Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Few Numbers, and Positivity

I feel *really* encouraged on my weight loss journey today! It seems like things are finally coming together to get me to my goal weight this year. Maybe it's a little bit of a stretch, but even if I lose just a pound a week, I will weigh about 170 pounds at the end of the year. Bump that up to a pound and a half per week and I'd (theoretically) hit 148! But that number is lower than I am aiming for. It's more of a teenage weight for me... 140-145 is what I naturally settled at before the first of six pregnancies more than two decades ago. My first goal is 168 pounds. My "normal BMI by the charts" weight is 154. I really don't imagine myself trying to get lower than that; I haven't even seen the 160's in about 16 years. But you can bet I will see them again. And sooner, rather than later! (I love my numbers. I love to analyze and calculate. I refrained last month from all calculating, including weighing myself, tracking calories and carbs, and trying to project any losses. Now that I've got my fix, I am going back to *not thinking* about it and just doing it!)

Finally, the PMS has lifted. My mood has improved vastly and my energy is back. Everything is sunny again. The bloat is disappearing and those tighter 16's are feeling much more normal... not strangling my gut. I am drinking lots of water, staying off the salt (which I craved terribly last week), and sticking to the plan. This week I also started the BH4 supplement my doctor prescribed (it's kind of complicated to explain but if you're interested you can look it up in relation to MTHFR) and that might also be helping my energy and mood. Sadly, my feet are absolutely no better. I have spent a solid year trying to heal this plantar fasciitis/fasciosis, with ice, stretches, exercises, several different kinds of PT, ultrasound, e-stim, steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs and natural supplements, splints, ten kinds of shoes and orthopedic inserts, massage, lotions, doctors, and rest. This last month on meloxicam was better, but I started having stomach pain (a possible side effect; meloxicam is very hard on the stomach) so stopped it a few days early last week. The foot pain is no better than it has been all year. I am pretty much at the "I give up" point and think I am just going to be living with this pain. There are still the steroid shots available, and I know they work for many people. I have gotten feedback from one doctor and 2 physical therapists that I may want to avoid the shots because I already have a lot of fat pad loss in my heels, and the shots can make the atrophy much worse. (Of all the places to have fat loss!! Right??) So I dunno, but I am going to give it a month on all the new MTHFR-related supplements (which may aid healing) and hope that *that* plus the weight going down might be enough.

I love Sundays that aren't busy! Today no one has to go to school, work, sports, or dance. No one has a class or an appointment and the only company we are expecting is a 7-year-old neighbor who comes to play. I've spent a nice, quiet morning relaxing with coffee while the boys sleep in. It's so peaceful and restoring. Love it! We all need a quiet day now and then. The sun's shining, and the kids and I will go out and work in the yard later. This day is just what I needed to ready myself for a very busy week ahead.

Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love your attitude! Congratulations on 3 pounds even though you were sick and hurting. Can't wait to see you reach your goal this year!


Lori said...

I'm glad you're in a good place. You've struggled a long time to get there. You earned some time 'in the groove.'

Lyn said...

Thanks Amanda and Lori. It really has been a struggle... a huge and necessary learning experience. Now I get to apply it :)

Traveling Light said...

:) I've been trying to avoid doing the numbers thing this year, but I'm so glad you did! :D

We weigh about the same and I was so happy to see that I could get down to 170 by the end of the year by losing only 1 pound a week.

I'm pretty sure that if I stick to my plan, I'll lose more than a pound a week most weeks and 170 is my initial goal weight.

I was very happy at the 170 -180 range, but tortured myself trying to lose that last 20 pounds to hit 150. Of course, I gained instead. :{

At any rate, I think we should just journey on and get 'er done this year. So...if I lose TWO pounds a week... hmmm. chuckle.


Noxie said...

I love your attitude girl. I am going to shoot for 1 lb a week also. Not try to stress out and lose 2-3 lbs like one should be when OP with Medifast. Thanks for the encouragement today.

Lyn said...


The official Medifast documents state "You can expect to lose 2–5 pounds per week during the first two weeks and 1–2 pounds each week thereafter." When I did Medifast the first time, I never averaged 2-3 pounds a week. I averaged just over 1.5 pounds a week in 8 months.

Susan said...

I know this sounds silly..but Lyn, really check out oil pulling..I have only been doing it for less than a week now and have remarkable improvements. I only do it in the morning with sunflower oil. People with serious health cancer do it 3xs a day. I talked to my sister today, she is a dental hygienist for a periodontal doctor. She told me one patient she had for years and that that oral surgery several time for peri disease with no hope of healing did this. After one month my sister said she was healed. My sister recently went to a dental conference where they taught all diseases begin in the mouth because of microbes. and oil is antimicrobial and it draws the disease causing toxins from the body. Things like arthritis and other chronic issues have been cured or lessened. Just saying.

Chautauqua said...

Hi, I hope not to offend with unsolicited advice. I had plantar fasciatis for an entire year, in both feet. I did all that you mention, and more. I finally found healing by doing two things. 1 - I realized that I said, using my internal voice and my external voice, thousands of times a day, "my feet are killing me" - after some soul searching, I felt that maybe my feet were listening, and complying with my wish. I immediately started consciously saying this mantra, "My feet are happy,my feet are healthy, my feet are fine" on and on and on. Then, 2 - I taped my feet with the wide athletic tape that football players and boxers use. I would tear off (and buy the good quality stuff, not the drugstore brand) about 5 strips for each foot, start taping from left side of my foot, across the bottom and about and inch up the right side, I taped strips overlapping like this, from one side to the other, up to the ball of my foot. The tape stayed on really well, and I only took it off once a week, after a shower. I would pull it off, and then retape for another week. If you retape every day, your skin gets raw from pulling the tape off. Within the first day I noticed an improvement in those first awful 10 steps or so, when the pain is so bad. By week 2, I was 25% better; within 6-7 weeks I was all better. I have now been totally healed for a few years. I got this idea from my podiatrist, who would inject cortizone and then wrap my feet in a stretchy bandaid which would feel great for a day or so, then fall apart. The athletic tape was freeking awesome. Good luck!

Lyn said...

Thanks, Susan, I did some reading on it last night and it sounds interesting. Sure couldn't hurt to try. I already have coconut oil on hand. I will post if I see any changes.


your advice is welcome, thank you! The mind really is a powerful tool so I am sure positive affirmations can help. My physical therapist was wrapping my feet for awhile and I agree, it feels really good. I may get myself some tape and do it myself. She tried 2 different kinds' one made my skin break out in a rash and one didn't, so I'd better call her and find out which to use.

Angelia said...

Congrats! I want you to know that I used to read your blog a couple of years back. I quit when I fell off the weightloss wagon. Now I'm back on, for the last time-and your blog is a serious inspiration.