Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day Off

Today we are going out for lunch at a buffet. No, not the germ-ridden cheapo buffet that I swore off last year after watching children sneeze on the chicken, put their fingers in the side dishes, and take and put back rolls. The fried chicken at *that* buffet used to scream my name whenever I went... but after realizing the sheer amount of mucus droplets being left on all the food, I lost my appetite for any of it. But the Indian buffet is much smaller, less busy and there are generally very few (or no) children there, so it's one of my favorite places to go out to eat. I have limited it severely while on Medifast, although occasionally getting my Lean as tandoori chicken and my green as a salad has worked.

Today will be an off day, but still a low carb day. I'm having my usual Medifast meals for breakfast, snacks, and dinner. Lunch will be a large salad of greens, cucumbers, and tomatoes with raita as dressing, a piece of tandoori chicken, and some samplings of other curry items from the buffet. I don't eat rice or naan bread, nor do I partake of starchy things like potatoes or lentils. I skip the desserts and fruit as well. But I do plan to take some chicken, broccoli, eggplant, and cauliflower that is cooked in curry sauce; I just tip the serving spoon and leave most of the sauce. I might have some spinach (saag) as well. It's wonderful to have just a taste of many different flavors, and a few bites of each item is so satisfying. I know my calories and fat will be over for the day, but my carbs will stay low.

I am thinking about upping the biking a bit this week. I've slacked off because I've been busy, but I do feel better when I bike. Even if I don't increase my daily time (10 minutes), I can make more of an effort to actually get on the thing at least 6 days a week. And then, since this foot pain isn't going away anyway, next week I plan to start increasing the time as well.

Feeling good, and hoping for a loss the next time I get on the scale!


Karen said...

At the start of your post you say that you are willing to go off plan because.....lots of justification.

At the end of your post " I hope I loose weight".

Having been on Medifast for 40 weeks myself and with all your starts and stops you've had for years - does this make sense?

The Indian Buffett will wait for you until transition. Going off plan and justifying it is your behavior pattern to stay stuck. Remove that barrier. Bring your food or bring a medifast product. THINK about patterns. Are you setting yourself up to be successful or stay stuck?

The words must match the action body. Think and choose carefully.

timothy said...

i cant tell you what to do each of us has to walk our own walk so just be dilligent on your choices and make the best option your only option you DESERVE success and you'll have it ! bravo on the commitment to up your activity! have a great week! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

How much curry are we talking here? That stuff can be very high in calories. Are you setting a limit on the amount before you go? It could add up to hundreds.

Lyn said...


yeah, you are right, I am justifying going off plan, trying to make it fit somehow because I want the food. I probably should do a homemade, on plan curry instead on another day, and stick to the tandoori chicken and salad for an on plan lunch. I think the desire for indulgence is coming from being SO exhausted from the activities this week, plus just being bored with the same old food.

Thanks timothy :)


my limit would be a half cup of curried veggies and only the sauce that stays on them, and 1-2 oz of curried chicken in addition to the tandoori chicken. That way the only off plan bit is the sauce. I also am skipping my optional snack for the day.

Karen said...

Lyn, you are the most successful person at eating out that I know. I NEVER succeed with all those temptations in from of me but I have seen you do it time and again. You will do great.

Sara said...

Hi Lyn! I totally understand craving curry--I LOVE the stuff and I want it ALL the time. When I was a kid, my dad used to order thai-style curry and only eat the meat and veg out of it... Then, I'd eat his leftover sauce like soup!!

Unfortunately, the fat in restaurant curry is super high, and you mention having some off-plan veggies... Maybe, like you mention in your latest comment, you could have an on-plan lunch with tandoori chicken and salad, and then try making curry at home? Have you tried the Sandy's Kitchen recipe for curry? It's thai-style curry with shrimp, but you could easily sub chicken or beef. It's delicious and it may scratch that curry itch--and you can have OP veggies in it like peppers and mushrooms instead of the restaurant eggplant! So yummy on a cold evening!

I know you're very diligent about cooking your own food usually, and it's hard to keep that up with so much activity and with your feet hurting (my mother also has plantar faciitis, so I really do sympathize), but Sandy's recipe is quick and easy--the most work will be preparing your meat and veggies.

It's some work, but maybe it will *feel* like the indulgence you need. I try to "trick" myself into seeing healthy food as an indulgence by consciously telling myself (in my mind) how delicious and indulgent that healthy meal is (and it help when it's something really delicious like many of the recipes on Sandy's Kitchen are). I truly believe that we have the power to change our thinking patterns, and the way that you've avoided binge eating for so long proves it. Just like your mind recoils from McDonalds after the fly incident and Taco Bell after the... Gross meat incident (which, by the way, still makes ME sick to even think about)... You can train your mind to embrace healthy food by consciously choosing to think positively about it. In other words... Fake it 'till you make it!!

Wishing you the best! :)
Sara (long-time reader, first time commenter)

Fair Enough said...

I'm all about Indian ding IN MODERATION but my eating plan is also completely different than yours (vegetarian), and I've already lost my weight and have been maintaining it for years. Indian is also my favorite type of ethnic food out there. It really isn't low-calorie though when you are eating in a restaurant.

My personal 2 cents here: I would not be going out to eat when seriously trying to lose weight. Even for me, as someone who has maintained the weight, I still very rarely go out to eat, we're talking less than 5 times a year generally. For one, it's expensive. It's generally not very conducive to weight loss as you can't control what the cooks are adding in, how much fat they use, etc. Also, Indian food in general is not very low-carb and is starch heavy. Since such a great number of Indian people are vegetarians (no tall but many) you will find a lot of starchy things and beans reoccurring in lots of dishes. Palak paneer is my all-time favorite dish but I know that the amount of ghee (clarified butter) that places add can go from moderate to through the roof. It all adds up!

Lyn said...

Thanks Karen :)


thank you for the comment! Glad to hear from you. Yes, it's a mind game at times. I recoil from fast food now but the thought of a well-cooked, quality meal is still appealing. Although more and more, I do think of my own home cooked veggie/meat dishes as the most delicious things I could eat, so that's a plus. And yes, Sandy's Medifast recipes are really good! BTW eggplant is on plan, so are broccoli and cauli :)The sauces, not so much!


yeah, the fat in those sauces is for sure through the roof. Heavy cream, ghee, etc... very high fat. I do avoid legumes, lentils, starchy stuff at the Indian place though.

Turns out they didn't have a whole lot of veggies in the curries today, so I had a few bites of saag and the rest was on plan salad. The tandoori chicken was amazing and that's on plan; I also had about 1/4 c chicken that was cooked in curry sauce.

LHA said...

Lyn, I have a totally different view than those who expressed so much fear of you going to eat Indian food. I hope you ate it as planned and enjoyed it! Your ideas about what to eat and how to pick the best/closest-to-plan food sounded reasonable. I have found in my very, very long journey to weight loss and better health that depriving myself of everything I love is the sure road to some kind of binge. You considered your plan, you decided in advance what foods you could eat and still come close to staying on plan, and you looked forward to the outing. Good for you!

I think the key is moderation, which you practiced, and recognition that this is not an everyday thing. We all need special occasions and a little deviation. Don't feel guilty...feel good about making healthy choices in small amounts. Bravo!

Amy said...

If it is a diet, you should stick to it strictly, if it is a lifestyle change, then it has to be about making healthiER choices consistently. I feel like you made a healthy choice for someone making lifestyle changes. The items you chose have nutritional value, as opposed to someone who binges on chips and ice cream.