley said...

Lyn what a great idea for the Crock pot. I think I will get to the store and pick up a pot roast. Sounds like you are feeling good today. I had a major success last night when I finally made the Medifast chili taste good. I soaked it overnight and cooked in a stovetop pan, added some spices and it really tasted like chili. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I have a funny story about barking dogs.

We had the best little dog. She looked like a schnauzer, but was a spaniel /terrier mix. Very well-behaved and friendly. Only barked if someone came into the yard.

One day, we found our neighbor's cat, dead in our back yard. I called him and he came over for her. Upon looking at her, and seeing no signs of injury, he said he wondered if she had gotten into poison MEANT FOR MY DOG. :o

Once I was able to speak, I asked why he thought someone would poison our dog. He replied, "Because she barks so much!" Again--> :o

I came into the house rather bewildered. She really hardly ever barked.

Then, I remembered something from the month before. Our son had an accident and was in the hospital for a week or so. He was in intensive care for a couple days, and I slept there overnight while Bill worked midnight and was there during the day.

When we got home after those few days, Abby greeted us--but was hoarse. Hoarse!

Uh-hmm. Apparently, she barked the whole time we were gone. We had no idea.

You may want to mention the barking to your neighbor. chuckle.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,

You might want to browse through this site. It's really, really helped me make peace with myself and go off my binge mentality. Hope it helps you too!

Fair Enough said...

Ok, count down to a bunch of people telling me how wrong I am, how I am being unreasonable, etc. Whatever, I think it's important to learn from others and their own journeys, to see what has worked and what hasn't.

All those make-believe Starbucks-desserts-drinks spell out trouble for me. That's just my opinion. I think it leads to always wanting "treats" like that, craving sweets and other junk, and basically just keeping you in old habits. Again, my opinion. I think a better solution would be enjoying nature's healthy sweets such as a juicy Clementine or maybe some blueberries. Maybe you totally need to switch things up and learn to go for more savory foods like roasted Brussels sprouts or peppers? Those can both be made really fast and might get you out of that habit of wanting sweet-type things daily. I've learned that when I am feeling munchy or like a possible binge might be looming, to reach for lots of raw and cooked veggies and look at them as something that will help me. Again, what are you going to do once Medifast is over? I think these kinds of snacks are hurting you, unfortunately, as you have a noted issue with sweets and limiting them. You're going to do what you want, obviously, but is this helping you? Maybe it is for the moment but will it in the long run? I just don't know. I know that if I were to be personally consuming things like mock-frappes, I would have a harder time settling for more plain, simple foods when I know I could have a dessert-drink. Like I've read before, "you crave what you eat", and I think that really holds true! When I am struggling, guess what I crave? Junk! Cheese and more cheese, salty chips, bread loaf upon bread loaf! LOL. When I am sticking to plan, i crave simple, nourishing foods that are not triggering!

Vickie said...

Do the neighbors know their dogs bark when left like that? If it happened regularly I would be really tempted to notify animal control, I really guard my sleep. But I understand about not wanting to make enemies.

Darlin' are you drinking WATER? You talk (a lot) about (a lot of) drink combinations that aren't actually the hydration that you (we all) really need. Nothing is water, but water.

Here is a good hydration calculator:

Lyn said...

Excellent comments...

Thanks Jami! The chili is even better with a half cup of canned diced tomatoes simmered in. Glad you found a way to enjoy it!


Wow, poor Abby! And poor neighbors for those few days, lol.


thanks, will check it out.


I agree, actually, and in maintenance *will* choose yummy fruits over artificially sweetened drinks. But since I am doing Medifast, the fruit has to wait. I do know some people do Medifast with only the savory items like soups etc, but they all "feel" the same to me when I eat them (same nutritional profile) so I just eat whichever Medifast meal sounds good at the time. But yeah, I sure do look forward to more fruit, and will have to wean off the sweet drinks and back to plain iced teas etc when I get closer to stopping Medifast. I do roast the veggies too... love roasted broccoli!


yeah, they know, this has been ongoing but occasional. I've called and left a note, and it stops for awhile and then we'll have a full weekend of barking every so often. Animal control won't touch it unless the dogs are not fed or are abused... there is a form I can file with the city for them being a nuisance but you have to log the barks for 2 weeks. How silly is that? Yeah, and actual form logging the barks. lol.

Lyn said...

oh, and the water is good! I drink 16 oz when I wake up, and another 16 oz with every Medifast meal, even the liquid ones. Another 16 at dinner and then I stop.

CatherineMarie said...

Lyn, I agree with Fair. Also, decaf coffee does have some caffeine. Just FYI.

Maybe you could limit yourself to one sweetened "mock" thing a day? Or switch out a Medifast meal for a piece of fruit or something? The problem is that I keep hearing "when I'm transitioning" or "when I'm in maintenance".

Is all the decaf coffee because you want "real caffeine" or because you associate the taste of coffee with a pick-me-up? Just asking.

Lyn said...


Fruit is not allowed in the weight loss phase of Medifast; eating fruit instead of a Medifast meal would short me on protein and raise my carbs too high. Fruit is added back during the Transition phase of Medifast. I figure if I am doing Medifast, I should do it as written. Tweaking it and adding/subtracting things really did not work for me in the past.

I really like the flavor of coffee, so that's why I add decaf to a lot of Medifast meals. I think it makes everything taste better :)

Vickie said...

If I understood you correctly that is 48 oz of water per day average.

Do me a favor and go use the hydration calculator (I left you the link) and see what it says and then leave me a note.

Lyn said...


okay, so the hydration calculator says I need 115.5 oz water/day, or "if you eat a healthy diet, 92.4 oz/day." Neat tool by the way! I drink 16 oz on waking, 16oz with each of 5 Medifast meals, and 16 oz at dinner... so 16 times 7 = 112 oz/day.

Amy said...

I might be a little more laid back than most, but I don't see anything wrong with drinking decaf. The amount of caffeine is so minimal I don't think it could spike your blood sugar. I believe in this tough battle, we have to use whatever tools get us through. The extra weight is probably more harmful to your health than drinking a few decaf drinks, especially if you aren't adding a bunch of sugar or fat to it. The big picture is about achieving health. The things you are doing are healthier than being obese and eating garbage. Micro-managing every little morsel that goes into your mouth will make you crazy and will keep the roller coaster going.

Vickie said...

Saw your water note. Very glad you are getting enough water.

I have a suggestion:
every time you talk about all your coffee/drink brews, I think you should clarify how much water you drink.

Two reasons:
So those of us who have alarm (are experienced) at your (sort of weird) brews, will know you understand about water. And so any newbies reading you will not think everything you drink is a brew.

I say this to people all the time as another good point:
every time you list your weight, also list your height, age, highest weight, goal weight. So people know where you are in your process. It helps people sort of have a reference point as they read. Height and age do make a great deal of difference in looking at a weight. The highest and goal give people an idea of where you are. And are good to look at yourself for clarity.