Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Nice Weekend

It was a good day today and while my eating was on plan, it was not as controlled as I like it to be. Meaning, I am used to weighing my protein on a digital food scale, and measuring my veggies, fats and condiments with measuring cups and spoons. So when we go out to eat, I have to eyeball and guesstimate my portions and that makes me feel just *slightly* uneasy. I do like eating at restaurants though, so I make it work.

I had my black coffee, Medifast crunch cereal with almond milk, and big glass of water and then we were out the door early to take my son to work. After my daughter and I ran errands and shopped, my son's shift was over and we all went out for lunch. I chose a place that I knew had a good, fresh salad bar so I could put together my Lean and Green meal for lunch. I had:

1.5 cups of fresh mixed baby greens
3/4 cup mixture of broccoli, mushrooms, red pepper, cucumbers, radish shreds, and a cherry tomato
2 Tbsp dressing
about 3 ounces of chicken breast

I would have eaten more chicken breast but it was quite salty. When I got home, I had 2 oz of low fat cheese, shredded into piles and nuked until crispy. I love doing this because it makes a low carb (almost carb-free) cracker substitute, and nuking the cheese separates some of the fat as oil that I blot off. So between the chicken and the cheese, I met my Lean requirement for the day. I am pretty sure I eyeballed my veggies fairly well and met my Green requirement too.

My kids and I spent some time cleaning the house and the yard this afternoon. I have a bit more to do tomorrow and then will take tomorrow afternoon to just relax. It's been a really nice weekend so far, and I am thankful to get to spend time with my children. I hope you are spending time with those you love, and who love you! Love is the best fuel and motivator out there.


Fair Enough said...

I thought you were trying to eat less dairy, specifically cheese?

Lyn said...


yes. My goal has been to limit cheese to one Lean portion per week; tonight's portions was 1/2 Lean. I think I lose a little better when I don't eat cheese so often. I was having 3 or more Lean portions a week before! I have eliminated cow's milk altogether and use almond milk now (although I do occasionally have a tablespoon of half and half in coffee). I also cut way back on the yogurt.

Traveling Light said...

Great job, Lyn! It sounds like you did really well at the restaurant.


Anonymous said...

What did you decide about weigh ins? I know you posted you were going back to more frequent weight ins, but then after the three pound loss you said you were happy you had stayed off the scale for the last month.

Are you weighing today (Sunday)?

Anonymous said...

Oops, I guess you would probably weigh next Sunday since you just weighed two days ago! Unless you wanted to see if the PMS bloat had lessened.

Still wondering if you are going to more frequent weigh ins or sticking to once a month.

Lyn said...

Thanks Deb :)


I didn't weigh today, but I haven't decided what the weigh in schedule will be yet. I did decide to continue *not* tracking calories or carbs, but I think this month I might do a mid-month weigh in or something, but not weekly. I do like scale feedback, but if the numbers are small I know it can mess with my head. So we'll see.