Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Lovely Sunday

What a lovely day! I am so happy to have a day to relax with my children and not have anywhere to go or anything I *have* to do. I have been so busy lately and this is a welcome break. The kids have enjoyed their Easter baskets; my little girl especially loved the oven-bake suncatcher kit! We made a little butterfly together for her to hang in her bedroom window. It reminds me so much of when I was a little girl. I *loved* making those suncatchers... you know the kind, with a metal frame and tiny colored pieces of plastic that you put into the frame with tweezers and then bake to melt it into "glass." She also got some new paints, stamps, and stickers in her basket and did some pretty spring art this morning. We haven't had our Easter egg hunt yet, but the sun's shining and we will be outside soon! The kids are watching a Lassie movie and I am drinking my Medifast shake.

Easter dinner menu:

baked spiral sliced ham (no glaze, low carb)
mashed potatoes
steamed asparagus
mashed cauliflower
green salad with cherry tomatoes
sparkling cider
baked crustless pumpkin pie

Of course, I won't be eating the carby stuff; my meal will be 5 ounces of ham, 1/2 cup of asparagus, 1/2 cup of mashed cauliflower, and 1 cup of green salad. Yummy! I will have a Medifast brownie or hot cocoa for dessert.

March is almost over and my favorite season is here! I am going to make the most of it.

Happy Easter, and to those who don't celebrate, Happy Sunday!


bubble wrap said...

Glad you had a good day!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lassie!? ... I thought your kids were late teens - twenties...
Enjoy the egg hunt :)

Lyn said...


you're never too old for Lassie! We watch Little House on the Prairie, too :)

Anonymous said...

Vegetables are carbohydrates too, although non-starchy ones are low in calories and not high glycemic. Are Medifast Brownies and hot cocoa (milk and chocolate) not carbohydrates in your book?

Lyn said...


non-starchy vegetables and Medifast meals (like the brownies and hot cocoa) are part of the Medifast plan. On Medifast, I aim to stay under 100 grams of carbs per day. It's a carb-controlled plan and ideally we are supposed to stay around 80-85 g carbs/day.