Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Feeling Good

Well, here I am, stuck in my (very small) dining room surrounded by recliners, rocking chairs, toy boxes and dog crates while a very nice man steam cleans my carpets. Once or twice a year, it just has to be done; now that we have two big dogs, twice a year is more likely! It does so help my allergies, and living with a child who has sinus and lung issues, the only alternative is tearing up all the carpet and putting in hard floors. Not feasible right now, although when she was born and in the hospital, we did tear out the carpet in every bedroom and the family room and put down tile and laminate. So today, I get to sit in a 4 foot square area with access to the (smallish) kitchen and the dogs sitting outside on the deck, staring at me and making nose prints on the glass. I am taking the following hours while waiting for the carpet to dry to do a thorough cleaning and sorting in my kitchen.

I got a workout this morning, moving furniture and lugging a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs. I was sweating when I got done! I think my feet will pay for it later.

I feel good. I feel at peace about my eating and my relaxation over tracking every calorie and weighing every day. I believe the weight will just keep coming off as long as I continue, and I hope that as it comes off, my feet will heal and my activity will increase and then the rate of loss will stay steady or even pick up a bit. I mean to get to maintenance this year.

I have had a lot of time to examine my own behaviors and thought patterns and I know that what has kept me in a partial regain and kept me from losing consistently is my own lack of consistency with my eating. I've said it before: eating on plan... ANY reasonable plan... 100% of the time will take the weight off me. But eating on that same plan only 85% of the time will result in maintenance, or, if my overeating is bad, a gain. That's always been the issue, as far back as this blog goes. If I stay perfectly on plan 25 or 26 days every month, but go off plan and overindulge just 4 or 5 days a month, I cannot lose, even if those off plan days are "moderate" compared to how I used to eat. They key to a decent rate of loss, for me, is at least 95% adherence per month. A day off plan may slow the loss, but I'll still lose. More than that and it starts to really show. I still get in those "omg I have to have it" moods once in awhile; generally, if I stay low carb, those are very infrequent. And when I am happy and energized, as I have been, I think about food a lot less.

Anyway, I'm feeling very good... and now I am going to work on that kitchen and figure out dinner.


Fair Enough said...

I like numbers too (in reference to a few posts back)

If you are honestly eating to plan , say, 26/30 days per month...it means roughly 87% of your month is spent on plan. That's pretty good but probably not good enough, as you're noticing.

If you "mess up" on average 4 times per month for a year, that's 48/365 "bad days" per year which means you're only messing up 13% of the time. That's a pretty low percentage but again, for you to lose it seems to be not quite right. If you really put in the effort and in the end averages at 2 "off" days per month, per year, you'd only have a 7% failure rate. That's really good. I'm not saying you should aim for cheat days or aim for mess-ups or anything, but I guess the reality is slip-ups happen and it's good to understand how they'll impact you in a realistic sense.

I suppose the lack of exercise takes into account here, plus no one really knows exactly what you're eating and how you're eating except you. But that said, a few days of slip ups here and there shouldn't affect you THAT much...if they really only are just days and not weeks or months at a time. I think that's part of the issue-once people slip up, they have a tendency to stay in that "slip mode" for sizable periods of time.

All that said, I know everyone has different metabolisms and other issues. I *DO* completely think that aiming for 100% compliance to a plan is the ideal, and I think it works best for you and anyone. However, most humans are, well, human and do mess up sometimes. It's good to look at your overall rate of slip-ups and compute it into your overall numbers. That way you can know when it's a good time to cut back and when it's VITAL to really buckle down. Once you get really into the groove of things and sticking to your plan, you honestly won't even WANT to go off plan to be honest-because you'll reach your sweet spot and figure out exactly where you need to be to lose! It's just a process in getting there. Holidays tend to be the hardest time, even for me personally and I've kept my weight loss off for 10 years now. PREPARE for them and know what you're going into. Have a really good plan and don't let it start one of those chains of slip up after slip up. Be prepared for Easter and all that chocolate that tends to be hanging about!

LHA said...

One of the great benefits of only weighing once a month is that you don't see those awful blips on the scale after just a slight indulgence. It is so discouraging to work hard to lose two pounds and then see that one off plan meal can make you jump up three pounds in one day! That is just a water weight gain but it makes me feel like giving up. Looking at your progress once a months gives you a true picture of how you are doing over a period of time and it sure helps keep me from having an emotional binge in frustration at a temporary gain.

None of us (or certainly no one I know) is perfect at eating well all the time. Accepting that has also helped me. I try to keep my eating very "clean" and appropriate and my number one rule is to not overeat. By that, I mean stop eating when I am not hungry any more and don't eat again until I am hungry again. Regardless of what your plan or rules are, you have to expect that there will be days when it is not exact in execution. You have a really good mental attitude about that I think. Keep at it and I know you will be successful! Best of luck to you, and thanks for a wonderful and inspiring blog.

Anonymous said...

no matter how hard it gets you can do it GIRL!!!!! i know i've been thru it (way worse) near 350 pounds and to be frank it was hell. but i am down to 285, the sad thing is that the scale didnt budge for a month then i went down to 275 yesterday, so i kind of celebrated and now im up to 285 AGAIN, O GOD ITS SOOOOOOO FRUSTRATING, any way dont you dare give up i believe in you :)

Anonymous said...

The KEY to decent weight loss is 100% on plan. That is why it is called a "plan." Medifast or any other plan is designed for 100% compliance until your weight loss goal is reached. If you are settling for anything else you are self-sabotaging or are not really mentally ready to commit. The bottom line is either you want to do this or you don't.

Lyn said...


Aiming for 100% is great! I aim for it myself. I also realize that no one is perfect, and when slip-ups happen, it is best to forgive one's self and get right back on plan.

Anonymous said...

Whenever you don't post for a few days I get nervous! Either that someone's sick again (please no) or that the diet isn't going so well (less dramatic, but still I hope not.)

Anyway, just writing to say you're missed and I'm thinking about you, in a non-creepy way :)

So weird eh. We'll never meet and yet...These blog posts of yours- what an impact!

Lyn said...

Thanks for thinking of me Anonymous. No one's sick, so that's good! Just been supremely busy but hope to have a post up today.