Friday, March 15, 2013

Happier Even With Pain

Today was a really nice, springy-type day with lots of sun and a gentle breeze. I took advantage of the great weather to take one of my dogs on a little hike. I am *sick* of being stuck inside and unable to do what I want, so I took the chance and headed out to a remote area where she and I could enjoy nature. I met a friend and walked for an hour, rested a bit here and there, and had a fabulous time! I would guess it was a good 1.5 miles, maybe 2 in total. Of course I knew my feet would torture me for it later, but I am so tired of being unable to enjoy long walks, and they hurt all the time anyway, so I went.

It was definitely painful when I was done. That's the thing with plantar fasciitis... the pain is worst for the first 5 minutes, and then as things limber up and stretch out, the pain can disappear. So I was not hurting *during* the walk. But after I got home and sat a bit, getting up was so painful. I literally limped across the schoolyard, slowly, like a senior citizen, to get my daughter after school.

What's different now is I DON'T CARE that my hour of bliss led to intensified pain later. I am *so* over resting my feet. I rested them for a solid year and it never got better! I am not going to be miserable, restricting every activity I love just to avoid worse pain. If I have to be in pain, so be it, I am still going to be active and enjoy my life.

I feel so happy after I have been out in the sunshine. After school, I let my daughter play with her friends on the playground for an hour while I hung out chatting with other moms and enjoying the good weather. I am just flat-out happier when I live my life this way. Even with the pain I am happier.

Happier is good!


Anonymous said...

Yay you!

Anonymous said...

Part of chronic pain is acceptance. Once you stop fighting, you can start living.

colleen said...

Have you found any chronic pain blogs? I think people reach acceptance in different ways. I know from research findings that the *anticipation* and dread of pain is likely to worsen the perception of it when it happens.

Lyn said...


I haven't read any chronic pain blogs; do you have some you'd recommend? I did read about the mind-body connection and how important it is to not constantly be thinking "my feet hurt" etc. So I make it a point to think things like, "I feel good. My feet are healing. Everything is getting better." Positive stuff. Hope it is helping :)